Thursday, March 17, 2022

Pamper your feet with Deyga Mini Foot Spa Combo

Have you ever thought that which part of our body do we neglect most? When it comes to pampering ourselves we spend a huge amount of money on our face, hands, and hair. But what about those parts on which our body holds the whole balance. What about those beautiful feet with which we walk towards our dream?  Yes, the most ignored part of our body, happens to be our feet. Heel fissures, dry and rough skin, and exfoliation of skin are very common problems which people generally neglect. As a consequence we feel pain and sometimes heel cracks may get infected. But it could be avoided if we follow a few simple tricks from the very beginning of the problems. Scrubbing and moisturising are the two steps which could simply save our feet making it look perfect. 

Scrubber and moisturizer are easily available in the market. But can we use them? Are they safe? Are they chemical free? These are some common questions which may arise in our mind. So most of us are now moving towards organic products. Keeping these questions in mind Deyga organic designed it's products with all natural ingredients. 

Deyga has huge range of organic products among which they send me mini foot spa combo ie. Deyga Foot Scrub and Deyga foot butter. The two most essential products to keep your feet healthy and Beautiful. 

Deyga foot scrub and foot spa arrives in a simple round shaped container. The foot spa was well cover with silver foil to protect from light and contamination. 

Experience with Deyga Foot Scrub

The best foot Scrub I have used till now. Why? I have dry skin. Most scrubbers that I used generally make my skin get more dry. But to my surprise, Deyga foot Scrub makes my skin soft, supple, fresh and moisturized from the very first use. My skin can easily skip the moisturizer. I used a scoop of Deyga foot scrub which gently removes the dead skin, the clear skin. It feels buttery smooth with a fresh aroma of mint. My feet feel refreshed throughout the day. I used a scoop of Deyga foot scrub which gently removes the dead skin, unveiling the clear skin. It feels buttery smooth with a fresh aroma of mint. My feet feel refreshed throughout the day. 


The Scrubber is mint green in colour with course granules.

Experience with Deyga Foot Butter

Deyga foot butter did wonder on my feet. This foot butter works excellent on my dry cracked feet. It melts easily and gets absorbed thoroughly on my skin. It has a good combination of Beeswax and virgin coconut oil. Together it repairs and soothes and softens rough skin. I generally used it during the night and woke up with rejuvenated and refreshed skin. It also has extra virgin olive oil. As we know extra virgin olive oil works as an anti-inflammatory and revives skin health. It also has the goodness of Vitamin E and essential oil. Another thing is that any age group can apply this Deyga Foot Butter on their skin. I applied the same on my five years old daughter as well as on my sixty years old mother's skin and the outcome is really admirable. 


Feel like silk when touched and pale yellowish in colour. What I love most is it's aromatic fragrance which lingers for a long time

How I Applied Mini Deyga Foot Spa Combo

To get the best result I generally used it at night. First wash feet with lukewarm water. Take two scoops of foot scrub and massage gently for 3 minutes. You will get a relaxed sensation. Washout with tepid water. Then apply the necessary amount of foot butter. Massage and calm your feet. Woke up with a smooth and supple skin. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Wonderful hair with wonder hair oil : Thumba Hair Oil Review


I keep on testing the products from Nature Sure. They send me Thumba oil this time. 
It is an ayurvedic hair oil and demands to boost hair growth
Prevent hair graying and hair fall.

It comes in a smart attire. The bottle is well covered with a cart box.  

What It Demands

Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. But there are some basic reason which could lead to hair loss. Lack of nutrients, certain medication, thyroid, lack of immunity, stress, alopecia, are some of the basic reason of hair fall in both female and male. While menopause, after child birth, birth pill are some of the common reason behind severe hair fall in women. 

We sometimes avoid the reason behind our hair fall. But when it becomes an out of control situation then only we started to take care.

This Ayurvedic hair tonic stops greying of hair. 
Thumba Oil controls hair fall and boost hair growth.
Increase hair count.

What I experienced: 
It has a strong herbal smell which indicates that the oil is pure mixture of useful herbs. 
After using for few months what I found is that it really does decrease hairfall but don't sure about the increasing of hair count.
Thumba oil also make hair little dry and frizzy. So I think it must be good for oily hair.

It is also very light and non greasy. So easily get absorb in hair. It easily get washed away with mild shampoo without leaving any smell. 

How To Use :
Gently massage the oil for atleast 10 minutes. For better result I generally use it thrice a week before going to bed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Could you have managed a sports team better? Here is your chance.

Brawn and brain together win a game. Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Roberto Mancini, Joachim Low, Luis Enrique may not take a single shot in a match; but doubt not. They are the brains behind top-performing football clubs. Superstar footballers, after all, need their superstar managers. 

