Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How to slow down Covid - 19 : As advice by Doctor

Right now we are living in a world which is facing the severe pandemic of Novel Corona Virus. The pandemic is observed to have different stages in the infection cycle. The stage three is most alarming when the community transfer starts in geometric proportion. Our country is now at stage two. Dr Mriganka Mouli Saha (Gynaecologist and Obstetrics) shared here important advices on how to prevent  pandemic from reaching stage three.

The pandemic is growing exponentially in almost every countries. But there are few countries which have significantly slowed down the pandemic spread. Recently we have come across a video and come to know that Czech Republic is one of those countries  which has significantly controlled the infection propagation. Here are the few process they follow to slow down the vivid corona virus. Social distancing by staying at home, by following strict hygienic process and by wearing mask while going out ( this mostly concerns aged and sick people who may be suspected).
Many people are contagious before they show any type of symptoms. 
According to Vladimir Zdimal ( Head of the dept of chemistry and Aerosol physics, Czech Academy of Sciences) even a simple homemade mask can prevent 100% of the droplets.

Here we asked Dr. Mriganka Mouli Saha how far this procedure can work to slow down the pandemic. According to Dr. Saha it can definitely be slowed down by maintaining social distance as primary step to cut down the growth. He advises us to avoid any kind of social gathering and proximity with strangers during this period. Go out only if there is any emergency. Even if you go out then don't forget to maintain at least 1 meter difference from another person. So that the droplets that are created while talking get settled down within the said distance. As a result you don't get in touch with the virus. 

Does wearing mask really beneficial? 

Yes definitely. Whenever you are leaving home you need to wear it. So that it could prevent the virus from entering through nose and mouth and then passing to the respiratory tract. But you don't need to wear it at home

What type of mask we should use?

People can use simple surgical mask. N - 95, N - 97 are only meant for doctors. But there are also some do's and don't of using mask. Avoid touching the mask once you wear it. 

Surgical masks are effective up to 8 hours. Don't forget to wash them with detergent after using.

What else we need to do?

Keep yourself clean. Use sanitizer with more than 70% of alcohol. Wash your hand with soap for more than 20sec. Otherwise it won't work.

Interview by Sreeja Ghosh Sur

Dr.Saha has also given valuable suggestion for pregnancy related issues during the lockdown condition.
We shall share his prescribed dos and dont's in our upcoming post...

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