Saturday, March 31, 2018

Why to opt for Green Printing Technology

Printing has become an unconditional requirement for all office workers throughout the world. For that it needs many resources and material in order to complete their regular work. Ink, electricity and on top of all papers, all are absolutely necessary. But the thing is that how to save the environment from such printing hazard?

To reduce such risk many organization like Color Magic are substituting out of date printing technology with green printing technology. It is an excellent approach to reduce carbon footprint by the use of recycled media which counters the cutting of trees and minimizes the use of electricity. In fact green printing has been considered as a better and risk-free option that will permit the printing industry to become friendlier to the nature.

Why should we opt for the company that is using green printing?

We all know that trees are the source from where papers are manufactured. So the companies like Color Magic who are embracing such technology use recycled paper and eco-friendly media . However, people are now concerned about the use of toxic odor of poly and pvc material in their office interior or living rooms. Also the substitute media like PE or canvas provides long lasting print quality with environmental bonus. 

Lessening the uses of non renewable resource like petroleum is another reason for using green printing technology. So using any kind of natural alternative may be costlier upfront but in the long run prove beneficial not just in quality but also in hygiene. The eco-solvent & latex technology and the latest innovations of the Print industry are destined towards the ecological goal. The builders and real estate companies are also targeting consumer comfort and hygiene as well as use of customized wall papers and canvas rather than toxic paints.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to make someone feel special with the help of Graphiosk

Since the prudent Magi started the ritual of gifting we are carrying along the beautiful tradition which not only make an event memorable but also the exchange of our human love and affection is associated in our choosing the right gift for the right person for the right occasion. When something significant and blissful is happening, or going to happen we share joy with our friends and loved one. Just imagine their gratification when they receive best wishes in the form of gifts from their near and dear one.

Its' true nowadays we don't find time to carve out a special gift like our grand moms used to weave one's favorite colored cardigan for our birthday. These days the stores decide what would go well for the apt invitation. How exciting it will be if one receives a thoughtful and personalized present to relive their precious moments.

With the help of graphiosk it is so easy to present customized gift. Graphiosk is a graphics store which is shortly launching their online kiosk (www.graphiosk.in) that comes with a various range of personalized coffee mugs, personalized photo giftsframes, cushions, custom T shirt, souvenirs, memento, collage, personalized clock, acrylic and rock wall hanging, key ring and many more. I still remember my first gift from my husband before our marriage. It was a beautiful red heart shaped personalized cushion from graphiosk. The cushion has been designed so meaningfully that it really makes me feel special.Whether it is my friend’s birthday or my cousin’s wedding I just love to gift my beloved ones from the vast collection of graphiosk.  

You can contact Graphiosk for any innovative or customized gifting requirement as well as other service related to aesthetic branding and sublimation printing solution. They have recently come up with few very unique solutions like custom printed mobile covers, customized laptop branding, Marriage Album and personalized tatta decoration and corporate gifting.

Contact: 8240346134


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DIY Beauty Mask @ home for instant glowing skin for both women & men

Suppose you have to attend a marriage party after a hectic office schedule. You want to look good with lustrous glow. But after a tight schedule of exertion both at home or workplace your skin won’t look radiant and beautiful any more. Even you can’t run for a parlor immediately for facial in such a short period of time. Even any make-up won’t look good if your skin looks gloomy.I was thinking of sharing these DIY with you which I did at home for my skin. Trust  me these packs work wonders to make your skin smile instantly in just 15 minutes. Both men and women can try this DIY.

Tomato Face Mask

This is one of my favorite beauty mask. Cut the tomato and take out the pulp. Keep it in a clean bowl. Now if you have an oily skin you can add few drops of water in it. I have a dry skin so I use to add few drops of organic honey. Apply all over your clean face and neck. Leave for just 10 minutes. Wash it off with water. It is naturally acidic in nature sometimes causes redness on skin . But don’t have to worry if the redness stays for few minutes.

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C which is healthy for skin. Vitamin C helps to reduce acne making our skin glowing. It removes tan naturally. Apply this mask at least twice a week.

Banana And Turmeric Mask

 Smash a ripe banana in a clean bowl. Add two teaspoon of milk and ½ teaspoon of dust turmeric. Mix them well to get a smooth paste. Now apply all over your clean face and neck. Let it sit for 15 -25 minutes (10 minutes for oily skin). Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Banana is a natural moisturizer. It is rich in Vitamin E and c and Potassium. All this 3 ingredients help to sustain youthful healthy radiant skin.  
Turmeric has natural bleaching power. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components.

Milk cream And Turmeric Mask

Take two tablespoons of milk cream. Add ½ teaspoon of dust turmeric. Mix well and massage well on face and neck for 5 minutes and then leave it for 10 minutes. After washing it with plain water massage face with a ice cubes for few seconds.

Milk cream nourishes skin from inside. Also helps to hydrate skin. It is a fantastic fairness agent. When mixed with turmeric it brings out a natural brightness in skin.

These masks can be used on other parts of the body too.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Customize Kid's Room to inspire imagination.

Fantasy world from Color Magic

Kids are always special for their parents. We always try to give them the best, be it food, education or toys. Whenever they are in need, parents are ready to provide them everything.My little daughter is just one year. But somehow I feel that like us she also needs some private space. As she will grow it will be absolutely necessary to give her some special liberty. It is for sure that I am not the only one to feel like this. So it needs to be started from our sweet home, to be precise our kid's room.

A bright colored room will always stir up their interest to spend valuable time in their own rooms. On this consideration customized wallpaper for kid’s room is an excellent idea. The wallpaper need to be stylish as well as their favorite one. If we seek we can get a wide range of wallpaper for kids. So from popular cartoons, kingdom of animals, underwater sea to galaxy we can gift our little one their favorite fancy world. A superb wall decoration can actually boost our kid’s imagination. Nowadays even the kindergarten rooms and children theme parks will have such printed walls to create a fantasy ambiance.

Anime wall from Color Magic
Last time when I visited ColorMagic I found they have exceptional collection of wallpaper for kid’s section. Colormagic is a company which has a zeal for both quality and design. They demand that they provide eco-friendly, non-adhesive, PVC free, odor-free wallpaper, PE material, or canvas to be fabricated inside rooms by professionals. Even if the the wallpaper needs to replace after few years it can be easily done without damaging the wall. The walls may also be washable and smudge free often with the provision for children to use their colored pencils to their heart's content.

Map wall from Color Magic

Hobby Wall from (football) Color Magic

Memory wall from Color Magic
Few Tips To Follow 

Stay away from over loading a kid's room.Their must be enough space so that they can run and play easily.

To use bright colors but not too gaudy.Soft tones and simple motifs will give the room a soothing feel.

Contrast it with colorful furniture

Keep the room clean and airy and of course expect your kids to do all the dirty job.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Handbag has always played an important fashion statement for me. I never feel like completing my style without a bag. I think the bag you carry signifies your status and taste. So it can be said that I have a special weakness for bags. I prefer to try a variety of bag combinations whenever I go out which would compliment my attire. Last month my hubby surprised me with this handcrafted crochet bag which he brought from Assam.       

This elite handcrafted handbag definitely riveted my panache for style and flavor. This is an exquisite collection from the Ava Creation, a hand loom  production boutique from Assam. I must say this bag especially handcrafted with a colorful sophistication could appeal to all the age groups and perfect for casual spree outings. I really like the modish round shape which is very much in fashion. The color combination of this bag is a highlight in itself. A Rastafarian semblance in a bag make it more trendy.

It is so handy and light that my little doll also love to carry

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