Friday, May 5, 2023

Boutiqart to bring kumortuli at your doorstep along with 15 types of artforms

Kumurtuli is a historic community of traditional potters located in North Kolkata, where skilled artisans have been sculpting idols of gods and goddesses for over 300 years. With a population of approximately 400 artisans, most of whom are descendants of the Nadia district known for their ancestral occupation of pottery and clay modeling, these artists are responsible for creating the age-old festival of Durga Puja and other celebrated duties not only in West Bengal or India, but also for export worldwide, especially to communities with Bangalee diaspora who wish to celebrate their culture and festivities. Despite its rich cultural and artistic heritage, Kumurtuli has been neglected for quite some time. To address this, Boutiqart.org has undertaken efforts to bring the work of these talented artists to the world stage. Customers from anywhere in the world can now purchase their desired idols from the comfort of their homes, clubs, or communities, and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

In addition to Kumurtuli, Boutiqart also showcases the works of artisans from other regions, such as Assam, Bisnupur, Santipur, and Katwa, as well as weavers from different areas, with a total of 15 types of artforms available on the platform. 

The official launch of Boutiqart took place on April 28, 2023, at the Kolkata ICCR Gallery, and was attended by esteemed guests such as renowned Writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Director of ICCR Minakshi Mitra, Joint Director of MSME D. Mitra, Film Director Debashis Sen Sharma, Artist Ganesh Bhattacharjee, Industrial Development Officer Anil Singh, and founder of Idearcade and Boutiquart Mr. Pratayay Sur and Sreeja Ghosh Sur. 

Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, the esteemed author, expressed that his age prevents him from attending events, but he made an exception for this particular initiative due to its innovative nature. He commended Boutiqart's effort to unite artists and artisans in a unique platform, as they are often under-recognized in their respective fields. This initiative aims to promote their work and raise awareness about their contributions.

Debashish Sen Sharma, a renowned film director, expressed his appreciation for the uniqueness of the Boutiqart Younique Mela. He extended his gratitude towards the organizers for their effort in creating a platform that promotes art and crafts during these challenging times. 

Founder of Boutiquart Pratayay Sur explained that, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have increasingly turned to online platforms for their needs, and they saw an opportunity to showcase and sell art online. Thus, the journey of Boutiqart began. 

Several notable figures, including actress Mouboni Sarkar, singer Soumitra Ray, and Goutam Barat, attended the Boutiqart Younique Mela. Actress Moubani Sarkar also shared her experience of the event, stating that the Boutiqart Younique Mela at ICCR Gallery was captivating and offered a glimpse into several art forms that are often overlooked,that artform have come up again in front of everyone's eyes. Ceramic artist Tandra Chandra shared her contentment in participating in the event and expressed her belief that such exhibitions should take place annually.

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