Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Narrative Magic Unleashed: Sen Sharma's 'Chase' Dominates Discussions at Kolkata Film Fest


Kolkata, a city steeped in history and culture, has found its essence artfully woven into the narratives of filmmaker Debasish Sen Sharma. His latest creation, "Chase," showcased at an International Short Film Festival in the heart of the city, has emerged as a captivating puzzle, enthralling audiences and sparking discussions.

The festival, spanning three days, provided a platform for both local and foreign filmmakers to showcase their creations. Among the diverse array of films, "Chase" stood out, with its exceptional storytelling leaving viewers glued to their seats. 

As the Director said "I unveil the essence of Kolkata—the tale of a city where magic still exists. Kolkata, where people continue to extend a helping hand, creating a narrative of unity and kindness." Sen Sharma's narrative prowess, skillfully intertwining tales of Kolkata and its inhabitants, contributed to a rich tapestry of both the city and its people.

Mir Asraf Ali and Sayan Ghosh deliver impeccable performances in the film, elevating it to new heights with their outstanding acting skills. Their on-screen chemistry and dedication contribute significantly to the overall success of the movie.

He added "We made a movie during the tough times of the coronavirus. It was hard to manage time and deal with restrictions. The film was shot in the USA and Kolkata. I was in charge of shooting in the USA part as well"

Sen Sharma, reflecting on the success of the festival, emphasized the challenges faced in the realm of short films—struggles for funding and a constant uphill battle. Despite these obstacles, the event witnessed an impressive turnout, attracting not only film enthusiasts but also filmmakers, prominent personalities, and students. It transformed into a vibrant hub for those passionate about the art of short filmmaking.

In a poignant gesture, the festival paid tribute to the legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen, underscoring the importance of recognising and honouring the pioneers in the field. Sen Sharma, optimistic about the future, expressed a collective sentiment: the need for collaboration to propel the world of short films forward.

The overall resonance of the festival underscore the potential and significance of short films. Sen Sharma's call to action, urging collaboration and an expansion of the scope for short films, resonates as a rallying cry for a community dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of storytelling in its most concise form.

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