Coaches and managers devise strategies and lay plans. Bring out the best from players. Keep the team machinery well-oiled and smooth from behind—no less feat than any winning goal. 

Fantasy sports give you precisely the same role. 

What is fantasy sports?

It is an exciting merge of reality and imagination in the world of sport-based video gaming. In fantasy sports games, you do not control any specific player with your gaming controller, unlike FIFA soccer series games. Instead, you own the control of a virtual sporting team. You recruit virtual avatars based on real-life players. Virtual performance of these players depends on actual players’ match performances. You seal the fate of your virtual team with your knowledge of the sport, imagination and ideation. Of course, there is a tiny bit of random luck. But where isn’t it? 

Who can play fantasy sports? 

Anyone. Young, aged, seniors, men, women, non-binary - do not matter. 

What makes fantasy sports so much alluring? 

Fantasy sports gaming is already a multi-billion dollar industry today, growing at a steady rate worldwide. Let us see what makes fantasy sports so much appealing. 

  • Reality quotient - the challenge of facing the hard facts of the actual sporting world; be it football, baseball, cricket or any other sports. 

  • Defying reality - You can challenge common perception with your calculated risk and pure merit of strategy. An example can be recruiting and getting the most out of a bottom-ranking player.  

  • More fun from real sports - You go beyond from being just a passive spectator of games to an active and engaged stakeholder.   

  • Cash prizes - Every fantasy sports gaming sites offer practice matches. However, nothing beats the challenge and excitement of winning a cash prize in fantasy sports gaming tournaments. 


Win cash! Is it legal? 

Yes, perfectly legal. Just like online casino games, fantasy sports are also legal-approved to play. The reason - outcomes in these games do not solely depend on luck. You need skills also in terms of knowledge of sports, match strategy and solid ideation. 

However, to have a good grasp over these gaming skills, you need patience and practice. Keep yourself aware of the best gaming sites; about their pros and cons. LuckyRaja can be your secure and reliable source of well-researched expert-reviewed content on fantasy sports games, casino sites in India. . We publish only the best reviews and recommend only the best gaming sites.   

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Why And When to use pantyliner : Everteen pantyliner review

Pantyliner has become an inevitable comfort for every woman’s life. it is very normal and common to have vaginal discharge. And during this time a panty liner can work as greatest saviour making you feel clean and maintaining hygiene.

What is a panty liner? Pantyliners are different from sanitary pads. Sanitary pads are thick, long layered absorbent materials. It captures the menstrual flow externally. Pantyliners are thin and lack padding. 

In this post, I am going to review about panty liner from Everteen which they send me a few months ago. As you know how much I become fond of their products. This is just because their quality products never disappoint me. As usual this time also Everteen didn’t fail my expectation. Everteen panty liner comes in a rectangular box with floral print. I totally love the soothing pink and white colour of the box. There is all total of 17 pantyliners which one can easily use for three to four months.

When to use? During ovulations, it is common to have white discharge. Using panty liners can help you to keep you dry during this time.

Pantyliners can be used during lighter period days. It can be worn with tampons or menstruation cup to avoid any kind of leakage.

You can make good uses of pantyliner to manage stress incontinence.

What I Like

Everteen pantyliner has hundred percent cotton surface with breathable layers. It has good absorbent power that keeps you fresh and clean all day long.

It has the capacity to keep the moisture away. It demands to use antibacterial negative ion chips which prevent the growth of bacteria. Thus helps in eliminating odour and prevents rashes.

Not scented

What I don't Like

The adhesive doesn't extend to the sides, so liner rolls up in the middle.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Reishi Mushroom could be an amazing solution for the improvement of overall health : Review of Ganoderma from Nature Sure

'Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not.'
'In a healthy body there is always a healthy soul.'

These are only few quotes I shared with you. But if you go through these lines and think, then you can realise how true these lines are. So it is duty to keep our body healthy . we don't stay healthy we can never keep our immunity strong. For that we also need to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

               Along with healthy diet I started taking Ganoderma capsule from Nature Sure. It is Popularly known as Rishi Mushroom and also called as Mushroom of Immortality. They asked me to throw some light on the product. But before this review let us know what is Reishi mushroom. It is a fungus that contains chemical. It is generally used to cure Alzheimer's disease, prostrate cancer, diabetis, viral infections, insomnia, fatigueness, improves the function of immunity system and many more. They are often known as mushroom of immortality. Countries like Japan,India, Korea, China are using it medicinal purpose since years.

