Sunday, June 7, 2020

Reishi Mushroom could be an amazing solution for the improvement of overall health : Review of Ganoderma from Nature Sure

'Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not.'
'In a healthy body there is always a healthy soul.'

These are only few quotes I shared with you. But if you go through these lines and think, then you can realise how true these lines are. So it is duty to keep our body healthy . we don't stay healthy we can never keep our immunity strong. For that we also need to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

               Along with healthy diet I started taking Ganoderma capsule from Nature Sure. It is Popularly known as Rishi Mushroom and also called as Mushroom of Immortality. They asked me to throw some light on the product. But before this review let us know what is Reishi mushroom. It is a fungus that contains chemical. It is generally used to cure Alzheimer's disease, prostrate cancer, diabetis, viral infections, insomnia, fatigueness, improves the function of immunity system and many more. They are often known as mushroom of immortality. Countries like Japan,India, Korea, China are using it medicinal purpose since years.

Uses Of Ganoderma Capsule

According to Nature Sure it is medically proven that  this capsule is able to improve stamina and energy level

Improves immune system. And we all know strong immune systemcan easily protect against harmful conditions and substance.

Fight against stress and fatigueness

helps to cure viral infectionslike flue, asthama , food poisoning.

It is said that taking Ganoderma capsule regularly can manage growth of tumor, supports conventional therapy for cancer and gives anti- HIV protection.  

It may have ability to subdue chest pain and shortness of breath.

Helps to fight against insomnia, cholesterol, nepphritis, hepatitis, arthritis, kidney, digestive diseases and many more.

This 100%  natural, effective and safe (as Nature Sure demands) capsule (each 500gm) contains Ganoderma lucidum.

My Experience

Taking it for more than three weeks. I am doing prettier good with it but that doesn't mean I have started noticing immense difference. Well everything needs to give some time to see the consequence. What good thing I found in it is definitely the upliftment of the mood and energy. Also having good sleep.

I experienced a mild amla like smell after opening the bottle. 


Comes in a simple plastic bottle with golden cap with all instructions written on the label. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which are bright green in colour. When I open the cap I found all the capsules are well protected with cotton sheet. 


Lactating and pregnant woman, infant and children or people on medication  must refrain from this capsule. Even if you are healthy then also consult doctor as I have, before taking this Ganoderma capsule.

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