Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Bongjournal is celebrating Women's Day the stories of amazing women by conveying their inspiring messages

International Women’s day, 8th March, is a day to celebrate the incredible contributions of women around the world on 8th March. On this special day, we honor and recognise the achievements of women on the social, cultural, economic, and political fronts. From ending gender inequality to promoting peace across nations, women have been pioneering positive change for centuries. This Women’s Day2023 is an opportunity for us to pay tribute to their resilience and courage in making our society a better place. Bongjournal is saluting their invaluable contributions and conveying inspiring messege from their views thoughts and stories of success.

For me, every day is women's day. We don't have to celebrate women's day on a particular day only when we could establish equal rights for every woman. Our society has always seen women in two aspects, rather divided into two. Bad women and good women second, upper class and lower class. Few even belong to even below that margin. Now, why this division? Few women in society get the advantage of education, healthy life due to their family background and opportunity. But all are not as lucky as these women. If some are not getting the opportunity that doesn't mean that they have no right to move forward. It is the duty of those progressive women to hold the hand of those less advantaged women to inspire them. Let's stand beside each other. Few women have managed to get independent, but the number is very few. There was a time when women were forced to be under the surveillance of their father, husband and sometimes their sons. But time has changed now. True independence can be defined as when women could make their own decision. with their own self-respect. But that doesn't mean waywardness. Only true independence of a woman could build a progressive society and heal the family.

Every year INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY , come up with a campaign theme, this year 2023 is embrace equity  DigitAll  innovation and technology for gender equality. We can all truly embrace equity, and raise awareness on digital education and inclusive and transformative education technology to empower today's women ....It's not just something we say. It's not just something we write about. It's something we need to think about, know, value and embrace. It's what we believe in, unconditionally. Equity means creating an inclusive world. Be Strength to Every woman, Come Forward to Support every Women Around You, who Needs it, which can be mental, emotional, social, informational and so on....with full on Confidence, Courage and a Good Intention, she can be your maid, your friend, your daughter, your neighbour ,  your colleague and anyone in and around You. Happy Women's Day to all the strong , intelligent,  talented and simply wonderful women. For me every day should be a Woman's day, where women should be celebrated,  respected, empowered, and supported. 

Only One Day , 8th March, can be Accepted to Celebrate all over the world... , because I feel, on the very same day, that Spark of the Feeling of Unity , Equality , Inclusivity in Diversity is ignited in everyone's mind...which creates more awareness among people about the motto of this Day and help in creating the Desired Change and Empower the entire planet equally. If you Ask me, it's STILL A LONG WAY TO GO. Women are doing wonders in almost every field, But if women were really independent, by now....  then why would these awareness,  empowerment and such programs are still taking place at all? The equality campaign, digital awareness of women campaign and so many more are still being conducted, all over the world, because  we are still struggling  in this patriarchal society to make our voices heard, to get our deserving platform, to get that Recognition, but I am hopeful,  that one day, all these hard work will get its due Recognition, and will Celebrate Women's Day in a much different way....it will be a Real Celebration of Victory....

Let us create an inclusive world together. We can all challenge gender stereotypes. Draw attention to bias and seek out inclusion. Collective activism is what drives changes from grass root action to wild-scale momentum. Together we can embrace equity, celebrate women's achievements and raise awareness about discrimination. Take action to drive gender parity. This is my message on international women's day when we embrace equity we embrace diversity and we embrace inclusion to me. International women's day means collectively fighting a positive change bringing about harmony and unity and helping drive success for all. Is there really a need for celebration? I would say equality is the goal, and equity is the means to get there, so there is definitely a need for an international women's day celebration. let us all step forward and commit to embracing equity. Are women independent today? This is 2023. We have developed a lot now. compared to what we wore a century ago when we started working, women are earning, and girls are provided with education. According to me, women are independent to a certain extent. there is a lot more independence that we need to get. Let's stress equity today and always. Let's all step forward and commit to embrace equity.

