Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Narrative Magic Unleashed: Sen Sharma's 'Chase' Dominates Discussions at Kolkata Film Fest


Kolkata, a city steeped in history and culture, has found its essence artfully woven into the narratives of filmmaker Debasish Sen Sharma. His latest creation, "Chase," showcased at an International Short Film Festival in the heart of the city, has emerged as a captivating puzzle, enthralling audiences and sparking discussions.

The festival, spanning three days, provided a platform for both local and foreign filmmakers to showcase their creations. Among the diverse array of films, "Chase" stood out, with its exceptional storytelling leaving viewers glued to their seats. 

As the Director said "I unveil the essence of Kolkata—the tale of a city where magic still exists. Kolkata, where people continue to extend a helping hand, creating a narrative of unity and kindness." Sen Sharma's narrative prowess, skillfully intertwining tales of Kolkata and its inhabitants, contributed to a rich tapestry of both the city and its people.

Mir Asraf Ali and Sayan Ghosh deliver impeccable performances in the film, elevating it to new heights with their outstanding acting skills. Their on-screen chemistry and dedication contribute significantly to the overall success of the movie.

He added "We made a movie during the tough times of the coronavirus. It was hard to manage time and deal with restrictions. The film was shot in the USA and Kolkata. I was in charge of shooting in the USA part as well"

Sen Sharma, reflecting on the success of the festival, emphasized the challenges faced in the realm of short films—struggles for funding and a constant uphill battle. Despite these obstacles, the event witnessed an impressive turnout, attracting not only film enthusiasts but also filmmakers, prominent personalities, and students. It transformed into a vibrant hub for those passionate about the art of short filmmaking.

In a poignant gesture, the festival paid tribute to the legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen, underscoring the importance of recognising and honouring the pioneers in the field. Sen Sharma, optimistic about the future, expressed a collective sentiment: the need for collaboration to propel the world of short films forward.

The overall resonance of the festival underscore the potential and significance of short films. Sen Sharma's call to action, urging collaboration and an expansion of the scope for short films, resonates as a rallying cry for a community dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of storytelling in its most concise form.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Tarun Tahiliani's TASVA: Redefining Indian Men's Fashion in Patna

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd, in partnership with designer Tarun Tahiliani, has introduced Tasva, a men's Indian wear brand, in Patna. The store, inaugurated by Harshvardhan Rane and Tarun Tahiliani, offers a diverse collection of sophisticated ethnic and wedding wear. The 7500 sq. ft. store features Tarun Tahiliani's signature style, blending traditional and contemporary design with comfortable fabrics like silk blends and cotton-viscose. The range includes kurta sets, sherwanis, Indo-western ensembles, and various accessories, making it a one-stop destination for the modern Indian man's festive and wedding attire needs.

Commenting on the launch of the Patna store, Tarun Tahiliani, Chief Design Officer, TASVA, expressed, “It’s an honour to bring our vision to life with the grand opening of our store in Patna's Boring Road. Patna is a city steeped in tradition, and yet has gracefully kept pace with modernity. The city's rich cultural tapestry and its growing affinity for modern fashion are a dynamic blend that resonates with our design philosophy. I'm thrilled to offer the city a taste of our timeless elegance. Tasva is here to redefine groom's fashion and be a part of Patna's evolving story.”

Tarun Tahiliani's store is a captivating embodiment of his 'Modern Indian' design philosophy, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair. The exquisite design and decor cater to the evolved tastes of Indian consumers, who now yearn for depth and expression in their fashion choices. Luxurious materials like wood and brass, alongside designs drawing inspiration from India's cultural legacy, infuse the space with a distinct ambiance. It becomes a gateway to a reimagined realm of Indian apparel, perfectly harmonizing with TASVA's brand ethos. With every element carefully curated, the store is a testament to the fusion of heritage and innovation in the world of fashion.

Harshvardhan expressed his thoughts saying, "This city holds a special place in my heart. Patna is known for its discerning audience and to have earned a place in hearts of Patna’s people is truly an honour. Today it’s a privilege to witness the fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary style right here in Patna. Tasva's commitment to redefining the groom's fashion experience is commendable, and I'm excited to celebrate this significant milestone with them.”

