Wednesday, May 1, 2024

From Pixels to Paintings: The AI Art Revolution in Kolkata "

AI's influence spans across various domains, from self-driven cars to robotic surgeries, indicating its growing presence in tasks traditionally performed by humans. Notably, the art world has also embraced AI since around 2014, exploring AI-generated art as a novel creative avenue. This intersection of technology and art showcases the evolving role of AI in shaping cultural expression and creative processes, ushering in new possibilities and debates within the artistic community.

Kolkata's creative landscape is experiencing a captivating fusion of art and technology with the inaugural art exhibition on artificial intelligence, hosted by the Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation (B-CAF). This groundbreaking event has sparked a vibrant dialogue surrounding the intersection of AI and creativity, offering artists and enthusiasts alike a unique platform to explore the innovative possibilities within this burgeoning field. Located at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition showcases a diverse array of artworks created through an open call, highlighting the multifaceted ways in which AI is reshaping the artistic landscape. From mesmerizing digital compositions to thought-provoking installations, each piece offers a glimpse into the limitless potential of AI as a tool for expression and exploration. With the exhibition running until May 5, attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this cutting-edge fusion of art and technology, igniting new perspectives and inspiring future collaborations in the evolving realm of creative innovation.

We envision Bengal and Kolkata as the epicenter of AI innovation, harnessing the expertise of our IT professionals from Sec V, Newtown, and beyond. Let's pioneer AI in art and propel our region to the forefront of technological advancement. AI art is there everywhere, over the internet. But it has never been exhibited  alongside actual real painters and artists. We want to display AI art alongside art created by real painters and artists to see how people react. As stated by Debasish Sen (Founder Dir. & CEO of New Bengal Consulting, Former IAS officer).

The inauguration program was adorned by Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, the Founder, MD & CEO of Bandhan Bank, Dr. Andrew Fleming, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Richa Sharma (Mrs. India Universe/Actor), and numerous other distinguished guests.

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