Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Refresh your winter style : January Look book 2019

In kolkata winter is allotted for two months only. So here we get only a couple of month to showcase our sense of style with winter wear. Due to short term visit of winter, I generally don't bother to pile up my wardrobe with loads of winter wear. Every year I use to buy single piece which will look sassy as well as make me feel cosy. This year I wanted to add twist chic in my winter fashion. So I opt for this oversized white knitted off shoulder jumper.
What allure me more to buy this is the shimmery black owl pattern in the mid of the jumper. It was just perfect, but I have to use little force to pull one side. But once done it was excellent. Another thing I like is that it is breathable, soft yet able to keep warm and very comfortable.

Outfit - Nilufar Luniks

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