Saturday, November 4, 2023

From emulsified fuel to protein bars, her innovations ride high on sustainability

Dr Jyotsna Waghmare’s fuel promises to reduce carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions from vehicles, whereas the protein bars from oil cakes and artificial production of Medium-Chain Triglycerides help boost nutrition levels

By Shailaja Tiwale

No one in our family knew anything about science, and Jyotsna had no access to the internet or other sources of information. She did everything on her own,” says Anil Waghmare, the elder brother of Dr Jyotsna Waghmare, while recalling her student days at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. Their father was a mill worker and an active member of the Ambedkar movement, and their financial condition was precarious.

Now an associate professor in the Department of Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology at the ICT, Jyotsna (48) has been a spirited innovator. She developed an emulsified fuel in 2017, which significantly reduced carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions. Five to 10% water is added in diesel to prepare the fuel using a high-energy method.

“We have developed an emulsion with stability of one year and a transparent appearance,” Jyotsna says. Both these qualities were obtained using blends of non-ionic surfactants and co-surfactants. Techniques and instruments such as high static rotor, high-pressure homogeniser and ultrasonicator were used to prepare micro and nanoemulsions. It can be used in any vehicle with a diesel engine.

“We started working on this project in 2015 and got a patent in 2018,” says  Jyotsna. Successful trials were conducted on two-wheelers and four-wheelers, and now she plans to approach the industry for large-scale manufacturing of the fuel.

The work on emulsion fuels was carried forward to overcome biodiesel’s drawbacks. Extensive engine design modification was not needed as in the case of biodiesel. At the same time, a considerable reduction in emissions was observed. Though this process requires investments, it will cost nearly 10 % less than diesel.

In 2021, Dr Jyotsna received a grant from the Department of Science and Technology under the Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE) scheme for artificially producing Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT). “It is a nutrient that provides immediate energy and is found in mother’s milk and natural products such as coconut and palm oil,” she says.

“We synthesised it to develop products that can also benefit HIV/AIDS patients with compromised digestive systems. MCT is predominantly imported from China, so increasing production in India will minimise reliance on other countries,” she explains. The new product developed is in the process of research publishing and presentation. The next step will be to approach the market. “This artificial MCT will definitely cost 30 % less than the imported products,” she details.

The reuse of oil cakes is yet another sustainable innovation by Jyotsna and her team. The oil cakes discarded after extracting oil are high in nutrients. So, Jyotsna developed a high-protein nutrition bar from it in 2019. “As the population increases, we will need artificial protein to fulfill the requirement. To solve this problem, our team developed a protein-rich bar from oil cakes,” she says.

It can be used as food supplements for the malnourished. She is now conducting research on the required storage conditions, packaging and distribution periods for the protein bar. After completing the research presentation process, it will soon be available in the market. “The nutrition bars available in the market are mainly made from food products such as peanuts and cashews, so they are costlier. However, our product should cost less as it is made from an easily available residue,” Jyotsna says.

Her indefatigable drive for sustainable practices pushed her into seeking new solutions for reducing pollution. There are many temples in Mumbai where tonnes of flowers are offered to the deities in a single day.

She successfully repurposed these flowers, usually discarded in waterbodies, to extract aromatic oils in 2019. “Sustainable fragrance oil is expensive and in high demand. Mogra (jasmine) oil costs Rs 10 lakh per litre. These discarded flowers can be used to make large volumes of aromatic oils used in cosmetics and perfumes among others. This will also reduce water pollution,” Jyotsna shares.

Jyotsna also developed a method to extract Lutein, a part of the Carotenoid family of antioxidants, from a natural source — used marigold flowers. Currently, Lutein synthesised from chemicals is primarily used in pharma products for eye-related treatment. “We are in the process of filing the patent and commercialising this product,” says Dr Jyotsna.

Converting adversity into triumph

Jyotsna’s entry into ICT was serendipitous. After graduating in 1995, she came across an advertisement for the chemistry courses at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Matunga. However, she mistakenly went to the ICT premises, adjacent to VJTI. There, she saw a pamphlet about the courses at ICT and applied by getting money from friends. “A few days later, I had been accepted for the BSc course in technology [chemistry], synonymous with today’s BTech,” Jyotsna recounts.