On the occasion of International women's day, I just want to convey a message to other women that look forward. Particularly to those who are less advantaged in society. Forget all the disrespect, insult and abuse. If you keep on memorising these you couldn't progress. The time has come when you have to move on. Build your career. No work is shameful and I must say to those women who are already in a favourable position in society, to support and inspire them. So that they never felt neglected anymore. As well all know that improvement of the society depends on the progress of women. Even I believe that the victory of women means the victory of men too and vice-versa. Then only we could build a progressive society and world.

I want to say that every woman should work towards their financial stability & creative fulfilment. Being independent & content with one’s work brings about a self-assurance that is needed to live better. It helps in making the correct & relevant life choices.

There still exist areas where women don’t voice up their opinions, think for themselves & blindly admit submission to others.. As women we got conditioned more than being liberated. Different women will shed their conditioning & inhibitions at a different pace. Things have changed enormously & there is room for change. Always.

Sometimes questions arise like whether we really need to celebrate women's day. Just like we have 15th August to remind us that we are a free nation & can exercise our rights to freedom 24x7, let’s look at Women’s Day similarly. It’s the one day to reinforce the feeling that we have the whole year rigged in our favor & it’s upon us as to how we make the best use of it. Personally, that’s what Women’s Day means to me. Also, I am greedy for a few lifestyle deals & discounts available on this day


Monday, February 13, 2023

World Radio Day, an opportunity to encourage young generation

World Radio Day 2023 is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the power of radio as a medium for peace. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Radio and Peace”. On this day, we can appreciate how radio has been used as an instrument of peace, cooperation and understanding between people around the world.

The aim of celebrating this international event is to recognise the importance that radio has played in bringing communities together and promoting a peaceful co-existence.

From broadcasting messages of peace to facilitating conversations between communities in conflict, radio has had a positive effect on our society. It has allowed us to connect with each other regardless of cultural differences and language barriers. Let us celebrate World Radio Day 2023 by reflecting on the power of radio to bring people together in times of conflict and cultivate an understanding between people from different backgrounds.

Since the digital media era started, radio has been struggling to maintain its position in the market. Despite being one of the oldest and most widely used mediums of communication, it is getting overshadowed by more modern technologies such as streaming services and podcasts.

On World Radio Day 2023, we should take a moment to reflect on how radio has evolved over the past two decades. From traditional radio broadcasts to online streaming services and podcasts, radio has remained an integral part of our lives.

For the next generation, the power of radio lies in its ability to bring people together. We can use it to form connections that transcend geographical boundaries and spread important messages across generations. We can also use it to tell our stories and cultivate understanding between different cultures.

World Radio Day is an excellent occasion to recognize the power of radio as a medium for entertainment, education and communication.Radio still provides us with a wide variety of content that we cannot get from any other sources. It also helps in bridging cultural divides and providing communities with access to information from all over the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that even though its importance may have diminished compared to past decades, it still plays a significant role in our lives today

As we look forward to World Radio Day 2023, it is important for us to recognise the potential that radio offers in our lives and remind ourselves of its importance as a way of connecting with people around the world. It is also an opportunity for us to pass on this knowledge and message of value to the next generation. Let’s use World Radio Day 2023 as an opportunity to encourage young people from all backgrounds and walks of life to explore their passions through radio broadcasting and discover new ways of communicating with each other.

Tell us in the comments section about your favorite radio station and why you like it?

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ganatra awaits his biopic, hopes to survive financially finally

Sudeep Pakrashi

Bipin Ganatra can finally come out of his financial predicament at the dusk of his life once his biopic gets released. Otherwise, the 66-year-old man is already famous for his outstanding contribution to society. Ganatra has been offering this service for the last four decades at a huge risk to life. As its reward, Ganatra has received laurels a galore including the Padma Sree in 2017 and the 'bravery and honesty' award from Kolkata Police. 

The Fire fighting

Bipin Ganatra is a volunteer firefighter who does not have formal training. Only out of passion and incredible determination Ganatra has been driving himself into the buildings that have caught fire and helping the official firefighters of the Fire Brigade to rescue the people trapped there. Ganatra's habit of doing social work began in his childhood. He always went to Calcutta Medical College, sitting there in the emergency ward, offering any kind of help to any patient before doctors came and started their treatment. But his passion for fire-chasing developed following his elder brother's death in a fire trap. Ganatra was only 15 years old at that time.

