Friday, December 1, 2017

Authentic Bengali dish : HARA MALAI PANEER

In this post I am going to share an authentic Bengali Paneer dish which I learn from my mother in law Mrs Mitra Sur. She is a wonderful cook. So I never leave a single chance to learn from her. If you try this dish I am sure that your taste buds will just rock. 


Paneer (Indian Cheese) - Two and half gm

Cauliflower - 1 small (cut into small pieces )

Capsicum - 1 small

Beans - As required

Carrot -  small (grated)

Tomato - 1 medium size

Green chili - 4 pcs

Soya milk - 2 cups

Yogurt - 2 table spoon

Butter - 1 tablespoon

Cornflower - 1 tablespoon

Cashew  -  8 pcs

Char- Magaz paste - 2 teaspoon

Ginger paste - 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric - 1/2 teaspoon

Coriander powder - 1 teaspoon

Cumin powder - 1 teaspoon

Garam masala - 1/2teaspoon

Cumin seed - 1/2 teaspoon

Bay leaf - 1

White Oil - 3 tablespoon

Sugar - As required

Salt - As required


Cut the paneer into dices. Take out the seeds of tomato. Make a paste of tomato, chili, char- magaz and cashew together.


Heat the non stick pan and add oil in it. Low the flame and put fry it but don't deep fry. Just saute it. Keep the paneer aside. Then blanch cauliflower and fry it lightly with capsicum and beans. Also keep them aside. Add cumin seed, bay leaf and garam masala to the remaining oil along with the tomato, chili, char- magaz and cashew paste. Cook them at low flame for few seconds. Then add all the vegetables, paneer and spices. Cook at high flame for two mins. After that add 1 cup of soya milk. Cook it at low flame for 3 mins. Make a paste of yogurt and cornflower with the remaining soya milk and add it. Turn off the burner and a top it with butter immediately. Serve hot along with roti or paratha.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Diwali LookBook : Go Ethnic

Being a Bengali for us it’s Kalipujo that ushers in the Festival of light,Diwali . This festival is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Kali, the epitome of women power. For me the women empowerment has always been the major trait of Indian civilization, since time immemorial.  

Saree & Indian Nari (women) are the two words uttered in the same breath as an Indian woman manifests best clad in this traditional outfit . So in this festivity. I have draped myself in this Cotton Benarasi which my mom specially gifted me. It’s vibrant tinge and intricate  stitch work at once prompted me to try it and share with you through this post. Here I preferred to wear boat neck plain cut blouse to enhance the sophistication of the Saree 

The body work 

Stitch work on Pallu
Stitch work on the border of the Sari

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Challenge Your Age In This Festive Season

Fashion may have forbidden rules but style, don’t have any. For style is our very quintessentially own look. I think through style we can actually echo our thoughts, our social life and our confidence. Style always has its own space. I have seen many of my friends, cousins who stopped wearing trendy outfit in their early thirties. As if it’s a social taboo or sin if they look modish and classy in their teen twins outfit. I can understand if they can no more carry their style but don’t know why they have to cope up to the age centric ethos and some boring outfit.

One of my friends whom we actually use to praise for her voguish wardrobe suddenly found to be wearing some dreary outfit. When I asked the reason, her innocent answer was that she has turned thirty. So she found herself old enough to wear western outfit. I know many who pause to wear western wear once they had a baby. It’s true that we had several changes in our body after we have a baby. But these are all impermanent if we can be a little concerned and love ourselves a bit.

Trust me thirty is just a number. So in this festive season if you are planning to hop the Puja pandals in short skirt or any other western wear then don’t hesitate to do that. Hope your child and hubby will be a little more enthused once you revisit your younger days as a pleasant surprise !!

always love to wear this Sunset orange flowy top on my white printed short pencil skirt with little fringe. The lace work on both side of the top add gracefulness to the top.

Few tips I follow before going western this festive season

Instead of fittings top just go for some flowy one.
No makeup look will go best with age and personality.
Instead of chunky jewelry pick a bangle and a statement ear ring.
Eliminate high heels and go for simple one.
Last but not the least be yourself and wear a smile.

Top : Zovi
Skirt : DIY
Bangle : Boutiqart
Wrist Watch : Zilna
Shoe : Half & Half 
Ear ring : Street Shop  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Festive Look Book : Ready to celebrate Durga Puja

And the countdown begins. Only three days are left for Bengali's biggest festival. This festive season I made up my mind to blend ethnic with western look. I always love to stand away from the crowd that's why instead of traditional blouse I opted for my white shirt with this combo of lipstick red color and golden zari border designer sari keeping the pallu loose in front. 