Her assertive attitude bruised the ego of one of her teachers, who chastised her for not showing “proper manners” when dealing with seniors. He then failed her in one of her subjects in the second year. Jyotsna applied for revaluation and received a first-class grade. “I learned that with determination, I could convert adversity into triumph,” Jyotsna shares. 

During the placement interviews after the course, Jyotsna discovered that male candidates were preferred for industry-level positions in the chemical sector, mostly due to the “unsafe environment”. So, in 1998, Jyotsna accepted a position in the Research and Development Department at Godrej Foods in Mumbai. In 2000, she returned to her alma mater and enrolled for MTech. “I was shocked to find out that I was the only girl in seven branches of MTech at ICT,” Jyotsna recalls. However, the situation is changing now as ICT has 30% reservations for women.

“Girls tackle challenges in different and better ways than boys. I encourage them to take on leadership roles as it helps in the growth of society. Jyotsna was a bright student. She has good science intuition,” points out Professor Dr DN Bhowmik, former department head and Jyotsna’s mentor.

Testing times

Jyotsna gradually developed an interest in research. After completing her MTech, she joined ICT as a lecturer and enrolled for a PhD at the same institution in 2003. During her PhD, in 2006, Jyotsna was selected for a visiting scientist scholarship at the University of Arkansas.

After three years of hard work, her PhD was nearing completion. Around the same time, her marriage was fixed. As her future spouse was working in the US, she informed her guide about her plans to move there after completing her PhD. But in 2008, her guide shockingly denied her approval for thesis submission, alleging that Jyotsna had not completed any PhD work. “When I showed her the work I had done in the past three years, she refused to guide me further,” she says.

Though she considered abandoning PhD, her husband encouraged her to lodge a complaint. The institute then appointed a committee, which found that Jyotsna had completed three times the amount of work allotted by her guide, so her PhD completion process could not be stalled.

In 2010, Dr Jyotsna was selected as a postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. However, Jyotsna and her husband decided to return to India. She joined ICT as a professor in 2011 and has continued her research since then. She has published over 80 research papers in journals and three book chapters.

This piece was originally published by  Rukhmabai Initiatives, an endeavour by 101Reporters to make Indian STEM more inclusive.  



101Reporters Desk

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Unveiling 'Elem Notun Deshe': The Spectacular Theme of a Bengali Festival

Nestled within the vibrant heart of our bustling city, where the rich tapestry of tradition seamlessly interweaves with the melodious symphony of innovation, S B Park Sarbojanin Durgotsav has entranced the spirits of our beloved residents and inquisitive voyagers for a remarkable span of 53 years. But this year, it wasn't merely a commemoration of their remarkable journey; it marked the commencement of an extraordinary odyssey into uncharted territory, unveiling a theme that left all in awe - "Elem Notun Deshe," a poetic Bengali expression symbolizing our arrival in a novel land.

The festivities held within the enchanting embrace of S B Park Sarbojanin are no ordinary merriments. They are a testament to the club's unwavering commitment to shattering boundaries and dissolving divisions. This year, they unveiled a spectacle

that towered above the ordinary – a colossal Giant Agarbatti (incense stick), standing majestically at an astounding 6 feet, its fragrant smoke billowing for an astonishing 72 uninterrupted hours.

The ethereal aroma of this colossal Agarbatti did not simply linger within the pandal's confines; it transcended the boundaries, wafting its fragrance for over a kilometer in every direction. It was an olfactory experience like no other, a siren's call that beckoned people from every corner of the city. The symbolism embedded in this monumental incense stick was profound, invoking a palpable sense of oneness, serenity, and transcendence.

Mr. Sanjay Majumder, the Club President, eloquently unveiled the club's vision to the awaiting media. His words resonated with fervor, underscoring the pressing need for unity in a world increasingly marked by divisions – be they political, religious, or environmental. The theme "Elem Notun Deshe" wasn't a mere catchphrase; it drew inspiration from the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore's magnum opus, "The Tasher Ghor." In this mesmerizing play, Tagore painted a world liberated from the shackles of boundaries, prejudices, and disparities.