Whenever Ganatra sees any fire engine on the road or whenever he watches any fire incident on television, he immediately rushes and begins helping the Fire Brigade firefighters. Ganatra who has attended more than 150 fires so far, still remembers the fires at AMRI hospital, at Stephen's Court, Park Street, and obviously, the massive fire at the building in Burrabazar, Strand Road where Ganatra himself was trapped in the fire, jeopardized after watching slabs cracking and falling downwards. Ganatra was finally rescued by the firefighters of the fire brigade and admitted to the hospital also. 

The Fight for Survival

Still, his financial struggle for survival has not stopped. Sitting in his room where he was born, opposite Calcutta Medical College and where the room space is not more than 10-square feet Ganatra revealed "I am blessed with friends. They fulfill my requirement. I do have not any earnings. I just manage five-six thousand rupees every month and manage to lead my life. I have an advantage that I am alone." Simultaneously, he expressed regret also stating, "The left-front government gave me a gold medal. The present government offered me a job of home guard job. I refused it. In the last 40 years, I have received only three thousand rupees along with the gold medal from the left-front government only once in 1995. I was handed the kit of a firefighter at that time by the top brass of the fire brigade. But today as I am becoming older I feel I need some financial security. Didn't I deserve some kind of financial reward for what I have done? " 

The Ray of Hope Finally

One of the country's big corporate houses has already made a documentary on Bipin Ganatra's service. Ganatra said, "I have not yet seen the documentary but the director who made the documentary has decided to make a biopic on my life. I hope I will get some money finally after the film is released." 

Friday, December 9, 2022

ইতি Memories - এর জার্নি এখনও "memorable" হয়ে থাকবে পরিচালক সমদর্শী দত্তের মনে

সুলেখা দাস 

সম্প্রতি "ইতি memories" -এর দ্বিতীয় পোষ্টার রিলিজ হয়েছে। শীতের মরসুমে যেমন গোয়েন্দা গল্পের তুলনা হয়না , তার সঙ্গে এরকম একটি মিষ্টি প্রেমের গল্প এক অন্য মাত্রা এনে দেয়। সমদর্শী দত্ত-এর পরিচালনায় ক্লিকের ওটিটি প্লাটফর্মে চলতি বছরের শেষে মুক্তি পেতে চলেছে এক অন্য স্বাদের ওয়েব সিরিজ "ইতি memories"। 

ছবির পরিচালক সমদর্শী সেনের Bongjournal - এর সঙ্গে কথা বলতে গিয়ে জানান গল্পটি বেশ অনেকদিন ধরেই  মাথায় ছিল । কিন্তু সময়ের অভাবে ছবিটি বানানোর সুযোগ হয়ে ওঠেনি। তিনি জানিয়েছেন সিরিজটির বেশিরভাগ শ্যুটিং হয়েছে রাস্তাঘাটে। গ্রীষ্মের রোদে যেসব লোকেশনে শ্যুটিং হয়েছে সেখানকার মানুষ খুব সাহায্য করেছে, যা পরিচালকের খুবই  ভালো লেগেছে। বলাই যায় পুরো শ্যুটিং-এর জার্নিটাই পরিচালকের কাছে "মেমোরেবল" হয়ে থাকবে

এই সিরিজের মুখ্য  চরিত্রে দেখা যাবে অভিনেতা সৌম্য মুখোপাধ্যায় ও অভিনেত্রী তনিকা বসুকে। এই সিরিজে তাদের চরিত্রের নাম মল্লার ও আহেরী। এই ওয়েব সিরিজে ভালোবাসার টানে এক প্রবাসী বাঙালির শতাধিক প্রাচীন ঐতিহ্যের শহর কলকাতার ওলিগোলি চেনার গল্পকেই তুলে ধরেছেন পরিচালক। কথা ছিল আহেরী কলকাতাকে অন্যভাবে চেনাবে মল্লারকে। সেই কথা রাখতে মল্লারও এসেছিল সূদূর বিদেশ থেকে কলকাতায়। কিন্তু ভাগ্যের নির্মম পরিহাসে যেদিনই মল্লারের প্লেন কলকাতার মাটি স্পর্শ করল এক পথ দুর্ঘটনার আহেরীর মৃত্যু হল। কিন্তু তারপর মল্লার আহেরীর মত করে কলকাতাকে চেনার জার্নি শুরু করল। এই জার্নিতে মল্লারকে একাধিক ওঠা পড়ার মধ্য দিয়ে যেতে হয়েছে।

Friday, November 18, 2022

It's Okay To Cry And Still Be A Man


n International Men's Day, we honour all of the men who have helped to create and shape the society. Around the world, millions of men are working towards creating a more open, egalitarian and just world for us all.

