Monday, 13 January 2020

The Jewelry Trend of 2020 : Fabric Jewellery

To me jewelry is an egress to expression. It tells an individual story. It simply convey your personality and your soul. Fashion is an art. But no art will get completed without expression. So jewelry plays an important role in the fashion world. Isn't it? But it doesn’t mean you have to put gold and silver jewelry studded with all valuable gems. It is never wrong to experiment with fashion. We can always come up with our own style statement.

Yes, if you are bored with gold, silver or oxidize jewellery then definitely opt for fabric or textile jewelry. I must say fabric jewelry can go with any attire and in any occasion. Fabrics are really versatile and attractive. One thing I must mention that whenever I wanted to stand outside the crowd, I opt for fabric jewelry from my very own Roudriz Boutique. These textile jewelry comes in so many interesting prints and vibrant colours that it could make any simple outfit look voguish.

In this post I am sharing few fabric jewelry from Roudriz Boutique design that could dominate 2020. 

 Jute and Fabric Jewelry

Its unique style and design would certainly turn all eyes on you. This hand painted motif has been beautifully placed on jute base. 

Another creation with jute embellished with fabric flowers fabric flowers and white kori. A little bit hand painting simply enhance it's beauty.

Terracotta Motif on Fabric Necklace

Fabric Earring

This silk fabric earring with golden chain will add new twist to our wardrobe.

I love to wear this simple handmade classy polka dots earring which instantly add splash of chic to any outfit.

Textile Cuff Bracelet

Hand painted Fabric Neckpiece


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