Monday, 11 November 2019

How To Improve Skin Condition With Pores & Marks Oil

Open pores, flaky skin, stretch marks, fine lines, scars and blemishes. Yes problems are many. Sometimes you may have face all these problems at a time. When it happens we all go for different products and this is quite natural. But what if you get solution for all these skin problems in a single pack? You know what I got one such solution which I am going to share with you in this post. Few month back I got Pores and Marks oil from NatureSure in my hand. They wanted me to write a review for them. I started applying the Pores and Marks oil on face and other parts of the body and from the day one it satisfied my skin.

It demands to contain 80 types of antioxidant and inflammatory compound so definitely it soothes my skin making it soft and supple. This antioxidant rich oil also has the ability to minimise fine lines making the skin looks young and bright. Pores and Marks Oil also demands of moisturizing naturally  that unclogs and fills enlarged skin pores, reduce stretch marks and prevents loss of elastin, collagen and keratin. This is 100 percent cold pressed oil extracted from Moringa (Skin can absorb  Moringa oil  easily which improves skin appearance and making it look brighter. It has skin-healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E). The best thing about the product is that it is suitable for both men and woman. I don’t have open pores on face. But my husband has. I asked my husband to apply it on face and it really gives good result. But I must say this oil is an amazing moisturizer. Generally you need to apply cream at least 3 times a day if you have dry skin. Particularly in the fall season. What I find is Pores and Marks has an excellent quality to keep skin hydrating all throughout the day. Everyday pollution is another reason behind dull and rough skin. I must say after using the oil my skin conditions improve a lot. It works great on my stretch marks and heals infections on skin too. 

What I don’t like about the oil is it's wild pungent smell. But this smell itself proves that this oil is do not contains any artificial scent and hence purely natural.

It also claims that this oil can be use as sunscreen. But It makes my skin look more darker. So it will be better not to step out applying this oil. Rather it can be use at night or after bath ( if you stay inside).
Now coming to the packaging. It comes in a simple white bottle with a simple cap well sealed in a simple cart box. The oil is dark greenish color. It seems like no color is added in it.

What you need is patience. Give a month and your skin will be rejuvenated. I can feel how my skin conditions are improving day by day. 


Thursday, 15 August 2019

Best floral decoration for Ganpati 2019.

Amazing tips on how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and welcome Bappa with full of devotion and love.
Guest post
Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, and we are too much excited to welcome Bappa with full of warmth and devotion. This is the only festival for which devotees starts preparing for the innovative decor from a month before the festival starts.

It is needless to say that no festival in India completes without the presence of garden fresh flowers. We celebrate the festival of Ganpati at home for a good ten days and decoration is the major attraction of this festival. If you are now worried about getting how to get fresh flowers online for Ganapati decoration and what should be the decoration, then hang on. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to order flower arrangements and get indulge into the devotion of Lord Ganesha.

Best ways to get fresh flowers for amazing floral decoration:

Ganapati Mandap Decoration

You will easily find a wide range of florals for Ganpati mandap decor. The mandap decoration should be vibrant and attractive. You can order marigolds orchids floral arrangement for the mandap or go for a classic rose and lilies decor along with beautiful peacock feathers.

You can decorate the mandap with fresh floral garlands for the front. And for the background, you can go for fresh banana leaves classic decoration or shiny wallpaper decor. Both will complement the mandap decor. Decorating homes for Ganpati festival is a joy in which everyone participates. You can go for ten different floral themes for the entire festival and create amazing festive memories with your loved ones.

How to find Eco-Friendly decor for Lord Ganesh:

If you are planning an eco-friendly Ganesh decoration theme for this year, you have got a lot of options online. You can choose the background made up of fresh leaves, florals, and durva. Complement your greenery decoration with beautiful and colourful blossoms. Flowers will create a positive aura and change the vibes.

You can online order florals like roses, marigold, carnations for your eco-friendly decoration. For pooja thali decor ideas, order a few roses and marigold. Decorate the thali with roses and marigold petals along with durva, Prashad, and a beautiful diya. This pooja thali will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Decoration ideas at home & Seasonal Florals:

For decorating Ganpati at home, there are a lot of creative ideas to play around. For Ganpati decor, you can go for attractive paper frills, shiny drapes for background,  LED light series and small glittery balls. Along with these decor requirements, order online some fresh seasonal florals.

