Monday, June 11, 2018

Get Relief from Muscle Sprain And Arthritis : Sovolin Anti Arthritic Oil Review

  •  Sreeja Ghosh Sur
I simply love this Ayurvedic medicine. Truly speaking sleeping peacefully at night had become a pain for me. The acute pain which I had on my back and shoulder was really a nightmare for me. After I have discovered Sovolin Anti Arthritic Oil I found a total relief from pain.

These days most people suffer from back pain due to the postural stress for sitting too long in front of computer. Taking pain killer every time is not good also. So we try to lessen the pain by applying pain relief ointment from outside. But one thing I have seen that the effect of ointments are partial.

So what I like about Sovolin Anti Arthritic Oil ?

Sovolin gets absorbed very quickly and starts working gradually and relieves from pain and stiffness. The effect remains for a long period. It is also effective for elderly people who are suffering from arthritis.
It is also not at all greasy.

What does it demands?

Relieves pain associated with Arthiritis, back pain, knee, shoulder, muscle strains and sprains.
It penetrates deep into the skin.

It recommends to apply the oil 4-5 times a day though it is enough to use two times a day.

What I don’t like

Strong Smell

It doesn’t cure arthritis forever, it just give relief from pain for time being.


Rasna, Nilgiri ka Tel, Karpura, Nirgundi, Sodhita Mitha Bish, Pepperment flower, Ajowan flower, Gaultheria Teil, Terpin Teil, Butylated Hydroxy Tolune (anti oxydent)

They gave me a 100ml trial pack but I would definitely love to try it again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Heal your feet with Skin Yoga Marigold Foot Soak

  •  Sreeja Ghosh Sur

  • Whenever I plan to buy skincare product, I never skip to list for my face, neck, hand. But what I leave out most of the time is the product for my feet. May be to slash down my budget I prefer to skip the most important part of the body. How stupid I was.
You may spend few hours for pedicure once in a month. But don’t forget to use up twenty minutes from your busy schedule every week to pamper your skin with foot soak. In this post I am going to share my experience with Skin Yoga marigold foot soak which I get as a free sample from Smytten. But before that I want to pen down few words about the advantage of foot soak.

Benefits of Foot Soak

  • Fight odour
  • Foot Soak works wonderfully as a relaxing agent for our feet by soothing tired muscle.
  • It relieves pain after a long days work or after walking in uncomfortable shoes
  • Removes dirt, skin tan, heals cracks and other infections.

Looks of Skin Yoga marigold foot soak

It comes in a neatly packed beautiful golden sachet. When  I unpacked it I found golden granules with marigold petals.

  • Marigold
  • Sea Salt
  • Coconut Oil

My Experience

I emptied the whole sachet into the tub filled with lukewarm water. I dipped my feet into the tub. Coconut oil was actually hydrating my skin by making my feet soft and supple. The salt granules acted as a very good scrubber as it demands to remove Suntan and dirt. Marigold is an excellent coolant that helps to relax tired muscle. I dipped my feet at least for 20 minute and it really helps me to relieve from pain.

Also watch my youtube video where I share my experience

What is good about it

Paraben free, preservative free
Small amount is required
Instantly moisturize and heals your feet

What I don’t like about it

Pungent smell of coconut oil
The effect remains for few hours only

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