Within the pandal of S B Park Sarbojanin, this vision transcended the confines of imagination. It became a haven where divisions dissolved, a realm where it felt as though the very concept of separation had vanished. Much like the free-spirited birds that gracefully navigate from one land to another, eschewing passports and visas, the club aimed to craft a space where people could congregate in the spirit of unity, much like the harmonious interplay of light and air.

The celebration was more than just an opportunity to marvel at the Giant Agarbatti. It was a clarion call, a heartfelt invitation to transcend the self-imposed limits of our own thinking and embrace a world devoid of divisive boundaries. In an era where polarization has become the order of the day, S B Park Sarbojanin Durgotsav's 'Elem Notun Deshe' theme illuminated the path to a brighter future, reminding us that we indeed can embark on a journey to a new land – one where unity, love, and mutual respect reign supreme.

As the lingering fragrance of the Giant Agarbatti continued to caress the senses, it bore with it a profound message of unity and togetherness. The 53rd-year celebration of S B Park Sarbojanin was more than a cultural event; it was a testament to the magical power of art and imagination to bridge the gaps that divide us, guiding us towards that pristine new land where we can all coexist in exquisite harmony.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Kolkata's Mohammad Ali Park Marks 55 Years with Kedarnath Temple

tep into the mystical realm of Kedarnath Temple right here in the heart of Kolkata. The Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park, known for hosting one of the city's most iconic Durga Puja celebrations, has unveiled an awe-inspiring theme for its 55th year – a faithful recreation of the revered Kedarnath Temple nestled in the heights of Uttarakhand.

Baba Kedarnath's devotees perpetually yearn for his divine darshan, a privilege only granted to a fortunate few who make the arduous journey to the Himalayas. However, the people of Kolkata are in for an extraordinary treat as Baba Kedarnath himself graces their city with his presence in the form of this grand pandal.

Kedarnath Temple, perched on the banks of the Mandakini river at a staggering altitude of 3584 meters above sea level, is not just a sacred pilgrimage site but also a cornerstone of the Char Dhams and Panch Kedar in Uttarakhand. It holds the honor of being one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, the radiant symbols of Lord Shiva's divine presence in India.

General Secretary of the Youth Association at Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja, Surendra Kumar Sharma explained the idea behind their ambitious project. They have created a lifelike replica of the Kedarnath Temple to give people who haven't had the chance to visit it a glimpse of its spiritual beauty. This replica allows them to have a divine view of one of Lord Shiva's twelve special lingas. The outside of their pandal looks just like the grand Kedarnath Temple, and this year's theme is "Shiva is Shakti," which will be represented by a stunning idol of the Mother Goddess created by the famous artist Kush Bera from Midnapur. To make the experience complete, they have used special lighting to capture the charm of Chandannagar, adding to the overall atmosphere of this exceptional Durga Puja celebration.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

A Magnificent Mandap and Bel Leaves: Mudiali Club's Unique Transformation"


Durga Puja is an extravagant and vibrant celebration that fills the air with excitement and devotion. As the countdown to Durga Puja 2023 enters its final days, anticipation grows for the mesmerizing themes, intricate decorations, artistic idols, cultural performances, and the collective joy of this grand festival. After a year-long anticipation, we are on the cusp of a return, with just 20 days remaining. BongJournal is delighted to share a sneak peak from Mudiali Club.

The essence of a mother's visage has been meticulously crafted from the delicate canvas of a hundred and fifty thousand bel leaves, each carefully dried and stitched with love. Within the sacred confines of the mandap, a celestial sea of two hundred and fifty thousand lamps adorns the surroundings. Among them, a celestial constellation of fifty thousand Ujal lamps, casting their radiant glow upon the bamboo-made countenance, as if breathing life into its ethereal form.

Significant transformations have taken place, with a departure from traditional fabrics to embrace the allure of all-metal craftsmanship. Moreover, the pièce de résistance of this year's event is the exquisite Mandap, a creation of a distinct artist's vision. Expect a complete transformation, a canvas painted with the magician's artistry.