You can choose seasonal flowers like marigold, hibiscus, chrysanthemum for Ganpati flower decoration. You can also hang fresh floral or artificial floral garlands on the roof where the idol is placed. It will look gorgeous and complement it with a nice LED series and keep the Bappa glowing as they keep you happy all the time.

Online order Ganapati flower decoration:

Are you thinking about ordering the complete floral arrangement for your office? It's also a good idea if you are looking for perfectly done decoration for your home or for your office. If you are reading this from Pune, there are many florists who offer pre-made flower decoration for Ganapati in Pune.

You just need to arrange it as per your decoration. This is the best option for decorating Ganpati Mandap at the office. Along with florals, go for a traditional theme in the office for one day. Go for traditional Indian attire, and this will definitely add more positive vibes and enthusiasm to the whole office.

Online Ganapati flower decorators:

Planning for complete Ganpati decoration? Right from florals to other decoratives, there are many decorators who offer amazing decoration services at your doorsteps. Whether it's your office or society mandap, get the decoration perfect with the help of online Ganpati decorators. Also, ask them different decoration themes they are having for this year. You can choose from their pre-arranged decor themes also. Blooms Only is one of the most popular flower decorators for Ganapati in Pune. The flower shop is offering unique floral design for any festive. Contact the florist to get a free quote.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Why Everteen Hair Remover Cream Is Safe For Bikini Line : Honest Review

 Sreeja Ghosh Sur
Suppose you are going for the party or an office meeting. You have already spent lot of times and efforts to look perfect from head to toe. You have end up with a great job. But perfect dress, make up and skin care won’t work if you ignore those unwanted hair. Now removing unwanted hair doesn’t mean that you eliminate those parts only that you want to expose. If you want to look good and clean, you have to pay attention to those hidden parts also.  

Yes, I am talking about Pubic hair. How to remove it? This is million dollar question for every woman. I know most of us play safe by trimming only. We always feel doubt when it comes to the razor or hair remover cream. The razor can create scratches or cuts which may lead to infections. On the other hand most of the remover cream is meant for other parts of the body and also contains harsh chemicals which can be harmful for sensitive parts of the body. 

But my uncertainty regarding hair removal cream came to an end when I received PR pack from Everteen Bikini Line Hair removal cream. They asked me to share my experience and in this post I am going to pen down exactly what I feel about it.


Icomes in a simple tube as most of the remover use to, packed in a smart box. The opening of the tube. It was well sealed so that the cream may not come out. It also contains one spatula with two coin towels. You will also an Introductory letter on how to apply and precautions you have to take while applying the cream.

What It Demands

As we all know that bikini area is very sensitive. So this area needs some special care. Evergreen Bikini Hair Remover cream is specially formulated for delicate areas like bikini line and underarm. Most of the hair removal cream has harsh chemical compositions which may lead to irritation or infections. But this cream demands to have natural chamomile extract (it has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.) with no artificial smell. 

My Experience

When I first opened it, I was really impressed by the sweet mild smell of the remover. Most of the remover usually have strong smell. But this is different. It is required in a very decent amount. The consistency of the cream is so good that it spread evenly. After applying this budget friendly remover cream all hair comes out smoothly leaving the skin soft and fresh. I never feel any irritation or experience any rashes after using the remover. Leave no dark patches. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Everteen Bikini Hair Remover Cream demands to remove hair within 5 mins. B ut I had to wait for at least 10 mins. If you have thick pubic hair then you have to repeat at least twice a week.
  • Only two coin size towels are not sufficient.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Get A Summer Diet Plan : Nutritionist Explained

Summer is here. Kolkata experience maximum temperature during May reaching 41 C. The humidity sweat makes it more uneasy to beat the heat of summer. Such an uncomfortable climate may lead to several ailments. So what is the solution? A healthy diet. Yes, maintaining a healthy diet can gives you a fit and fine summer.

