Thursday, 7 October 2021

Bengal is all set to welcome Goddess Durga

The countdown to the biggest festival of Bengal has begun. The homecoming of Goddess Durga and beginning of devipokhho has been  celebrated  on Mahalaya.

Last minute preparation is going on Shiv mandir puja pandal. This year they put forward corona as theme

The last minute preparation is going on in one of the pandal of South Kolkata

Pic Courtesy - Subhrodeep Roy

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

First E-commerce Marketplace which Enlists Creative Artists, Entrepreneurs & Local Artisans for 24x7x365 Online Fair


This 15th August 2021, www.boutiqart.org, a unique marketplace from Kolkata has started their registration of Boutiques, Artists, Craftsmen, and all Creative Vendors and PIN Partners for listing talents along with unique products and services.No e-commerce platform before offered so much freedom for buyers & sellers to meet online just as they would interact in a fete, exhibition or any flea market (Mela). Boutiqart.org offers the scope for all creative vendors, artists and entrepreneurs to showcase not only their products and service but get PIN based listing with a profile for specific creative category. 

In most of the existing e-commerce portals and online marketplace the makers and creators behind a creative brand of garments, handicraft, fashion, wellness, home decor or design accessory or any innovative items are always kept hidden from the customers. Most e-vendors and online sellers reap hefty profit margins by sourcing items from local and authentic makers and enjoy the exclusivity of talented creators behind their ethnic and unique wares. Boutiqart seeks to bring the resellers, retailers, and boutiques along with the wholesalers, manufacturers and craftsman in a virtual 24 x 7 x 365 Mela for creative commerce from local to global.


Due to the pandemic times, the physical sales from mela, fairs and flea markets have touched the all-time low and the artisans, weavers, art & craft dealers and all types of handicraft oriented sellers are looking for alternatives, however, they are not technologically equipped nor adept in marketing their niche items. The e-commerce giants and popular ethnic store brands are sourcing from the real talents whereas they are denied the scope of meeting the customers and thereby has to remain satisfied with whatever bargain they could make. Boutiqart here seeks to even sponsor the talented craftsmen and creative genius from the remotest parts and not only support them with global marketing but makes them known to the end-users.

Boutiqart is currently looking for young, energetic social entrepreneurs and art connoisseurs to become PIN partners in all districts, towns and cities to help such creative talents enlisted and get the benefit of the creative commerce network.


Boutiqart is being partnered by a Digital Media Platform "Quarantimetv.com (QTV LIVE)"for assisting the creative vendors to perform LIVE Sales in social media like facebook, youtube and instagram through a branded multi-streaming of demonstrations directly from the vendor stores, shops, home, studio and the best part is, buyers can click to get bulk and custom orders and service contracts as the LIVEs are linked to the boutiqart e-commerce profile stores of creative members.

Already fashion designer, Nilufar Ahmed ( Assam government em-paneled fashion entrepreneur of Weave India ) speaks of reaching out to the vast creative artists and traditional craftsmen of not only Guwahati, but of the whole north-east to bring them under the creative network of boutiqart. A kolkta based marketing agency "Reflancer.com" has also been employed to source the creative pool of talents for boutiqart listing. It is estimated that by the middle of year 2022 Boutiqart will be open for all individual and corporate customers to not only order customized services but also get to know about the real artists behind the show, who are always kept behind the curtains when the big creative retailers only share the center stage. 

Boutiqart with time are also aspiring to showcase all local and global events, exhibitions and fetes, provide franchisee support to creative startups, even support the training and passing on the rare skills and tradition of one generation to another by propagating their story to the world.

Boutiqart PIN Partner

Sunday, 5 September 2021

South Kolkata School opts For e-platform To Celebrate Teacher's Day 2021


A reputed School from South Kolkata chose the digital media to celebrate teacher’s day on their social pages through multicast platform. Bal Nilaya Academy on the occasion of teacher’s day, showcased the performance of it’s students through QuarantimeTV (QTV Live) as a media partner. 

The event started with introductory speech of school principal Anusree Basu. Due to the Covid situation it is not possible to arrange any physical event so the virtual media was the only option, in the form of school’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page. All the students could pay their tribute to the teachers through their performance. A video collage with dance, poem, DIY art, greetings card and spontaneous messages from children made the day for the teachers. The unanimous participation of the parents made the event successful as the Principal had planned to surprise her teachers on the occasion. The dynamic leadership of the principal has brought the parents community to a consensus of several activities to get the students interact and collaborate in the trying times of home confinement in this pandemic.

