Thursday, December 12, 2019

Why I Switched On To Everteen Natural Intimate Wash : Review

If I ask that why is it necessary to use intimate wash then maximum answer that  will come is to feel fresh and clean. But how can we forget about the hygiene? Specially when it comes about private part of our body. Most think that feeling fresh and clean is the ultimate goal which can be done with regular soap. But actually we woman need to be more careful about our lower private area. Now the question may arise why? Your intimate area has an acidic pH which is higher than rest of our body skin. It maintains good bacteria and checks bad one. If we don't maintain proper hygienic routine then it may upset pH balance leading towards vaginal infections.

So it will be really a good idea to avoid scented regular soap and switch on to healthy intimate wash. Now it is also necessary to choose your intimate wash very carefully. You may get number of intimate wash in the market. But all may not give you the ultimate hygeine and satisfaction. 

I always find it safe to choose the natural one. So I find it fine to go for Everteen Natural Intimate Wash from Wet &Dry Personal Care. I have already used their product before and was fully satisfied. So when they asked me to write a review for them I chose this one.

Why I go for Everteen Natural Intimate Wash? 
First of all it is totally natural and soap, SLES & SLS free.
It demands to stop irritation itching. Also prevents unpleasant odour and vaginal infection.
Maintain pH balance as well as vaginal moisture.


Packaging is normal. It comes in a simple jar well packed in a box. Pink is one of my favourite colour. So naturally I like the  colour of the cap. 
The texture of the intimate wash is more or less like any body wash and the colour is transparent golden brown.
All instructions are given inside the box.

My Experience

It is designed to maintain complete vaginal hygiene. I am using it near about a month and I am truly impressed with it. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to decrease irritation and itchiness due to sweat making me feel fresh and clean day long.
It needs in very small amount and it smell really good and mild.
I have a dry skin. I find this intimate wash is making the skin a little bit more dry. So I have to apply little moisturizer after washing.

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