Agnimitra Mukherjee, a nutritionist from Motherhood  Fertility Center explained that it is important to drink water as much as you can  maintain the fluid balance in our body. If this fluid balance is not maintained properly you may have dehydration or heat stroke which is very common during summer.

According to National Institute of Medicine a male body needs at least 13 glasses of water. Female body needs 9 glasses of waterMukherjee said, while working outside many people buys soft drink to quench their thirst. I would suggest them to drink fruit juice or coconut water. But try to avoid roadside juice. Instead, you can carry sugarcane juice, lemon juice or chhatur sarbat. Don’t forget to add basil seeds on pudina leaves. These will act as very good cooling agent. 

Extreme heat waves can cause various problems in your gastrointestinal tract. Add Yoghurt or lassi in your menu to avoid this kind of problem. It is also a good source of protein and can also protect your body from heat stroke.

Skin tanning is very common during summer. Instead of spending money on sunscreen and other cosmetics. Include fruits rich in beta keratin like water melon, tomato, papaya, etc. These fruits will prominently prevents your skin from tanning. They also contain huge amount of water. Another miracle vegetable is cucumber with loads of water. Eat cucumber everyday to avoid constipation.

The nutritionist added that too much sweating can decrease level of potassium resulting in muscle cramp. Include fruits with the vitamin C in your diet chart.

Onion is also helps your body to remain cool.Simultaneously its anti allergen compound prevents from sunstroke.

Summer means season of mango. So enjoy the taste as much as you can. It is abundant of Vitamin A, Potassium and fibre. Also contain pectin which helps to suppress high blood pressure.

Now don’t forget to insert green and leafy vegetables in your meal.

Here are some tips to avoid

  • Stay away from fried food.
  • Avoid chocolates and dry fruits.
  • Don’t eat to the fullest.
  • If you are diabetic or obese then avoid eating too much mango and other fruit juice.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

My Eyeshadow palette Collection 2019

When it comes to makeup, eyes have always been my priority. I believe a good eye makeup says so much about you and your style. Without any doubt eye shadow plays an imperative role in this part. In this post I just want to divulge in my collection of eyeshadow palette.

Wet n wild

From the very first day, I fell in love with wet n wild eyeshadow palette. It comes in a very cute case with four different shades. It gives very strong pigmentation from the very first stroke and glides smoothly. The brow bone and transition shades give matt finish and other too are little shimmery capable of giving gorgeous and elegant looks. This eye shadow is suitable for daily office look as well as party look. I got this paraben and fragrance free wet n wild eyeshadow palette as gift. The order was placed from Nykaa with a good discount. It doesn't provide any brush with it.

Blue Heaven

This budget friendly eyeshadow palette is fine but not up to the mark. It comes in a smart little box with twelve dazzling shimmery shades. It gives a satin effect after the application. But all shades are not highly pigmented. All colors are so beautiful that it can be well combined to create an extraordinary dimensional eye look. It demands to stay for a longer time and it does stay. But after one or two hours all the glitters started to roll out on my face making it looks darker. So never try this eyeshadow palette during day time.

Glam 21 Perfect 23 Matte Color (Shade - 2)

Don't expect much from this eye shadow. The eye shadow case looks elegant and modish with 16 different matte shades, including 4 blushers and 3 concealers. I bought this makeup kit from a local store because online I find it little pricey. Most of the shades look dull, powdery and dry. Doesn't get pigmented easily. I had to struggle a lot to blend it well with a patchy result. Concealers are too creamy and blendable. The quality of the brush is very very poor. Size of the mirror is so sleek that you can't even use it

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Spring Hair Care with Good Vibes Havana Mango Relaxing Conditioner

Sreeja Ghosh Sur

Once I heard somewhere that if you want to tame your unruly hair then a good combination of mango and coconut oil could be the best choice. Now buying the idea, I started the experiment on myself. The result was undoubtedly satisfying as we all know that mango has lots of nutrients in it. But the whole process was so messy that it was hard to repeat the process again.
In the meantime while scrolling down Purplle, one of my favourite beauty apps, I got acquainted with Good Vibes Havana Mango relaxing conditioner. What made me more excited to buy this was that it offered to give your hair a spa like treatment with all the nourishments. On the other hand the product is crafted with fresh ingredients with no mineral oil. Good vibes conditioner is parabens and sulphate free too.
My Experience

It comes in a Sassy bottle with a golden cap. Spring is the season when your hair needs more hydration to lock the moisture. Winter is the time when your hair faces the hair loss mostly making it more sleek and lifeless. So after winter our hair needs further care to enhance it's looks. After washing my hair with shampoo I pump out according to my hair length and apply each and every strands of towel dried hair. Specially at the tips.