This extraordinary spectacle is not confined by boundaries; it is a universal narrative that transcends the divide of villages, towns, cities, and suburbs. Every soul who steps into the enchanting mandap is destined to be ensnared by an enchantment of immeasurable wonder. This is the visionary approach of the Mudiyali Club—not to dazzle with complex themes, but to resonate with simplicity, opulence, and a captivating diversity that captures the gaze of all who behold it.

In its 89th year, the Mudiyali Club proudly unveils its unique selling point: a vibrant and budding artist by the name of Biman Saha.

Photos : FB Collected

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Parineeti Chopra's Heartfelt Wedding Tribute: Nani's Challa Takes Center Stage

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav recently celebrated their union in a beautiful wedding ceremony. As a touching tribute to her beloved grandmother, Parineeti adorned herself with her nani's challa, a traditional Punjabi keychain that symbolizes love, family, and tradition. Notably, their wedding attire was not just about tradition but also personal significance. Manish Malhotra, the designer, incorporated various elements that held special meaning for the couple. Parineeti's veil, for instance, bore Raghav's name embroidered in Hindi, while her kaleeras featured charms representing their shared interests, including music, London, and the Khanda Sahib, a significant Sikh symbol.

Here are some more details about the significant elements that were incorporated into Parineeti and Raghav's wedding outfits:


The couple met and fell in love in London, so it was fitting that they included references to the city in their wedding outfits. For example, Parineeti's kaleeras had the charm of a red London bus.


Both Parineeti and Raghav are passionate about music. Parineeti is a playback singer, and Raghav is a trained musician. To represent their shared love of music, Parineeti's kaleeras had charms of a piano, a treble clef, and a vintage gramophone.

Khanda Sahib:

The Khanda Sahib is a Sikh symbol that represents the unity of God, humanity, and divine sovereignty. Raghav is a Sikh, and Parineeti converted to Sikhism before their wedding. As a symbol of their faith and commitment to each other, both Raghav and Parineeti wore Khanda Sahib pendants on their wedding day.

Parineeti and Raghav's wedding outfits were a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. The elements that were incorporated into their outfits were meaningful and personal, making their wedding day even more special.

Friday, July 28, 2023

GO GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT: Strengthening East-India and Europe Ties"

The 'GO GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT-India Chapter' held at ICCR, Kolkata on 22nd July was a resounding success, fostering a strong bridge between the Eastern zone of India and Europe.

Renowned fashion designer, Agnimitra Paul, along with the illustrious Robot Man of India Arijit Hazra, Journalist and film producer Anilava Chatterjee,Minakshi Misra (Dir and Eastern Zonal head of ICCR), Pratayay Sur (Director of IDEARCADE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS ) Kaushik Maitra (MD Sulekha Ink) and several other distinguished entrepreneurs, graced the occasion with their presence. They captivated the audience by sharing their inspiring journeys of success.

The event served as a powerful platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to converge and explore opportunities for collaboration and expansion on an international scale. Backed by the visionary co-hosts, Bong Srijani and Srijani Go Global Group, along with the accomplished Shabari Mitra from Belgium and Amrita Ray from Switzerland. This gathering is tailor-made for ambitious minds seeking promotion, growth strategies, and invaluable connections. Embrace the chance to interact with seasoned business leaders and fellow trailblazers, as this event becomes the epicenter for shaping a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through insightful discussions, networking sessions, and knowledge-sharing, the summit facilitated the exchange of ideas and expertise, paving the way for promising partnerships and mutual growth between India and Europe 

Monday, July 24, 2023

Top Tea Boutiques in Kolkata: Sip Your Way to Blissful Brews!"

Kolkata, often hailed as the "City of Joy," has a rich history deeply intertwined with its love for art, culture, and of course, tea. The aromatic brew has become an integral part of the city's daily life, and tea enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with numerous tea boutiques scattered across this bustling metropolis. If you find yourself in Kolkata and are craving a delightful cuppa, we've got you covered with a handpicked list of tea boutiques that you must visit right now!

1. Karma Kettle:

Photo Source : Facebook page

Situated in the heart of the city, Karma Kettle is a quaint tea boutique that promises an unforgettable tea experience. From traditional Darjeeling teas to exotic blends infused with locally sourced spices, Karma Kettle offers an extensive range of teas to cater to every palate. The cozy ambiance and knowledgeable staff add to the charm, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea.

