Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Eyeshadow palette Collection 2019

When it comes to makeup, eyes have always been my priority. I believe a good eye makeup says so much about you and your style. Without any doubt eye shadow plays an imperative role in this part. In this post I just want to divulge in my collection of eyeshadow palette.

Wet n wild

From the very first day, I fell in love with wet n wild eyeshadow palette. It comes in a very cute case with four different shades. It gives very strong pigmentation from the very first stroke and glides smoothly. The brow bone and transition shades give matt finish and other too are little shimmery capable of giving gorgeous and elegant looks. This eye shadow is suitable for daily office look as well as party look. I got this paraben and fragrance free wet n wild eyeshadow palette as gift. The order was placed from Nykaa with a good discount. It doesn't provide any brush with it.

Blue Heaven

This budget friendly eyeshadow palette is fine but not up to the mark. It comes in a smart little box with twelve dazzling shimmery shades. It gives a satin effect after the application. But all shades are not highly pigmented. All colors are so beautiful that it can be well combined to create an extraordinary dimensional eye look. It demands to stay for a longer time and it does stay. But after one or two hours all the glitters started to roll out on my face making it looks darker. So never try this eyeshadow palette during day time.

Glam 21 Perfect 23 Matte Color (Shade - 2)

Don't expect much from this eye shadow. The eye shadow case looks elegant and modish with 16 different matte shades, including 4 blushers and 3 concealers. I bought this makeup kit from a local store because online I find it little pricey. Most of the shades look dull, powdery and dry. Doesn't get pigmented easily. I had to struggle a lot to blend it well with a patchy result. Concealers are too creamy and blendable. The quality of the brush is very very poor. Size of the mirror is so sleek that you can't even use it

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Hair Care with Good Vibes Havana Mango Relaxing Conditioner

Sreeja Ghosh Sur

Once I heard somewhere that if you want to tame your unruly hair then a good combination of mango and coconut oil could be the best choice. Now buying the idea, I started the experiment on myself. The result was undoubtedly satisfying as we all know that mango has lots of nutrients in it. But the whole process was so messy that it was hard to repeat the process again.
In the meantime while scrolling down Purplle, one of my favourite beauty apps, I got acquainted with Good Vibes Havana Mango relaxing conditioner. What made me more excited to buy this was that it offered to give your hair a spa like treatment with all the nourishments. On the other hand the product is crafted with fresh ingredients with no mineral oil. Good vibes conditioner is parabens and sulphate free too.
My Experience

It comes in a Sassy bottle with a golden cap. Spring is the season when your hair needs more hydration to lock the moisture. Winter is the time when your hair faces the hair loss mostly making it more sleek and lifeless. So after winter our hair needs further care to enhance it's looks. After washing my hair with shampoo I pump out according to my hair length and apply each and every strands of towel dried hair. Specially at the tips.

The conditioner looks like light yellow colour mango pulp with a light fruity smell. After 3 - 4 mins I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water. Trust me it works like wonder. My hair looks so fresh and bouncy. Trust me it carries the same freshness and shine even on the fifth day which is beyond my imagination. The moisture locking formula is really great and makes my hair really doable and healthy.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sur Jahan World Peace Music Festival Kolkata 2019

Sreeja Ghosh Sur

Celebrating peace and harmony through the music of roots has become a bookmarked yearly event for Kolkata music lovers who witnessed  the 9th edition of Sur Jahan (rehashed version of  Sufi Sutra), which was inaugurated on 1st Feb, at Mohorkunj, Kolkata. It was really an amazing experience for me to be in the inauguration ceremony of Sur Jahan which is a non commercial (open to all) festival organized ofcourse by the most talked about social enterprise from Bengal, Banglanatak Dot Com. Apart from nurturing the traditional folk artists of Bengal, the audience is indebted to the esteemed organization for the opportunity to be enamoured by the international bands. This year the prolific bands from Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Cape Varde and Egypt are invited and the festival was truly international in spirit with the presence of UNESCO South Asia Director Eric Falt.

Banglanatak.com is an exuberant youth in its eighteen year old journey since inception in 2000 under the able leadership of Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, the Founder Director of Bangalanatak Dot Com who announced the opening and briefed their illustrious milestones in the untiring strivings for upholding the cultural assets of India to the world arena with the mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches . The festival took off with the incredible medley by the traditional folk artists of bengal not to mention the punctilious reputation of Banglanatak to maintain the event timings to precision. 

The show embarked with the indeginous Santhali recitation of patachitra and the soulful tune Bauls of Bengal who approached the stage from the audience in a musical rally. Essence of baul being the soul searching hymns, the audience got connected naturally to the chorus of baul music, a novel element of the show. Popularized by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the baul cult traces its origin from the district of Nadia has various forms in Birbhum, Bankura, Bardhaman, Murshidabad and about 2500 baul musicians all over West Bengal thrives on music. Banglanatak dotcom has been instrumental in promoting the singers world wide. Other intrinsic performing art forms of Bengal like Jhoomur of Bankura, Chhou of Purulia and Bhawaiya music of north bengal were staged to the avid gratification of the local and international audience.

After few encouraging words from the UNESCO representation the audience was received by the youthful and an exceptional performance by Babra (Band from Hungary). Babra can be well defined as the new face of south Slavic music. The individuality of the band stands by the unity of tamburas and synchronization of the clarinet and accordion.The First day concert concluded with the luminous performance by Liona & Serena Strings from Spain. The Kolkatan spirit makes every cultural representation feel at home with the spontaneous reaction and the language is never a hindrance in music to win our hearts.

Before enjoying the concert I took out some time to browse the art and craft exhibition showcasing Madhubani, bamboowork, Patachitra, Madoor, Mask etc adjoining with puppet dance & Chhou dance. There was representation from varied districts of Bengal & Bihar in bringing their art forms and Banglanatak.com I learnt from Sreya (Art Co-ordinator) aided the handicraft artists in reaching out to the different markets, be it exhibitions, melas or online platform. The organizations have held workshops, seminars and programs to guide the traditional artisans to know thier target customers well, innovate and mentored on improvised packaging. As I visited there was a one-on-one session going on with the representatives of the handicraft clusters with an upcoming unique e-commerce portal, Boutiqart.com

Its my appeal to those who havent still attended the festival, dont miss the experience to witness the unique performance of the foreign bands. Follow the fixtures of Banglanatak.com for their upcoming events in Goa & New Delhi.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Refresh your winter style : January Look book 2019

In kolkata winter is allotted for two months only. So here we get only a couple of month to showcase our sense of style with winter wear. Due to short term visit of winter, I generally don't bother to pile up my wardrobe with loads of winter wear. Every year I use to buy single piece which will look sassy as well as make me feel cosy. This year I wanted to add twist chic in my winter fashion. So I opt for this oversized white knitted off shoulder jumper.
What allure me more to buy this is the shimmery black owl pattern in the mid of the jumper. It was just perfect, but I have to use little force to pull one side. But once done it was excellent. Another thing I like is that it is breathable, soft yet able to keep warm and very comfortable.

Outfit - Nilufar Luniks

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