The conditioner looks like light yellow colour mango pulp with a light fruity smell. After 3 - 4 mins I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water. Trust me it works like wonder. My hair looks so fresh and bouncy. Trust me it carries the same freshness and shine even on the fifth day which is beyond my imagination. The moisture locking formula is really great and makes my hair really doable and healthy.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sur Jahan World Peace Music Festival Kolkata 2019

Sreeja Ghosh Sur

Celebrating peace and harmony through the music of roots has become a bookmarked yearly event for Kolkata music lovers who witnessed  the 9th edition of Sur Jahan (rehashed version of  Sufi Sutra), which was inaugurated on 1st Feb, at Mohorkunj, Kolkata. It was really an amazing experience for me to be in the inauguration ceremony of Sur Jahan which is a non commercial (open to all) festival organized ofcourse by the most talked about social enterprise from Bengal, Banglanatak Dot Com. Apart from nurturing the traditional folk artists of Bengal, the audience is indebted to the esteemed organization for the opportunity to be enamoured by the international bands. This year the prolific bands from Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Cape Varde and Egypt are invited and the festival was truly international in spirit with the presence of UNESCO South Asia Director Eric Falt.

Banglanatak.com is an exuberant youth in its eighteen year old journey since inception in 2000 under the able leadership of Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, the Founder Director of Bangalanatak Dot Com who announced the opening and briefed their illustrious milestones in the untiring strivings for upholding the cultural assets of India to the world arena with the mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches . The festival took off with the incredible medley by the traditional folk artists of bengal not to mention the punctilious reputation of Banglanatak to maintain the event timings to precision. 

The show embarked with the indeginous Santhali recitation of patachitra and the soulful tune Bauls of Bengal who approached the stage from the audience in a musical rally. Essence of baul being the soul searching hymns, the audience got connected naturally to the chorus of baul music, a novel element of the show. Popularized by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the baul cult traces its origin from the district of Nadia has various forms in Birbhum, Bankura, Bardhaman, Murshidabad and about 2500 baul musicians all over West Bengal thrives on music. Banglanatak dotcom has been instrumental in promoting the singers world wide. Other intrinsic performing art forms of Bengal like Jhoomur of Bankura, Chhou of Purulia and Bhawaiya music of north bengal were staged to the avid gratification of the local and international audience.

After few encouraging words from the UNESCO representation the audience was received by the youthful and an exceptional performance by Babra (Band from Hungary). Babra can be well defined as the new face of south Slavic music. The individuality of the band stands by the unity of tamburas and synchronization of the clarinet and accordion.The First day concert concluded with the luminous performance by Liona & Serena Strings from Spain. The Kolkatan spirit makes every cultural representation feel at home with the spontaneous reaction and the language is never a hindrance in music to win our hearts.

Before enjoying the concert I took out some time to browse the art and craft exhibition showcasing Madhubani, bamboowork, Patachitra, Madoor, Mask etc adjoining with puppet dance & Chhou dance. There was representation from varied districts of Bengal & Bihar in bringing their art forms and Banglanatak.com I learnt from Sreya (Art Co-ordinator) aided the handicraft artists in reaching out to the different markets, be it exhibitions, melas or online platform. The organizations have held workshops, seminars and programs to guide the traditional artisans to know thier target customers well, innovate and mentored on improvised packaging. As I visited there was a one-on-one session going on with the representatives of the handicraft clusters with an upcoming unique e-commerce portal, Boutiqart.com

Its my appeal to those who havent still attended the festival, dont miss the experience to witness the unique performance of the foreign bands. Follow the fixtures of Banglanatak.com for their upcoming events in Goa & New Delhi.


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