Friday, July 28, 2023

GO GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT: Strengthening East-India and Europe Ties"

The 'GO GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT-India Chapter' held at ICCR, Kolkata on 22nd July was a resounding success, fostering a strong bridge between the Eastern zone of India and Europe.

Renowned fashion designer, Agnimitra Paul, along with the illustrious Robot Man of India Arijit Hazra, Journalist and film producer Anilava Chatterjee,Minakshi Misra (Dir and Eastern Zonal head of ICCR), Pratayay Sur (Director of IDEARCADE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS ) Kaushik Maitra (MD Sulekha Ink) and several other distinguished entrepreneurs, graced the occasion with their presence. They captivated the audience by sharing their inspiring journeys of success.

The event served as a powerful platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to converge and explore opportunities for collaboration and expansion on an international scale. Backed by the visionary co-hosts, Bong Srijani and Srijani Go Global Group, along with the accomplished Shabari Mitra from Belgium and Amrita Ray from Switzerland. This gathering is tailor-made for ambitious minds seeking promotion, growth strategies, and invaluable connections. Embrace the chance to interact with seasoned business leaders and fellow trailblazers, as this event becomes the epicenter for shaping a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through insightful discussions, networking sessions, and knowledge-sharing, the summit facilitated the exchange of ideas and expertise, paving the way for promising partnerships and mutual growth between India and Europe 

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