First of all thanks a lot for stopping by  this Lifestyle & Storytelling Blog. Bong Journal is a reflection of the facts, fictions, features and fashion emanating with the local flavor in global parlance.

Editor: Sreeja Ghosh (Sur),is a media consultant, journalist, content developer, a fashion follower and a blogger from Kolkata, India. She had been working as a prolific journalist & sub-editor in Print Media since 2010. This Lifestyle magazine is an extension of her passion and personal findings which she had always desired to ventilate. Its a chance for her to get the real feedback of her readers and that gives her the real impetus!!
She is here to make friends, readers and fellow bloggers and those who would need her to probe, present, promote and publish their issues, creativity, event, fashion-wares, story yet unheard, untold and the potential to be an eye-opener.

She is assisted by a team of fellow journalist, Photographer, Designer, and reporters who subscribe to the common passion which Bong Journal hosts. 
Sreeja, post her motherhood is a full-time blogger keeping a busy schedule with her newfound passion for her YouTube channels: Bongjournal & Daffy Chatter.


  1. Never miss a chance to read your blog.

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