Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Types Of Wallpaper You Must Know Before Buying

  •  Sreeja Ghosh Sur
We all know that wallpaper plays a vital role in the world of interior designing. The use of wallpaper in home decor starts it’s journey since 1785. With the passage of time the application and the texture of wallpaper changes a lot. Here are few which I am going to discuss with you.
Traditional Wallpaper

This is one of the most popular and world wide accepted wallpaper. Fiber is the key element of the product. People prefer to use this type of wallpaper in bedrooms and dining room just because it is environment friendly. It also let the wall to breathe. But these are not washable.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Another popular and widely used wallpapers. Backing layer is used in this type of wallpaper. They are either consists of fiber or paper. Plastic are used for upper coating. Advantages for which they are widely used are that they are light- resistant, ecological, washable, long lasting and pocket friendly.  Color Magic offers a wide range of variety, design and color.

Embossed Wallpaper

Want to add some depth and significance to the plain wall of your house? Then Embossed Wallpaper is the right choice. Even you can easily conceal cracks and defects of your wall with embossed wallpaper. Taupe, cream, beige, stone are some of the popular color that craft an amazing natural ambit which easily go with most other trait and feature colors.

Bamboo Wallpaper

The name itself depicts that it is an environmental friendly natural product. It is not washable so it is advised to not to apply on kitchen wall or dining for it can comes in contact with food stain or areas where it may retain moisture. Bamboo has antiseptic ingredients which prevents germs to accumulate.

Textile wallpaper

For elegant and dazzling look of the room textile wallpaper can be the ultimate choice. They comes in cotton, linen, feather, felt etc. They are flame resistant and defiant to stain

Fibreglass Wallpaper

For a tough back up of wall and ceiling fiberglass wall paper is the ideal one because of the way that it is woven and bonded. It can be mentioned as green product because it is made of non poisonous constituents. Soda, dolomite, quartz, lime are usually used to structure this fiberglass wallpaper. Good thing about these wallpaper are 1) blockade dampness 2) flame resistant 3) tough enough yet light weight, 4) water resistant. For this reason they are widely used in automobiles, hot tubs, aircrafts, roofing etc
 Lining Paper

Last but not the least. It is not ornamental wallpaper. It is actually applied to nude old damaged walls or ceilings just before painting or before applying decorative wallpap

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties

  •  Sreeja Ghosh Sur
  • Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks. -Yo-Yo Ma 
  • mention this famous quote of the cellist Yo Yo Ma because I find this saying is so true when it comes to people like Anindita Dutta. She is a painter, textile designer, an independent artist and a nurturer of creativity.
  • I knew her since I was a child. I knew her as a brilliant student, as a manager of a renowned audit firm. As I grew up I came to know that her excellence does not limit to this only. Her brilliance will remain incomplete if I dont explore her creativity. She manifests herself as a reluctant artist as she puts it that to be called a true artist you need a lot of hard work and willingness to make lots of sacrifices apart from the natural prowess and inherent passion. Few days back I had a chance to meet her for a chit chat and to explore her paintings on various medium.

  • Here are a few excerpts of our tete-a-tete.
  •  Why did you leave such a secured job?
  • I always considered myself as a creative person. And I found nothing to add or create in such a hard core job. There was no scope for innovation. What I feel is that a creative person always needs to push themselves in a creative ground so that they can show some innovation in their work.
  • Which current Art World trend are you following?
  • The kind of work that I do holds a link with current World Art trends of 2D, mixed media and imperectionist art form.
  • What art do you most identify with?
    I am interested in drawing and designing part of visual art.
     What works do you most enjoy doing?
    I mostly enjoy doing pen and ink line drawing with brush pen and colored pencil.
    Has your practice changes overtime? If so then how?
    Yes, there’s a change. Initially, I used to do mainly water color painting, and then started with oil painting. But now I’m more comfortable with pen and ink, brush pen, colored pencil and occasionally acrylic.
     What is your favourite piece of Artwork in the collection so far and why?
    Art work with tea stains, my mobile series and my red and black series.
  • Your inspiration?
  • "The moon and six pence" on the life of Paul Gaugin and "Lust for life" on the life of Vincent Van Gogh, had been the two books which influenced and inspired me the most to drag me to the world of art as my first love. Other than this my inspiration came from the works of Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt and Paul Signac. I grew up in a non interenet age, so International Book Fair and British Council Library were the only places for me where I could read lot of books on art. And among the Indian artists, my inspiration were Amrita Sher-Gil, S.H.Raza, Manjit Bawa, Anjali Ela Menon, Jamini Roy, Jahar Dasgupta, A. Ramachandran and Lalu Prasad Shaw. My father used to take us to Art Exhibitions, which has become a habit and I still continue with that.
  • What technique do you follow generally?
  •  Draw with pencil, coloured pencil and ink pen with focus on line. Like to draw with texture, geometric shapes with overlapping portions. I sometimes use papers of different thickness to give different textures to the painting. Normally, I break the main form in blocks of abstract shapes and fill up with line drawings. In one word I don't follow any particular technique, whatever comes to my mind I start with that.
  • Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting or the way it is executed?
  • Both are important and one complements the other.
    • Did you get any formal training
    • I didn’t go for any formal training during my childhood. I think I inherited these qualities from my paternal side. My grandpa was a great artist. Most of the relatives from my grandpa’s side were excellent painters. After leaving the job I took a formal training on textile designing.
    • Your suggestions for those who want to see themselves as a creator?
    When I started full fledged painting I didn’t think twice for earning money from it. Instead I left my financially secured job so that I can invest my valuable time for creating something new. Trust me I feel immense happiness from this. Whenever I feel stressed this one thing can give me some relief. Still now I spend time teaching myself from YouTube and other website. But those who really want to take this as a profession need to take proper training from the early stage of life.
    Last but not the least I know you are planning your own blog to ventilate your creative leaks...when is it coming? Whats it called ?
  • Ha ha ( Shy Laughter ). Hopefully in early June. To be very frank its been the support of my friends and well wishers who had always encouraged me with the idea. Well I named it myselfselves.com....as it is not about myself alone but the things and persons that form a plural extension of my being.

  • So if ever you visit Kolkata you can make an attempt to see her work or to purchase her exotic artworks and when you meet her you will never miss the introvert creator who seeks to shy away from any limelight. 
  • Contact her aninditadtt3@gmail.com
  • Let's explore some of her creations :
Pen & Ink with collage

Tea Stain Series

 Anindita Dutta
Acrylic Bootik Painting

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