Today is International Men's Day, a day to celebrate the contributions and achievements of men around the world. This year's theme is "Making a Difference for Men and Boys," and it's a chance to focus on the ways we can all help make society a better place for everyone.

One of the most important things we can do for men and boys is to help them feel comfortable talking about their feelings and emotions. Too often, men are told to "just suck it up" when they're feeling down, which can lead to all sorts of problems down the road. We need to normalize emotional expression for men and boys, and let them know it's okay to be vulnerable.

We can also help men and boys by teaching them about healthy relationships. Too often, boys are taught that they need to be "tough" and "in control" all the time, which can lead to toxic and abusive behavior. It's important to teach boys that it's okay to be sensitive and emotional, and that there's nothing wrong with wanting to be close to someone.

Finally, we can help make society better for men and boys by working to end gender stereotypes. We need to challenge the idea that there are "boy things" and "girl things," and that men and women are somehow fundamentally different. We need to show everyone that everyone can succeed at anything they put their mind to, regardless of their gender.

Sreeja Ghosh

Photo : Sudipta Mukherjee

Friday, August 19, 2022

Tapsee Pannu at Kalighat temple to seek blessing

On the occasion of release day of the film DOBAARAA  Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati visited Kalighat Temple to seek blessings of the Goddess for their movie.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Market witnessing good amount of business prior Saraswati Puja this year

We have witnessed drastic fall in the sale forth saraswati pujo last year. But this year is little better than previous year. Atleast we can see little increase in the purchase of idol this year. As said by idolseller Bapi. 

Another shopkeeper at 8b bazaar in Jadavpur Kolkata said this year selling of puja material has increased. It is natural because those idol makers who sold five idol last year has sold at least nine idol this year. Hope rain just before the day of Saraswati puja wouldn't destroy excitement of the worshipper. As that may effect the business. 

Bong Journal also witnessed much excitement of the worshipper in the local market two days prior Saraswati Puja

Monday, August 10, 2020

Everything You Want to Know About bone pain

Anna Smith

Bones are the most important tissue in the body. They keep the body structure. Without the bones, our bodies can’t keep their shape. We can’ do anything without bones. But sometimes we feel pain in our bones. What causes bone pain and why we feel that. We will discuss that in detail. 


What is Bone Pain?
Any type of discomforts such as ache or tenderness can cause pain in the bone. Bone pain is different from joint or muscle pain. It may be due to any bone disease, weak bones or broken bones.
Bone Pain:
There are various reasons that can cause bone pain. Here are some of them.

Bone Injury:
Injury is one of the most common reasons for bone pain. You can feel pain in your bone when it is damaged or broken. Bones break when they bear a high impact of pressure. High pressure on the bones can fracture or break bones. This damage can cause swear pain. Sometimes, even after healing, when you bear shock or pick heavyweights, you may feel pain again. Vitamin C can help a lot to heal your bones and boost your immunity. Try to follow a lemonade diet in order to improve your bone health. 

Bone infection is a common problem of bones. Sometimes infection originates in the bones and sometimes it spreads to the bones from the other parts of the body. Infection in bones is a serious condition and it can do serious harm to the bones.
Osteomyelitis can kill cells in the bones and cause pain.

There are various types of cancers. Bone cancer is one of them. There are also various types of bone cancers. Leukemia is one of them and particularly it is a cancer of bone marrow.
Bone marrow is important for the bones as it creates bone cells. A lesser amount of the bone marrow in the bones means a lesser amount of bone cells. Cells will bear more weight and work quantity. Cells will become weaker with the passage of time and you will feel pain in the bones. This pain is usually experienced in legs.

