Sunday, September 3, 2017

How to get clear and radiant skin from Nature's Essence

I was 22 years old then and had just started my professional life. I still remember one of my colleagues once asked me “do you go to parlor every week to have a facial?” I was surprised to hear that and said I never went to parlor for facial. Having my answer she was almost shocked and asked me the reason of my flawless, clear skin. Being exposed to the polluted metro life it is really hard to digest the fact that girls not frequenting the parlor or not even attending household packs. However, the skin type which comes from my inheritance is also a determinant fact I might be gifted with.

At that time I really had a healthy glowing skin doing almost nothing to pamper it. But one thing I started to use from my teens as a habit was using face wash instead of soap. Face wash always save my skin from the harshness of the soap. I still have the habit of using face wash. In these so many years I have experimented several face wash. So last week I bought Gold illuminating Face Wash from Nature’s Essence and really have a good experience.


It is nicely packed in a golden color handy tube. The face wash is golden yellow in color and thick gel type with a sweet smell


  1. Glycerine
  2. Aloe Vera Juice
  3. Golden Sparkle    

It demands to nourish the skin with the pure Aloe Vera Juice with total cleansing. This face wash also avers to make the skin supple leaving it with golden radiance. It suits all type of skin.


Frankly speaking Gold illuminating Face Wash from Nature’s Essence is a good product in such an affordable price (I spend only 60/- bucks). It cleanses my skin well leaving it supple and glowing as it demands. It removes all the dirt and light make up in one wash. This face wash always gives me a fresh feel.


It leaves my skin a little dry after wash.
Okay for daily light make up but not capable to remove heavy make-up. 

(This is not a sponsored review)

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