Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Parineeti Chopra's Heartfelt Wedding Tribute: Nani's Challa Takes Center Stage

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav recently celebrated their union in a beautiful wedding ceremony. As a touching tribute to her beloved grandmother, Parineeti adorned herself with her nani's challa, a traditional Punjabi keychain that symbolizes love, family, and tradition. Notably, their wedding attire was not just about tradition but also personal significance. Manish Malhotra, the designer, incorporated various elements that held special meaning for the couple. Parineeti's veil, for instance, bore Raghav's name embroidered in Hindi, while her kaleeras featured charms representing their shared interests, including music, London, and the Khanda Sahib, a significant Sikh symbol.

Here are some more details about the significant elements that were incorporated into Parineeti and Raghav's wedding outfits:


The couple met and fell in love in London, so it was fitting that they included references to the city in their wedding outfits. For example, Parineeti's kaleeras had the charm of a red London bus.


Both Parineeti and Raghav are passionate about music. Parineeti is a playback singer, and Raghav is a trained musician. To represent their shared love of music, Parineeti's kaleeras had charms of a piano, a treble clef, and a vintage gramophone.

Khanda Sahib:

The Khanda Sahib is a Sikh symbol that represents the unity of God, humanity, and divine sovereignty. Raghav is a Sikh, and Parineeti converted to Sikhism before their wedding. As a symbol of their faith and commitment to each other, both Raghav and Parineeti wore Khanda Sahib pendants on their wedding day.

Parineeti and Raghav's wedding outfits were a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. The elements that were incorporated into their outfits were meaningful and personal, making their wedding day even more special.

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