Uses Of Ganoderma Capsule

According to Nature Sure it is medically proven that  this capsule is able to improve stamina and energy level

Improves immune system. And we all know strong immune systemcan easily protect against harmful conditions and substance.

Fight against stress and fatigueness

helps to cure viral infectionslike flue, asthama , food poisoning.

It is said that taking Ganoderma capsule regularly can manage growth of tumor, supports conventional therapy for cancer and gives anti- HIV protection.  

It may have ability to subdue chest pain and shortness of breath.

Helps to fight against insomnia, cholesterol, nepphritis, hepatitis, arthritis, kidney, digestive diseases and many more.

This 100%  natural, effective and safe (as Nature Sure demands) capsule (each 500gm) contains Ganoderma lucidum.

My Experience

Taking it for more than three weeks. I am doing prettier good with it but that doesn't mean I have started noticing immense difference. Well everything needs to give some time to see the consequence. What good thing I found in it is definitely the upliftment of the mood and energy. Also having good sleep.

I experienced a mild amla like smell after opening the bottle. 


Comes in a simple plastic bottle with golden cap with all instructions written on the label. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which are bright green in colour. When I open the cap I found all the capsules are well protected with cotton sheet. 


Lactating and pregnant woman, infant and children or people on medication  must refrain from this capsule. Even if you are healthy then also consult doctor as I have, before taking this Ganoderma capsule.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Why I Switched On To Everteen Natural Intimate Wash : Review

If I ask that why is it necessary to use intimate wash then maximum answer that  will come is to feel fresh and clean. But how can we forget about the hygiene? Specially when it comes about private part of our body. Most think that feeling fresh and clean is the ultimate goal which can be done with regular soap. But actually we woman need to be more careful about our lower private area. Now the question may arise why? Your intimate area has an acidic pH which is higher than rest of our body skin. It maintains good bacteria and checks bad one. If we don't maintain proper hygienic routine then it may upset pH balance leading towards vaginal infections.

So it will be really a good idea to avoid scented regular soap and switch on to healthy intimate wash. Now it is also necessary to choose your intimate wash very carefully. You may get number of intimate wash in the market. But all may not give you the ultimate hygeine and satisfaction. 

I always find it safe to choose the natural one. So I find it fine to go for Everteen Natural Intimate Wash from Wet &Dry Personal Care. I have already used their product before and was fully satisfied. So when they asked me to write a review for them I chose this one.

Why I go for Everteen Natural Intimate Wash? 
First of all it is totally natural and soap, SLES & SLS free.
It demands to stop irritation itching. Also prevents unpleasant odour and vaginal infection.
Maintain pH balance as well as vaginal moisture.


Packaging is normal. It comes in a simple jar well packed in a box. Pink is one of my favourite colour. So naturally I like the  colour of the cap. 
The texture of the intimate wash is more or less like any body wash and the colour is transparent golden brown.
All instructions are given inside the box.

My Experience

It is designed to maintain complete vaginal hygiene. I am using it near about a month and I am truly impressed with it. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to decrease irritation and itchiness due to sweat making me feel fresh and clean day long.
It needs in very small amount and it smell really good and mild.
I have a dry skin. I find this intimate wash is making the skin a little bit more dry. So I have to apply little moisturizer after washing.

Monday, November 11, 2019

How To Improve Skin Condition With Pores & Marks Oil

Open pores, flaky skin, stretch marks, fine lines, scars and blemishes. Yes problems are many. Sometimes you may have face all these problems at a time. When it happens we all go for different products and this is quite natural. But what if you get solution for all these skin problems in a single pack? You know what I got one such solution which I am going to share with you in this post. Few month back I got Pores and Marks oil from NatureSure in my hand. They wanted me to write a review for them. I started applying the Pores and Marks oil on face and other parts of the body and from the day one it satisfied my skin.

It demands to contain 80 types of antioxidant and inflammatory compound so definitely it soothes my skin making it soft and supple. This antioxidant rich oil also has the ability to minimise fine lines making the skin looks young and bright. Pores and Marks Oil also demands of moisturizing naturally  that unclogs and fills enlarged skin pores, reduce stretch marks and prevents loss of elastin, collagen and keratin. This is 100 percent cold pressed oil extracted from Moringa (Skin can absorb  Moringa oil  easily which improves skin appearance and making it look brighter. It has skin-healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E). The best thing about the product is that it is suitable for both men and woman. I don’t have open pores on face. But my husband has. I asked my husband to apply it on face and it really gives good result. But I must say this oil is an amazing moisturizer. Generally you need to apply cream at least 3 times a day if you have dry skin. Particularly in the fall season. What I find is Pores and Marks has an excellent quality to keep skin hydrating all throughout the day. Everyday pollution is another reason behind dull and rough skin. I must say after using the oil my skin conditions improve a lot. It works great on my stretch marks and heals infections on skin too. 

