Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Top 6 Handicraft Instagram Store, Stealing Shopping Lover's Attention

Kriti Agarwal

Amidst this social media era, offline shopping is getting behind day by day. With the increase in online stores and applications, the trust of shoppers in online e-commerce is growing day by day. Along with these websites and complex applications, Instagram stores are becoming the newest trend. What once was just a social media app, Instagram has grown into a business platform for small boutiques and sellers. 

After the popular running of online shopping websites, these Instagram stores are stealing all the attention of shoppers throughout the world. The reduced cost of marketing and website maintenance has resulted in a reduced price of goods sold through these pages.

The fact that most of the sellers are small-town entrepreneurs have also resulted in the empowerment of this community.

One of the commodities that Indian Instagram stores are particularly famous for is handicrafts. Most of Indian handicraft boutiques on Instagram sell jewellery, decor items, traditional pieces, etc. The market for these handicraft pieces has been growing tremendously in recent years. I have accumulated six of the best Instagram handicraft boutique and each of these stores has a unique factor which makes them stand out. 

  1. Roudriz Jewellery - This is one of the most promising Instagram boutiques in the Indian market. The handmade jewellery pieces sold by this store is one of its kind and give the word quirky a whole new meaning. This store is based in Kolkata and hence the majority of pieces are inspired by Bengal culture. https://www.instagram.com/roudriz_jewellery/

  1. Baksa by Ruchika- This is one of the best Indian decor and lifestyle boutique on Instagram. Along with various handmade items, it also sells personalized commodities like bags, passport covers, nameplates, etc. This store is based in Bangalore and Jaipur. Definitely worth a try!

  1. Crafthub- This one has been in business for a long time. One of the most trusted handmade gift store on Instagram, this page sells everything ranging from bracelets, personalized gifts to greeting cards. This business is based in Rajasthan. One of the characteristic features of this store is that it provides worldwide shipping.

  1. Hand Made Jewellery- A fairly new store, this page has attracted a lot of customers and followers in a short period of time. This page specializes in selling handmade jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Since this store is based in Gujarat, most of the jewellery designs are inspired by cultures of different states in India.

  1. The Urban Flairs- This site major in gifting options. Everything from handmade envelopes and cards to readymade and personalized boxes, cake toppers, wedding packages, etc. is available on this page. Maintaining a colourful aesthetic throughout the page, the store’s Instagram page is definitely appealing for any customer. This store is based in Jaipur. 

  2. Bhartiya Rangmanch- This is one of the most trusted handicraft stores among Indian shoppers. The store’s Instagram page is full of excellent handmade pieces and is a sight to behold. This store sells outstanding handmade pieces of bags and clothing items like scarves, sarees, and even accessories. This store provides worldwide shipping at affordable prices.

These were a few of my personal favourite pics of Instagram stores. I tried to incorporate stores from every genre of commodities like jewellery, textiles and even gift packages. There are numerous other stores and the number is just increasing day by day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Why And When to use pantyliner : Everteen pantyliner review

Pantyliner has become an inevitable comfort for every woman’s life. it is very normal and common to have vaginal discharge. And during this time a panty liner can work as greatest saviour making you feel clean and maintaining hygiene.

What is a panty liner? Pantyliners are different from sanitary pads. Sanitary pads are thick, long layered absorbent materials. It captures the menstrual flow externally. Pantyliners are thin and lack padding. 

In this post, I am going to review about panty liner from Everteen which they send me a few months ago. As you know how much I become fond of their products. This is just because their quality products never disappoint me. As usual this time also Everteen didn’t fail my expectation. Everteen panty liner comes in a rectangular box with floral print. I totally love the soothing pink and white colour of the box. There is all total of 17 pantyliners which one can easily use for three to four months.

When to use? During ovulations, it is common to have white discharge. Using panty liners can help you to keep you dry during this time.

Pantyliners can be used during lighter period days. It can be worn with tampons or menstruation cup to avoid any kind of leakage.

You can make good uses of pantyliner to manage stress incontinence.

What I Like

Everteen pantyliner has hundred percent cotton surface with breathable layers. It has good absorbent power that keeps you fresh and clean all day long.

It has the capacity to keep the moisture away. It demands to use antibacterial negative ion chips which prevent the growth of bacteria. Thus helps in eliminating odour and prevents rashes.

Not scented

What I don't Like

The adhesive doesn't extend to the sides, so liner rolls up in the middle.

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