Over the time Qtv Live has organized several  webinars on child’s mental health, school online admission and online live contests (eg. "Amra Korbo Joy") like singing, recitation, dance for children where participants from all over the world took part.

QTV Live since the pandemic times has been conducting several e-sessions on National Education Policy (NEP) in collaboration with Ail India Educators Forum (AIEF) where educationists, policy makers, Technology experts, Principals of premiere institutions and co- curricular trainers are imparting valuable advice and information for the students at home. Qtv in collaboration with schoolfromhome platform are organizing online workshops, e-certifications for teachers in Google Education Program (GEP) to equip the future teachers with the digital tools and online pedagogical training.


Friday, 12 February 2021

"Didi, I am only interested in Harischandrapur" Soumitra Roy of Bhoomi appeals to the TMC supremo before Bengal Bidhan sabha polls.

While in an interview to Qurantimetv (QTV LIVE) Soumitra ray the lead vocalist of the Bengali band, Bhoomi requested Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal to let him stand for his home town Harishchandrapur Maldah where he is a son of the soil and philanthropic exploits are discernible.

He told that Harishchandrapur is his native place where his ancestors are well-known.  So he always wanted to do something for the people from his hometown. He owes a lot to the land and if he can't do anything he will be called as traitor.

He said "when I sing, I sing for people and not for any particular party. Similarly I am loved by every party and not by any particular party. So If I request any help for the people they know that I am requesting for the betterment of the area and its people, and not for me. Yes I did some work in road construction, hospitals and ITI college. There was a huge problem of electricity supply in Harishchandrapur. I requested Manish Gupta ( former Minister of Power and electrical engineering) to see the matter. A substation has been constructed and now there is no powercut. This is really a great achievement. Me and the people of Harishchandrapur are really thankful to Manish Gupta and Sobhandeb Chetterjee.

Once Didi asked me to stand for North Maldah constituency for Loksabha. But couldn't win due to various reasons as the environment was not convenient. But this time I am praying to Didi to give me only Harishchandrapur. Otherwise I am not interested. I will only work for people as I am doing now with all your blessings." 

Celeb Live Chat


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

করোনার জেরে বন্ধ হলো ফ্লিপকার্ট ও আমাজন

করোনার জেরে ইতিমধ্যেই একুশ দিনের জন্য লক ডাউন ঘোষণা করা হয়েছে গোটা দেশ জুড়ে। তবে ছাড় আছে মানুষের জরুরি পরিষেবাতে। ইতিমধ্যে amazon ও flipcart -এর মতো ই কমার্স ফার্মগুলো নতুন করে  গ্রাহকদের থেকে কোনো অর্ডার নিচ্ছে না মঙ্গলবার রাত থেকেই। 

ফ্লিপকার্টের  কর্পোরেট এফেয়ার প্রধান রাজনিশ কুমার ই মেল মারফত জানিয়েছেন যে যারা গ্রাহকদের কাছে সামগ্রী পৌছে দেবেন তাদের সুরক্ষার কথা মাথায় রেখেই এই পদক্ষেপ নেওয়া হয়েছে। 
আমাজনের তরফ থেকে জানানো হয়েছে যে খুব জরুরি সামগ্রী ছাড়া তারা আর কোনো অর্ডার নিচ্ছেনা।

অন্যদিকে একই হাল বিগ বাস্কেট গ্রফার্স এর। বিগ বাস্কেট এর তরফ থেকে জানানো হয়েছে যে সামগ্রী পৌঁছতে গিয়ে পুলিশের কাছে অকারনেই হেনস্থা হতে হয়েছে ডেলিভারি অফিসারদের।

Thursday, 6 February 2020

What's Up Cafe : A Bewitching Experience Of Rooftop Lounge

My first visit to whatsUp Cafe with my family was to celebrate our 5th anniversary. The main attraction of this place is the rooftop sitting arrangement and live music. The ambience was excellent with panoramic view. But the live music was really average. The interior decoration is also appreciable. We first chose to sit on the rooftop. But it is winter and the breeze was too cold to sit outside with our kid. There's bar and hukka facilities too.

We chose Chicken tikka kabab for starter. The kabab was excellent and was served piping hot with loads of salad and sauce. The kabab was succulent and well cooked. It was so soft inside that easily get melted inside the mouth. My 3 years old daughter really enjoyed the dish as she was easily chewing it.

In the main course we tried Mixed Cantonese Pan fried noodles. It looks moist outside but inside it was crunchy. It was loaded with lots of mushroom and egg. But the amount of chicken and prawn was not enough.

