Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5 Simple Rules To Follow If You Want To Do Everything

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We all love to enhance our productivity. But time is a huge factor you know. Yes, time management is a million dollar question. But the thing is that you can really discover lots of productivity in your life. It all depends on how you make your life.

Few of my friends keep on asking me ‘Sreeja how you manage time to write blog after spending so many hours for your baby?’
‘Oh my God Sreeja, are you sure you can run a business after giving time on blogging and family?’
‘Do you really think you can take out time to write journal for a magazine?’

I have tried few things to take out some time to do what I want. In this post I am sharing and suggesting you to do these things so that you can also get enough time.

Pamper yourself when alone

Come out from bed a little early. Believe me I just hate to become a morning person. I never tried even. But what I tried is to rise an hour early from the normal time in which I usually do. I find it really helpful because this is the time which you can spend for yourself only. You may rise with your family. But as soon as you come out from the bed a little bit late, your kids, your family, office work, traffic, boss everyone will seek your attention.
The first hour of the day is really vital. These are the best hours to think, write or to do whatever you want.

Time to List

Put your pen down to make a list. I simply jotted down what I need to do. Then analyze them. Or you can simply divide your day and work as I have done in this diagram.

I generally divide work like this:
  • Important + Urgent
  • Urgent but not Important
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Not Important + Not Urgent 

Learn to say No

Learn to say no. Many unimportant work may come in your way. Learn to recognize them. Say those works a big no. Start to perform according to the urgency and how important it is.

Stop Multi - Tasking, Start Focusing

American author Zig Ziglar once said “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty – four hour days.” If you really want to keep time in your grip then it is very important to adopt the skill of focusing.

Before acquiring this skill I was really struggling with multi tasking. Checking e-mails on phone and cooking food at the same time is actually wastage of time and can bring lots of distraction. Single tasking is the best way to adopt the skill on focus. Complete the important task first then move to the others.

Stress management

If there is work there will be stress. But stress management is an important part of time management. Never let any negative thoughts come in your mind before executing a task. Keep in your mind that you are the best person to execute the task. Once you start to experience the stress both your mind and body will start suffering which can impact negatively on your performance.

I am not an expert but followed these 5 simple rule from my own. So just recommending you to try this.

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