What I don’t like about the oil is it's wild pungent smell. But this smell itself proves that this oil is do not contains any artificial scent and hence purely natural.

It also claims that this oil can be use as sunscreen. But It makes my skin look more darker. So it will be better not to step out applying this oil. Rather it can be use at night or after bath ( if you stay inside).
Now coming to the packaging. It comes in a simple white bottle with a simple cap well sealed in a simple cart box. The oil is dark greenish color. It seems like no color is added in it.

What you need is patience. Give a month and your skin will be rejuvenated. I can feel how my skin conditions are improving day by day. 


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why Everteen Hair Remover Cream Is Safe For Bikini Line : Honest Review

 Sreeja Ghosh Sur
Suppose you are going for the party or an office meeting. You have already spent lot of times and efforts to look perfect from head to toe. You have end up with a great job. But perfect dress, make up and skin care won’t work if you ignore those unwanted hair. Now removing unwanted hair doesn’t mean that you eliminate those parts only that you want to expose. If you want to look good and clean, you have to pay attention to those hidden parts also.  

Yes, I am talking about Pubic hair. How to remove it? This is million dollar question for every woman. I know most of us play safe by trimming only. We always feel doubt when it comes to the razor or hair remover cream. The razor can create scratches or cuts which may lead to infections. On the other hand most of the remover cream is meant for other parts of the body and also contains harsh chemicals which can be harmful for sensitive parts of the body. 

But my uncertainty regarding hair removal cream came to an end when I received PR pack from Everteen Bikini Line Hair removal cream. They asked me to share my experience and in this post I am going to pen down exactly what I feel about it.


Icomes in a simple tube as most of the remover use to, packed in a smart box. The opening of the tube. It was well sealed so that the cream may not come out. It also contains one spatula with two coin towels. You will also an Introductory letter on how to apply and precautions you have to take while applying the cream.

What It Demands

As we all know that bikini area is very sensitive. So this area needs some special care. Evergreen Bikini Hair Remover cream is specially formulated for delicate areas like bikini line and underarm. Most of the hair removal cream has harsh chemical compositions which may lead to irritation or infections. But this cream demands to have natural chamomile extract (it has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.) with no artificial smell. 

My Experience

When I first opened it, I was really impressed by the sweet mild smell of the remover. Most of the remover usually have strong smell. But this is different. It is required in a very decent amount. The consistency of the cream is so good that it spread evenly. After applying this budget friendly remover cream all hair comes out smoothly leaving the skin soft and fresh. I never feel any irritation or experience any rashes after using the remover. Leave no dark patches. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Everteen Bikini Hair Remover Cream demands to remove hair within 5 mins. B ut I had to wait for at least 10 mins. If you have thick pubic hair then you have to repeat at least twice a week.
  • Only two coin size towels are not sufficient.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Eyeshadow palette Collection 2019

When it comes to makeup, eyes have always been my priority. I believe a good eye makeup says so much about you and your style. Without any doubt eye shadow plays an imperative role in this part. In this post I just want to divulge in my collection of eyeshadow palette.

Wet n wild

From the very first day, I fell in love with wet n wild eyeshadow palette. It comes in a very cute case with four different shades. It gives very strong pigmentation from the very first stroke and glides smoothly. The brow bone and transition shades give matt finish and other too are little shimmery capable of giving gorgeous and elegant looks. This eye shadow is suitable for daily office look as well as party look. I got this paraben and fragrance free wet n wild eyeshadow palette as gift. The order was placed from Nykaa with a good discount. It doesn't provide any brush with it.

Blue Heaven

This budget friendly eyeshadow palette is fine but not up to the mark. It comes in a smart little box with twelve dazzling shimmery shades. It gives a satin effect after the application. But all shades are not highly pigmented. All colors are so beautiful that it can be well combined to create an extraordinary dimensional eye look. It demands to stay for a longer time and it does stay. But after one or two hours all the glitters started to roll out on my face making it looks darker. So never try this eyeshadow palette during day time.

Glam 21 Perfect 23 Matte Color (Shade - 2)

Don't expect much from this eye shadow. The eye shadow case looks elegant and modish with 16 different matte shades, including 4 blushers and 3 concealers. I bought this makeup kit from a local store because online I find it little pricey. Most of the shades look dull, powdery and dry. Doesn't get pigmented easily. I had to struggle a lot to blend it well with a patchy result. Concealers are too creamy and blendable. The quality of the brush is very very poor. Size of the mirror is so sleek that you can't even use it

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