Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is knocking at the door. The season of colors, cakes, candles and festivals. But one thing you can’t avoid in this winter is flaky skin. I have a very dry skin. So with the advent of winter my skin starts losing all its moisture and look dull. And I think this is one of the general hitches. So when it comes to my skin I trust in some of the easiest home remedies which I am going to share with you.
Glycerin and vitamin E capsule. This Duo really works their best for my skin. Glycerin helps to retain moisture. It keeps skin hydrated and make it supple.

How to apply
Just before going to bed take a little amount of glycerin and equal amount of vitamin E. Mix them well and apply it. I also use to apply glycerin with rose water. Rose water is an antiseptic and sooth your skin. If you have oily skin you can also use this combination.

Coconut Oil. This is a miraculous moisturizer. Coconut oil has anti- aging and anti- oxidant property. It is also loaded with good amount of fat. It also penetrates deep into the skin to restore moisture.
How to apply
Just after taking bathe massage your face and body with required amount of coconut oil. Wait for few minutes and then rub it gently with a soft towel. If you have oily skin you can massage hot coconut oil. But use only edible coconut oil.

Milk and vitamin E. Vitamin E and milk work like magic on my skin. It helps dry skin to get hydrated. Milk exfoliates mature skin and also relieves skin from any kind of irritation.
 How to apply
Generally I use to apply milk cream with little vitamin E at night so that I can leave it for the whole night. Next day just wash it with plain water. Those who have oily skin apply milk with Aloe Vera gel and leave for the whole night. Those who have sensitive skin leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then wash it off before going to bed.
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