Tuesday, February 27, 2018


This great work by Rabindranath tagore has been restored
Wall plays an imperative role in home décor. What if we want to restore an essence of memory in the wall? Recently I found some of my mom’s favorite photos which had been taken by my grandpa some 60 years back. Those are really timeless moments which he always wanted to restore and pass it on. But the lack of maintenance leads to the depreciation of those eternal memory. Now what I want is to convert these photos into eye-catching wall art.
Now, I must say whether it is your business thematic interiors, refurbishing painting from museum or revamping family photos print durability and brand longevity is a must. So when it comes to archival of valuable photographs or motifs, I find it prudent to get the service from ColorMagic who vouches for a print permanency of a whopping 200 years! Colormagic is a state-of-the-art printing enterprise in Kolkata which has over the years earned a reputation for delivering customized printing solution for heritage projects and prestigious assignments in India as well as abroad.
Initially when I heard about such a service in my city, I was a bit skeptic first like the most people who forget the illustrious printing history of Calcutta as the torchbearer in India. I planned to visit ColorMagic and found them not very far from my home. I contacted them on phone stating my curiosity to cover their interesting story for my blog. I was cordially greeted when I reached an age-old premise, a three storied mansion of Colormagic print house. Here, I was introduced to the specialized service involved in printing for home décor, in shop branding, fleet graphics, and a varied range of customized solutions. I was surprised to know that the canvas replica prints were a treat to watch and I found it apt for adorning our drawing rooms with the royal and elite flavor. The wall printing technology used I was told was completely eco-friendly and didn’t emit any corrosive or chemical odor and safe for children’s room. Designers and digital painters today could do the rest by portraying the personality of the rooms matching the owner’s choice and preference. It was truly magical for me to dream of a room that complimented my style and my belongings.
Here I am sharing few work done by ColorMagic

A significant moment of then PM Indira Gandhi

Eminent Actor Sambhu Mitra
Renowned actress Shaonli Mitra

 The most admired actress of Bengali theatre and films Tripti Mitra
It was an experience which I really wanted to share with you and I am sure you are already raring to personalize your walls and hoping you would come up with more innovative ideas to decorate your home or office and be rest assured for generations to savor your creativity and archival.

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