Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Challenge Your Age In This Festive Season

Fashion may have forbidden rules but style, don’t have any. For style is our very quintessentially own look. I think through style we can actually echo our thoughts, our social life and our confidence. Style always has its own space. I have seen many of my friends, cousins who stopped wearing trendy outfit in their early thirties. As if it’s a social taboo or sin if they look modish and classy in their teen twins outfit. I can understand if they can no more carry their style but don’t know why they have to cope up to the age centric ethos and some boring outfit.

One of my friends whom we actually use to praise for her voguish wardrobe suddenly found to be wearing some dreary outfit. When I asked the reason, her innocent answer was that she has turned thirty. So she found herself old enough to wear western outfit. I know many who pause to wear western wear once they had a baby. It’s true that we had several changes in our body after we have a baby. But these are all impermanent if we can be a little concerned and love ourselves a bit.

Trust me thirty is just a number. So in this festive season if you are planning to hop the Puja pandals in short skirt or any other western wear then don’t hesitate to do that. Hope your child and hubby will be a little more enthused once you revisit your younger days as a pleasant surprise !!

always love to wear this Sunset orange flowy top on my white printed short pencil skirt with little fringe. The lace work on both side of the top add gracefulness to the top.

Few tips I follow before going western this festive season

Instead of fittings top just go for some flowy one.
No makeup look will go best with age and personality.
Instead of chunky jewelry pick a bangle and a statement ear ring.
Eliminate high heels and go for simple one.
Last but not the least be yourself and wear a smile.

Top : Zovi
Skirt : DIY
Bangle : Boutiqart
Wrist Watch : Zilna
Shoe : Half & Half 
Ear ring : Street Shop  

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