What are the Symptoms:
Symptoms may differ depending on the cause of the pain in the bone.
Here are some of them.
Injury can cause swelling in the affected area.
Mineral deficiency can cause pain in the muscles, bones, and tissues. Cramps is an example.
If you are affected with serious bone diseases such as osteoporosis, back pain, and sudden weight loss are very common symptoms.
There are various symptoms if you suffer metastatic cancer. Headaches, dizziness, and belly swelling are some of them.
If you suffer bone cancer bone breaks and skin lumps are very common.
If your bones are deficient in the blood, joint pain is very common.
Other bone problems may show different symptoms.
How to Relief Bone Pain:
As discussed, bone pains are common. They can become more swollen if not treated properly. Proper treatment includes medications. But food plays an important role in the health of the bones.
Treatmentment depends on the type of pain and symptoms of the pain.

Treatment options may include:
Your doctor may recommend pain relievers.
Antibiotics are also very common to prevent and get relief from bone disorders.
Nutritional Supplements are also recommended.
If you are affected by bone cancer, you will be treated accordingly.
Sometimes surgery is also required to treat bone disorders.

How Bone Pain Can Be Prevented?
Medications and proper treatment to treat bone disorders are required. But don’t wait to get affected by the bone disorders. By improving lifestyle and consuming healthy foods, you can prevent bone disorders.

Here are some things that you should do to prevent bone disorders.

Opt for healthy and nutritioust food

Eat collagen-rich foods such as collagen peptides.,

Stop smoking anddand or don’t drink too much.

Improve your lifestyle.

Exercise daily and avoid eating unhealthy food.

Bones are the most important tissue of the bones. There are 206 bones in the body. Main function of the bones are to give body shape, maintain the structure of the body, keep the organs protected.
Bones can get damaged and you can feel pain in the bones due to various reasons. If bones are not getting a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients, they will become weak and more fragile. This will leave bone more prone to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. You
can prevent bone disorders by taking care of your bones and improving your lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Top 6 Handicraft Instagram Store, Stealing Shopping Lover's Attention

Kriti Agarwal

Amidst this social media era, offline shopping is getting behind day by day. With the increase in online stores and applications, the trust of shoppers in online e-commerce is growing day by day. Along with these websites and complex applications, Instagram stores are becoming the newest trend. What once was just a social media app, Instagram has grown into a business platform for small boutiques and sellers. 

After the popular running of online shopping websites, these Instagram stores are stealing all the attention of shoppers throughout the world. The reduced cost of marketing and website maintenance has resulted in a reduced price of goods sold through these pages.

The fact that most of the sellers are small-town entrepreneurs have also resulted in the empowerment of this community.

One of the commodities that Indian Instagram stores are particularly famous for is handicrafts. Most of Indian handicraft boutiques on Instagram sell jewellery, decor items, traditional pieces, etc. The market for these handicraft pieces has been growing tremendously in recent years. I have accumulated six of the best Instagram handicraft boutique and each of these stores has a unique factor which makes them stand out. 

  1. Roudriz Jewellery - This is one of the most promising Instagram boutiques in the Indian market. The handmade jewellery pieces sold by this store is one of its kind and give the word quirky a whole new meaning. This store is based in Kolkata and hence the majority of pieces are inspired by Bengal culture. https://www.instagram.com/roudriz_jewellery/

  1. Baksa by Ruchika- This is one of the best Indian decor and lifestyle boutique on Instagram. Along with various handmade items, it also sells personalized commodities like bags, passport covers, nameplates, etc. This store is based in Bangalore and Jaipur. Definitely worth a try!

  1. Crafthub- This one has been in business for a long time. One of the most trusted handmade gift store on Instagram, this page sells everything ranging from bracelets, personalized gifts to greeting cards. This business is based in Rajasthan. One of the characteristic features of this store is that it provides worldwide shipping.

  1. Hand Made Jewellery- A fairly new store, this page has attracted a lot of customers and followers in a short period of time. This page specializes in selling handmade jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Since this store is based in Gujarat, most of the jewellery designs are inspired by cultures of different states in India.