I just added this simple love sign statement ear ring to complement with my outfit. Simple look for me rules.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


As you all know that the City of Joy is shivering in festive fever as there is only few days are left before Durga Puja. This is the time when fashion exhibitions are being held every now and then in the city. Afterall this is Bengal’s biggest festival! So no lovelies would leave any stones unturned to flaunt in styles for the grand carnival ahead.

Alluring glass work from the designer of Pritisha’s Fashionista’

Being a fashion follower myself, I really get geared up for the occasion to savor the festivity being celebrated in these shoppers delight, city exhibitions. The exclusive collections of the boutiques always amaze me as I always find something unique. In my last post I shared my experience of a jewelry exhibition and here I am going to share my confrontation with some of the blooming designers, and their impressive creations in the Art & Lifestyle exhibition at Gariahat.

I must start with Kadambari boutique where my eyes got glued to the brilliantly hand painted saree, dye on Khesh, and block printing on Kerala cotton. These are all designer’s stunning creations. As you know Batik sarees are always timeless. But what made it different is that all the individual crack of the batik are painted by designer herself.

A collection from Kadambari

Hand paint batik from Kadambari

I really fell in love with Pritisha’s Fashionista’s vibrant compilation of designer motifs from all over India. This boutique actually portrayed the rich variety in design and form. I always love to enrich my wardrobe with the diverse art forms of the Indian States translated to trendy outfits . So I really got excited when I discovered the gorgeous Gujrati stitch, Rajasthani stitch, Jaipuri mirror work, Maheswari silk and many more fabricated in designer dresses.

Exclusive Lucknow chikan work from Pritisha’s Fashionista
Rong Bahar boutique actually runs an online shop. They endorse ethnic wear, accessories and home decor items. They specialized in creations from Resham silk and Bangladeshi dhakai. To complement with these ethnic wear they had crafted rich jewelry work like Afghan earrings, beaded jewelry, and terracotta work.

Collections from Rong Bahar 
can’t even ignore the exquisite creation from the designer of Sari Goyena boutique. Hand print, block print on Bishnupuri silk & kerala cotton are just alluring. 

A set made of miniature of kulo (a tool generally uses during Durga puja) beautifully created by the designer from PreyaSree's Collections
Coin Jewelry by PreyaSree's Collections

Another collection from Rong Bahar 

A wide range of collection from Pritisha’s Fashionista

If you like this fashion exhibition tour then don't forget to share and to mention in the comments section.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

How to get clear and radiant skin from Nature's Essence

I was 22 years old then and had just started my professional life. I still remember one of my colleagues once asked me “do you go to parlor every week to have a facial?” I was surprised to hear that and said I never went to parlor for facial. Having my answer she was almost shocked and asked me the reason of my flawless, clear skin. Being exposed to the polluted metro life it is really hard to digest the fact that girls not frequenting the parlor or not even attending household packs. However, the skin type which comes from my inheritance is also a determinant fact I might be gifted with.

At that time I really had a healthy glowing skin doing almost nothing to pamper it. But one thing I started to use from my teens as a habit was using face wash instead of soap. Face wash always save my skin from the harshness of the soap. I still have the habit of using face wash. In these so many years I have experimented several face wash. So last week I bought Gold illuminating Face Wash from Nature’s Essence and really have a good experience.


It is nicely packed in a golden color handy tube. The face wash is golden yellow in color and thick gel type with a sweet smell


  1. Glycerine
  2. Aloe Vera Juice
  3. Golden Sparkle    

It demands to nourish the skin with the pure Aloe Vera Juice with total cleansing. This face wash also avers to make the skin supple leaving it with golden radiance. It suits all type of skin.


Frankly speaking Gold illuminating Face Wash from Nature’s Essence is a good product in such an affordable price (I spend only 60/- bucks). It cleanses my skin well leaving it supple and glowing as it demands. It removes all the dirt and light make up in one wash. This face wash always gives me a fresh feel.


It leaves my skin a little dry after wash.
Okay for daily light make up but not capable to remove heavy make-up. 

(This is not a sponsored review)

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Heyyyy lovelies. Howz your pre-Durga Puja shopping going on? I know, I know. Only one month is left and you all are super excited to bring out the new you with all newest trends.  
Though we shop, we style, we try to look modish throughout the year but Durga Puja is the time when all Bong girls try to be at their impressive best. I am not an exception. I always try to mingle my style with ethnic as well as western look. But the concept of fashion is never complete without jewelry.

So last Friday I could not desist myself peeping into a Jewelry exhibition. It is really alluring to have so many chicky and charismatic creations of so many designers under one roof.
From Goan chick, Afghani neckpiece to Jaipuri jewelry, all are just exquisite. 

Nayaab Jewelz has a mesmerizing collection of Jaipuri jewelry, navakari and kundan set.


