Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why I Fell In Love With B & T Calendula and Aloe Vera Multi Purpose Cream : Review

  •  Sreeja Ghosh Sur

I am really going through an exhausting and busy schedule. And the sole reason behind the irregularity of my blog posting. But at the same time I am enjoying this eventful and tiring situations and I am sure every mom do that. Particularly if you are mom of a toddler. You hardly find any moment for yourself. Isn’t it? 

B&T multipurpose cream review

The purpose of this review post is solely for those mom who have just started enjoying their motherhood. Being a mom I understand how your little angel solely grab the whole attention. If we count it is not even an hour mom gets for themselves. So in this single hour we have to complete the whole day routine. It is imperative that in view to the above situation most of Mom do not find time or manage to get time for themselves to nourish their skin. So do I. From last one and half year I just collected loads night and day cream, lotions, musk. But for each of this you have to invest time. So I always wanted a multipurpose cream which can solve every problem of my skin unless until I discover this B&T Calendula & Aloe Vera multipurpose cream from a homeopathy store. This one product that really works for me without investing much time. Another good thing is that it is extremely safe for babies as it is toxic free. I have applied this on nappy rashes. It works wonderfully.


It comes in simple, white color jar which get easily fit in your small bag.

Key Ingredients

AloeVera which helps to revitalizes and repair skin texture.

Calendula has antiseptic properties.

Other Ingredients

Shea Butter, Glyceryl Mono Steareth, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Light liquid paraffin, Boric Acid, Fragrance & DM water etc.

Benefits and My Experience

I really fell in love with this Calendula and Aloe Vera Multi Purpose Cream. It really works amazingly on my skin to remove all the blemishes and dark spots. Sore nipples are very common during pregnancy. This multipurpose cream works like magic. After using for a couple of week most of my common skin problems are gone and I really get a bright and supple skin.
Other benefits are it is a good anti wrinkle cream. This multipurpose cream works brilliantly on dry skin. Can be use on minor wounds for it’s healing properties. This B&T multipurpose cream has good emollient properties. So it can be massage on face and other parts of the body.

I will definitely recommend this pocket friendly cream. This is an amazing pick for the whole family.

If you have already tried or planning to try this multipurpose cream with the goodness of Aloe Vera and calendula then don't forget to share your experience here. 

(This is not a paid review)

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