But in total they serve ample amount of food. The main course was more than enough for two person. Foods were really scrumptious and non greasy. Water melon juice was average.

This restro pub is located at Southern Avenue just opposite of Najrul Mancha (Gate - 2). Very near to Golpark and just 10 minutes walking distance from Lake Kali Bari.

P.C - Internet

I am really impressed with their hospitality. All the staffs were polite and very professional. They also give special attention to kids. Even they offer welcome chocolate to my daughter.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Best floral decoration for Ganpati 2019.

Amazing tips on how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and welcome Bappa with full of devotion and love.
Guest post
Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, and we are too much excited to welcome Bappa with full of warmth and devotion. This is the only festival for which devotees starts preparing for the innovative decor from a month before the festival starts.

It is needless to say that no festival in India completes without the presence of garden fresh flowers. We celebrate the festival of Ganpati at home for a good ten days and decoration is the major attraction of this festival. If you are now worried about getting how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and what should be the decoration, then hang on. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to order flower arrangements and get indulge into the devotion of Lord Ganesha.

Best ways to get fresh flowers for amazing floral decoration:

Ganapati Mandap Decoration

You will easily find a wide range of florals for Ganpati mandap decor. The mandap decoration should be vibrant and attractive. You can order marigolds orchids floral arrangement for the mandap or go for a classic rose and lilies decor along with beautiful peacock feathers.

You can decorate the mandap with fresh floral garlands for the front. And for the background, you can go for fresh banana leaves classic decoration or shiny wallpaper decor. Both will complement the mandap decor. Decorating homes for Ganpati festival is a joy in which everyone participates. You can go for ten different floral themes for the entire festival and create amazing festive memories with your loved ones.

How to find Eco-Friendly decor for Lord Ganesh:

If you are planning an eco-friendly Ganesh decoration theme for this year, you have got a lot of options online. You can choose the background made up of fresh leaves, florals, and durva. Complement your greenery decoration with beautiful and colourful blossoms. Flowers will create a positive aura and change the vibes.

You can online order florals like roses, marigold, carnations for your eco-friendly decoration. For pooja thali decor ideas, order a few roses and marigold. Decorate the thali with roses and marigold petals along with durva, Prashad, and a beautiful diya. This pooja thali will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Decoration ideas at home & Seasonal Florals:

For decorating Ganpati at home, there are a lot of creative ideas to play around. For Ganpati decor, you can go for attractive paper frills, shiny drapes for background,  LED light series and small glittery balls. Along with these decor requirements, order online some fresh seasonal florals.

You can choose seasonal flowers like marigold, hibiscus, chrysanthemum for Ganpati flower decoration. You can also hang fresh floral or artificial floral garlands on the roof where the idol is placed. It will look gorgeous and complement it with a nice LED series and keep the Bappa glowing as they keep you happy all the time.

Online order Ganapati flower decoration:

Are you thinking about ordering the complete floral arrangement for your office? It's also a good idea if you are looking for perfectly done decoration for your home or for your office. If you are reading this from Pune, there are many florists who offer pre-made flower decoration for Ganapati in Pune.

You just need to arrange it as per your decoration. This is the best option for decorating Ganpati Mandap at the office. Along with florals, go for a traditional theme in the office for one day. Go for traditional Indian attire, and this will definitely add more positive vibes and enthusiasm to the whole office.

Online Ganapati flower decorators:

Planning for complete Ganpati decoration? Right from florals to other decoratives, there are many decorators who offer amazing decoration services at your doorsteps. Whether it's your office or society mandap, get the decoration perfect with the help of online Ganpati decorators. Also, ask them different decoration themes they are having for this year. You can choose from their pre-arranged decor themes also. Blooms Only is one of the most popular flower decorators for Ganapati in Pune. The flower shop is offering unique floral design for any festive. Contact the florist to get a free quote.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


 Sreeja Ghosh Sur
Few months back I visited a seminar. The event management company used Floor Graphics with the logo starting from the entrance to direct the visitors towards the seminar hall. This is really a brilliant way to promote the brand. Many Sellers are now using this unique way to uphold their business. In most shopping Malls and Supermarkets the floor directional graphics of phosphorescent material  are used for leading people in case of an emergency power cut.

Bongjournal Floor Graphics Post

I have seen many stores using floor graphics to promote the discount near the billing counter just to grab the attention of the customer. It surely will increase the impulsiveness among the customers.
If you want your customer to know your brand then simply use the floor graphics with foot print to guide the customer towards the product.