On the other hand I found some splendid collection from ITZ BlING BLING. Designer put her efforts in creating design with Kolhapuri stone, coral beads, onyx beads. Actually the neck piece that are made from onyx beads reminds me about Victorian era. A huge collections of nose pin and charming bracelets are also impressive.


The hypnotic collection of Tajjala is all about playful nostalgia. What I like about Tajjala’s collection is the miniature of Durga puja items used by the designer.

Not only jewelry, there are also a various compilation of traditional saree. Mangalik has diversity in handloom collection. I came to know from the designer that she has experimented the batik print on cotton, khesh and graceful silk.


Friends, if you like the exhibition tour then like it, share it and do let me know in the comment section below...

Friday, August 25, 2017


Virtual world vs Real World
It is really very pathetic to hear that so many teens are tending towards suicide just to complete a dangerous internet game like Blue Whale Challenge. In these few months this horrendous heart rending fact kept coming in news. It is not a video game but a virtual targeted privacy hacking ploy used by criminal minds to trap depressed and distressed innocent teens in particular tracked from unknown sources.

The game started in Russia in 2013 and now existing in several countries including India. This is actually a suicide game where a group of administrator instructs the participants (particularly teen aged participants) to execute any painful task daily for 50 days. And finally participants have to commit suicide. Many teenagers have already lose their lives falling in this trap. Apart from natural distraction from studies never before the virtual game world challenged parents with such a fatal consequences.

Though police have already arrested the main culprit but the game is still existed. Delhi High Court already ask for an answer of Google, Yahoo and Facebook on a plea to direct them to take down the links. Kerala Government will soon write to central to ban this game said Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Teenager's Solitude

But how could parents help their children to stay away from such a dangerous virtual world?

1.   Talk to your kids. Teenage is a very delicate moment. So parents need to understand their children more during this period. Ask them what they are thinking about their future life.Give them some time from your busy schedule so that they never feel alone.
2.     Your child can harness any electronic gadget better than you so try to encourage them and ask them to teach you some gadget tricks and tips.

3.   Treat them like a friend so that they can open out. But still keep a track on their movements as well as their virtual world.

4.   Instead of gifting a smart phone give them a regular small budget phone. 

5. Keep patience with them. If you found any abnormality in their behavior immediately contact a counselor.

6. You need to be updated and informed of the news and trends at least so that your child knows that you can track them.

7. Infuse and inject in your child the sporting spirit and encourage by saying how you enjoyed the outdoor games and even not abiding your guardians' warning. This will make your child get frank with you and the challenge of the real world will attract more than virtual targets.

8. After each day end try to find time to at least discuss with your little one at dinner table and encourage him/her to tell how the day fared.

9. Never challenge your kid with the idea that you know better than him just because you are senior. But try to persuade by citing examples that you have passed his age and maybe he is right but he needs to be logical enough to satisfy you.

10. Last but not the least, your dreams should not be your child's burden, and your beliefs must not be an automatic choice for your child. Its completely ok to disagree and don't ever play the comparison game to win the battle.

Hope you will add up to the list and would love to hear 
from you in your thoughtful comments.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


If you ask most Bengali to have lunch without fish then it will be definitely a nightmare for them. It is because Bengali menu never complete without fish. You will find varieties of fish recipes in Bengali cuisine. Bengali loitta machh popularly known as Bombay Duck (it can also be spelt as Bombay daak) or bumia is well known fish in West Bengal.

There are hardly any Bengali who don’t love to have a range of delicious preparation from Bombay Duck or Bombay Daak. Among this I myself love Fried Bombay Duck which I learnt from my mom. I am sharing this recipe so that you can enjoy it too. It is really very easy to prepare and time saving too.

Time - 15mins
Serve - 4


  • Fresh Bombay duck (Loitta fish) - 4 pcs
  • Flour (maida) - 4 tea spoon
  • Minced garlic -  ½ tea spoon
  • Turmeric - ¼ tea spoon
  • Chili powder - 1½ tea spoon
  • White oil - 300gm
  • Salt as required
  • Plain soda water

Marinated fish


Remove the head and fins of the fish carefully. Then clean it. Drain out the excess water. Slit then into halves. Marinate the fish with salt, turmeric and half tea spoon chili powder. Keep it aside.
Then take flour or maida in a clean bowl. Add salt, garlic and 1 tea spoon chili powder and mix the ingredients together. Add soda water to make the batter. Prepare the batter in such a way so that it gets ribbon like consistency.

Mix all the ingredients

Prepare the batter with soda

Take a frying pan and pour oil in it. Heat the oil in low fame. Then dip the marinated fish in the batter and deep fry in the heated oil. Serve hot either as snacks or with main course. Really it can compete with KFC fried chicken if you want to impress the fish loving folks.

Let me know how you like the recipe. I would love to hear from you. Like it and share this recipe. 

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