  1. The Urban Flairs- This site major in gifting options. Everything from handmade envelopes and cards to readymade and personalized boxes, cake toppers, wedding packages, etc. is available on this page. Maintaining a colourful aesthetic throughout the page, the store’s Instagram page is definitely appealing for any customer. This store is based in Jaipur. 

  2. Bhartiya Rangmanch- This is one of the most trusted handicraft stores among Indian shoppers. The store’s Instagram page is full of excellent handmade pieces and is a sight to behold. This store sells outstanding handmade pieces of bags and clothing items like scarves, sarees, and even accessories. This store provides worldwide shipping at affordable prices.

These were a few of my personal favourite pics of Instagram stores. I tried to incorporate stores from every genre of commodities like jewellery, textiles and even gift packages. There are numerous other stores and the number is just increasing day by day.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Best floral decoration for Ganpati 2019.

Amazing tips on how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and welcome Bappa with full of devotion and love.
Guest post
Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, and we are too much excited to welcome Bappa with full of warmth and devotion. This is the only festival for which devotees starts preparing for the innovative decor from a month before the festival starts.

It is needless to say that no festival in India completes without the presence of garden fresh flowers. We celebrate the festival of Ganpati at home for a good ten days and decoration is the major attraction of this festival. If you are now worried about getting how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and what should be the decoration, then hang on. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to order flower arrangements and get indulge into the devotion of Lord Ganesha.

Best ways to get fresh flowers for amazing floral decoration:

Ganapati Mandap Decoration

You will easily find a wide range of florals for Ganpati mandap decor. The mandap decoration should be vibrant and attractive. You can order marigolds orchids floral arrangement for the mandap or go for a classic rose and lilies decor along with beautiful peacock feathers.

You can decorate the mandap with fresh floral garlands for the front. And for the background, you can go for fresh banana leaves classic decoration or shiny wallpaper decor. Both will complement the mandap decor. Decorating homes for Ganpati festival is a joy in which everyone participates. You can go for ten different floral themes for the entire festival and create amazing festive memories with your loved ones.

How to find Eco-Friendly decor for Lord Ganesh:

If you are planning an eco-friendly Ganesh decoration theme for this year, you have got a lot of options online. You can choose the background made up of fresh leaves, florals, and durva. Complement your greenery decoration with beautiful and colourful blossoms. Flowers will create a positive aura and change the vibes.

You can online order florals like roses, marigold, carnations for your eco-friendly decoration. For pooja thali decor ideas, order a few roses and marigold. Decorate the thali with roses and marigold petals along with durva, Prashad, and a beautiful diya. This pooja thali will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Decoration ideas at home & Seasonal Florals:

For decorating Ganpati at home, there are a lot of creative ideas to play around. For Ganpati decor, you can go for attractive paper frills, shiny drapes for background,  LED light series and small glittery balls. Along with these decor requirements, order online some fresh seasonal florals.

You can choose seasonal flowers like marigold, hibiscus, chrysanthemum for Ganpati flower decoration. You can also hang fresh floral or artificial floral garlands on the roof where the idol is placed. It will look gorgeous and complement it with a nice LED series and keep the Bappa glowing as they keep you happy all the time.

Online order Ganapati flower decoration:

Are you thinking about ordering the complete floral arrangement for your office? It's also a good idea if you are looking for perfectly done decoration for your home or for your office. If you are reading this from Pune, there are many florists who offer pre-made flower decoration for Ganapati in Pune.

You just need to arrange it as per your decoration. This is the best option for decorating Ganpati Mandap at the office. Along with florals, go for a traditional theme in the office for one day. Go for traditional Indian attire, and this will definitely add more positive vibes and enthusiasm to the whole office.

Online Ganapati flower decorators:

Planning for complete Ganpati decoration? Right from florals to other decoratives, there are many decorators who offer amazing decoration services at your doorsteps. Whether it's your office or society mandap, get the decoration perfect with the help of online Ganpati decorators. Also, ask them different decoration themes they are having for this year. You can choose from their pre-arranged decor themes also. Blooms Only is one of the most popular flower decorators for Ganapati in Pune. The flower shop is offering unique floral design for any festive. Contact the florist to get a free quote.

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