In the mobile store picture Color Magic has used the floor graphics to complement the brand new product release theme . Now the thing is that, everyday we come across lots of ads. But how many of them do we remember or notice to register in our brain? This is because we see them in the same boring pattern and in the same predictable eye line. And those ads are so expected that they show no impact on buyers. Floor graphics is an excellent novel idea to draw the attention being targeted for its unconventional positioning. The demands for floor ADS are increasing day by day. With the advent of anamorphic floor graphics now the WOW factor also startles the viewer to interact with the ads.

Another reason for using floor graphics is that it can be seen from distance. Once I have seen a floor graphics promoting a famous battery brand just near the escalator. This is really an outstanding idea. This is because most people have tendency to look downwards while boarding on the escalators. People also stare downwards while chatting over phone. So floor graphics is the right way to set a purposeful message regarding the product.

Floor graphics logo can also be effective in the visiting room of nursing home particularly just below the chairs where people wait for longer time.  

Endurance of Floor Graphics

  • According to Color Magic Floor graphics are extremely flexible. 
  • Special lamination are provided over self-adhesive vinyl
  • Floor Graphics slip resistant, can continue from three months to one year.
  • Don’t get fade easily and are waterproof.  
  • Easily removable
  • Don’t leave any adhesive remains or damage the area of application.
  • Finally if you use anamorphic technique the battle is half won.


Sunday, 25 February 2018

42nd International Kolkata Book Fair Culminates With The Launch Of Literary Platform Bengalitez.

When I was a journalist for a leading news daily I have come across several instances where a writer’s copyright has been infringed or any piracy content flooding the book markets. I have heard one of my workmate who is also a poet whining against a publisher who has plagiarized one of her works neither giving any credit nor any remuneration. When I told her to bring the matter to light she was reluctant as it was a very big house which might adversely influence her future career as well as most people are wary of litigation hassles. On another occasion I had to cover a story where a publisher sued a renowned author who has compromised with the contract but the public sentiments went with the popular author. In this age of piracy, torrents and forged digitized content it’s hard to track the real creator as the curator finally steals the show.  

However, in Western countries the publishing scenario is a bit organized as most authors ( like sports person and film stars) appoint a literary agency to provide legal, branding and marketing support in a professional eco-system. In India the publishing world is on the verge of graduating themselves as most national writers (mostly in English) are professionally equipped with agencies pitching their works for e commerce portals like Amazon kindle, Flipkart or converting content for Bollywood films, TV serials and disruptive media like Netflix or other streaming service. Needless to say the aspiring new age authors are projecting themselves as a salable brand with burgeoning financial prospect and fanfaronade. But in parochial and vernacular literature this culture is yet to formalize as the writers are mostly thriving on a separate staple profession and maintain an informal camaraderie with the publishing community. 
As far as art, literature and culture is concerned, Bengal has been the cradle of renaissance and the intellectual capital of India. I may sound a bit biased, still most Indians will believe that Bengal has produced the incessant brigade of quality authors for generations owing to the culture of reading and ruminating as a socializing practice which we call “ Adda”.
Legendary Bengali Author Sirsendu Mukhopadhyay & Swapnomoy Chakraborty
However, very little enterprise has been taken to project the invaluable Bengali content for international exposure barring the solo efforts of the legendary first Nobel laureate of Asia, Rabindranath Tagore, the Lifetime Oscar winner Satyajit Ray and few other stalwarts. Even in national front it’s a fact to languish that the circulation of translated version in other vernacular surpasses the Bengali original edition and the writer hardly receives a royalty for it. Even the piracy racket operational in Bangladesh leave the writers and publishers bereft of their legitimate dues.

Most pertinently in the closing day of 42nd International Kolkata Book Fair witnessed the launch of a new initiative named Bengalitez which was inaugurated by the legendary Bengali author Sirsendu Mukhopadhyay. The contemporary writer’s fraternity represented by Swapnomoy Chakroborty, Tilottama Majumdar, Binod Ghoshal, Kaberi Raychowdhuri and poet Srijato were present in the press meet to launch the literary agency and its portal bengalitez.com. Debolina Mukhopadhyay, the daughter of Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay had the dream of addressing the most relevant issues of a writer’s copyright violation, piracy, lack of author’s legal consultancy & professional branding which she has managed closely for her father sought to extend her service for the writer community of Bengal.