2. The Tea Trove:

Photo source : Google 

For those who prefer to explore a plethora of tea varieties, The Tea Trove offers a diverse menu that showcases teas from various regions and styles. Their modern yet rustic ambiance creates a welcoming space to unwind and enjoy an array of teas, including classic black teas, soothing green teas, and aromatic herbal infusions.

3. Dolly's Tea Shop:

Dolly's Tea Shop is a charming boutique tucked away in a quiet corner, offering a respite from the city's hustle and bustle. Stepping into this vintage-inspired tea haven feels like entering a bygone era. Apart from their extensive tea collection, they also serve delightful high-tea spreads that are perfect for a cozy tête-à-tête with friends.

4. Kewpie's Kitchen:

While not solely a tea boutique, Kewpie's Kitchen deserves a special mention for its authentic Bengali cuisine served with a heartwarming cup of Kolkata's famous "cha." This iconic eatery offers a nostalgic experience with traditional tea served in clay cups, creating an atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Kolkata's tea boutiques offer much more than a simple cup of tea; they provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage while savoring the diverse flavors of this beloved beverage. So, the next time you find yourself in Kolkata, be sure to carve out some time to explore these charming tea boutiques and discover the magic of tea in the City of Joy.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

58 Years of Excellence: West Bengal Garment Manufacturers and Dealers Association"

The West Bengal Garment Manufacturers and Dealers Association, with a remarkable legacy of 58 years in dedicated service to the garments sector in our state, proudly hosted the 54th Garment Fair and B2B Expo. This prestigious event unfolded over three days, from 20th to 22nd July 2023, at the Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan in Kolkata. The exhibition witnessed the participation of over 600 national and international brands and was poised to generate business transactions worth an estimated Rs. 500-700 Crore through wholesale deals.

Graced by the presence of prominent dignitaries, industry stalwarts, and leading business houses, the event garnered immense significance in bolstering the state economy. The inauguration ceremony was attended by esteemed personalities such as Sri. Sujit Bose, Minister of State for Fire, Govt. of WB; Sri. Dilip Mondal, Minister of State Transport Department, Govt. of WB, as well as Sri. Nirmal Jain, Founder of Evergreen Hosiery Industry, among others. The occasion was indeed a convergence of key players in the garment sector, reflecting the event's reputation as the most trusted and frequented business meet in the Eastern region.

The West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association has been organizing the Garment Fair and B2B Expo since its inception to foster a modern, vibrant, and competitive garment industry, mainly comprising MSMEs. With the overarching objective of establishing the state as a robust hub in the global textile supply chain, this association has consistently played a pivotal role in generating substantial employment opportunities and supporting the state's economic growth.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Sri. Hari Kishan Rathi, President of West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association, remarked, "Starting modestly with an ambitious vision, our past Presidents and industry pioneers laid the foundation, and today, we proudly follow in their footsteps. 

Sri. Devendra Baid, Honorary Secretary of West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association, shared his insights on the event, stating, "The Buyers & Sellers Meet organized by our Association has witnessed tremendous success over the past five decades, effectively serving the business needs of the Eastern region. Despite the challenges posed by fluctuating economic climates and the rise and fall of numerous garment companies, this Meet has continued to flourish, providing unparalleled support to the industry in adapting to changing paradigms."

The presence of other esteemed committee members added further prestige to the event, including Sri Kanhiyalal Lakhotia (Treasurer), Sri Prem Kumar Sinhal (Jt. Treasurer), Sri Hari Prasad Sharma (Former President), and several others who played crucial roles in guiding the Association.

Few Words About WBGMDA:

The West Bengal Garment Manufacturers and Dealers Association is a preeminent organization representing the readymade garment industry and trade in Eastern India. Established in 1962, the Association has been dedicatedly fostering the growth of the readymade garment sector in the region. Originally formed under the aegis of the Bharat Chamber of Commerce, the Association continues its affiliation with the Chamber. Boasting over 500 members and a democratic structure, the Association operates under the guidance of a Core Committee, Committee Members, and Co-opted Members, ensuring effective governance. 

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