Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Being Good Human Pays


Last October I and my husband were blessed with a baby girl. Since I got pregnant I always used to think how can I give the best things that are the education, good culture etc. etc to my baby. This is one of the most common thoughts that come to each and every parent. So we are not the exception. Who don’t want to be a good parent? So are we.

Few days ago I was watching a program in the television with the title “Bhalo Aachi, Bhalo Theko (being well, stay well). This is one of the popular Bengali programs where psychiatrists put their views on different aspects of life) where psychiatrist Anirudhha De put an important point regarding parenting. According to him, “before pushing your kids into the rat race make them learn how to become a good human being”.

Yes, it is true, it is very important to teach the values of life before you teach anything else. Life is full of hurdles and rise and fall. All most all of us have passed through this. And every parent wants to protect their kids from the harsh struggles that they had to face. We want good schooling, good jobs, respect and other benefits that they deserve. In between these we often forget to raise our kid as a good human being.

Now, the question is how to teach them moral values? It is very important for parents to remember that “you will preach them what you will show them.” Few days ago one of my friends was very upset with her 6 years old boy. When I asked her the reason she told me that her kid has grown the habit of telling lies now and then. So she decided to consult a psychologist. Her psychologist put light on some of their follies. Like, my friend often in front of her kid gives the excuse that she is not well whenever she want to skip her office. Her husband often bribes the kid with chocolates and toys to complete his home-work. According to psychologist kids often ape what we adults do. They are quite smart to understand our daily follies. So it is our duty to behave cautiously and properly in front of our kids.

In order to raise our children as a good human being we adults must pay heed to the few directives which may sound sermonic but old school morals are still cool :

1. We should keep our promises and not fake ourselves in front of our kids.

2. The true sense of mutual respect and family bonding should rub in our kids the sense of security.

3. We act at times very selfish and when it comes to kids they are likely to ape it. So we have to gather our social and benevolent soul and our kids will treat you as their idol.

4. We should refrain from acting as bully or in the opposite treat persons on financial merits. Children are not dumb enough to understand our selfish favors.

5. Its time we behave with our kids as grownups when it comes to decisions that we mostly hide like our financial status and try to satisfy their wantons and whims. They should know that we should not compromise for anything even though parents would love to sacrifice for their kids!

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