Bengalitez is a premiere literary agency which will sign up established writers for legal support, content conversion for pitching to audio-visual media, brand promotion, merchandising and event PR. Debolina has been ably partnered by Mr. Pratayay Sur who has conceived a unique portal to bring the writers, publishers and readers in an online platform where authenticated registered authors get a profile listing as well as scope to interact with publishers and readers with a blog stream. The publishers get an affiliate marketing service to their own e-stores as well as an e-commerce platform to sell or create subscriptions.
However, Mr. Somjit Dutta who couldn’t be present for the occasion is supposed to be the pivotal person who had been instrumental in the funding and international marketing aspect. The writers lauded the enterprise as they depicted their sorry tales of deprivation and lack of professionalism which is why few only enjoyed celebrity status while most choose to remain in the shadow of their glory. Mitul Dasgupta who represented the legal body shared her experiences that writers often rue the fact that their novels have been made into films without much reward. Often their innocence is capitalized by mercenaries who purchase the copyrights of works for several languages and different media by paying only a paltry sum worth of a single license. Authors not being aware of content rights and royalty worldwide can't bargain for their intellectual property. Bengalitez is a draught of fresh hope for them not only being their legal custodian but also their content will be pitched for national and global media through a professional curation.
Last but not the least, there was good news for the aspirant writing talents who had the opportunity to register their work and get selected by the Bengalitez author jury to get a profile in the portal and even lure publishers to get their works published. 

was invited by the Bengalitez team to attend the ceremony not only as a press invitee but I am privileged to be treated like an insider in such a noble endeavor by Debolina, Somjit & Pratayay.                                                                  

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Khadi Fair 2016 : A Success Story

West Bengal State Khadi Mela 2016

With winter making its arrival felt, Kolkata gets ready for fairs, fetes, function, exhibition and all kinds of cultural refreshment. Today Bong Journalese team visited one of the traditional fairs of Bengal and let me share our experience.

West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board ( Under Department of M&SSE & Textiles) like each year organized the Khadi fair in Taltala EEDF Ground 432, Prince Anwar Shah Road Kolkata-45 being held between 16th Dec 2016 and 2nd Jan 2017. Such Khadi fairs are organized by the authority in North Bengal, Murshidabad, Barasat ( North 24 Parganas) & Purulia districts of west Bengal. There are 53 stalls represented by the artisans and weavers from the 20 districts of the state. The fair had a whopping success last year with a sale of INR 1.2 Crore and they are speculating a target of around INR 2.5 Crore given the boost of improvised trendy design and variety of quality items.With the government impetus and direction of Mrs. Mamata Banerjee ( Hon'ble Chief Minister of W.B) the authority has conducted perennial training and technology up gradation drives ( Muslin Tirtha ) for the weavers and encouragement in marketing of the produce is a major achievement.
Mr. Mrityunjoy Badopadhyay ( CEO of WBKVIB ) admitted that since the inception of WBKVIB in 1959 this is probably the best phase and as we spoke to Mr.Swapan Biswas ( COO of WBKVIB) who illustrated the synergy built in the sector and also mentioned that organizations like Banglanatok.com, fashion designers, NGOs have also come forward to make the Khadi brand not only a household commodity but also a trusted item for the overseas market. The Mela had organized on 18th a fashion ramp show which was a insta-hit. There are also cultural programs in the weekend evenings to attract more visitors. In the wake of the demonetization issue, primarily there was some doubt regarding dispensing enough cash, however, the association has ensured that each stall is equipped with card swipe machines and it shows when within the first week itself the sale has crossed 30 Lacs.

Lets get used to the terms: 

Khadi is the age old traditional practice of the weavers of India to make thread from cotton run in hand wheel and later weave the thread to produce cotton garments or Khadi. India is the front runner in introducing this textile technology to the world. Mahatma Gandhi was a staunch votary of hand woven textile and throughout his life stood for the promotion and use of Khadi material.

The Muslin is the finest form of khadi ( depends on thread counts varying from 200 to 500, the greater the count the finer) which is expensive and exported for its rare quality. You can witness a 500 count Muslin saree can pass through a ring!! The refined cotton is known for its comfort in summer heat as well as the fine pores allow the skin to perspire.

Bengal Silk is mostly produced in Murshidabad & Malda and the quality vies for the best in India.The leather products and handicraft made by the several artisan and craftsmen are truly international.

The Mela is a perfect shopping destination for buyers who seek for rare and authentic items directly from the makers and could choose from a wide range of ethnic, traditional, trendy, exotic designs from the varied parts of the state which is hard to access at any single store at other time of the year. The price is most reasonable and with festive offers the Mela is a treasure hunt!!


Handicrafts of Bengal

Photo Curtesy: PRAT

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