Friday, March 9, 2018

Customize Kid's Room to inspire imagination.

Fantasy world from Color Magic

Kids are always special for their parents. We always try to give them the best, be it food, education or toys. Whenever they are in need, parents are ready to provide them everything.My little daughter is just one year. But somehow I feel that like us she also needs some private space. As she will grow it will be absolutely necessary to give her some special liberty. It is for sure that I am not the only one to feel like this. So it needs to be started from our sweet home, to be precise our kid's room.

A bright colored room will always stir up their interest to spend valuable time in their own rooms. On this consideration customized wallpaper for kid’s room is an excellent idea. The wallpaper need to be stylish as well as their favorite one. If we seek we can get a wide range of wallpaper for kids. So from popular cartoons, kingdom of animals, underwater sea to galaxy we can gift our little one their favorite fancy world. A superb wall decoration can actually boost our kid’s imagination. Nowadays even the kindergarten rooms and children theme parks will have such printed walls to create a fantasy ambiance.

Anime wall from Color Magic
Last time when I visited ColorMagic I found they have exceptional collection of wallpaper for kid’s section. Colormagic is a company which has a zeal for both quality and design. They demand that they provide eco-friendly, non-adhesive, PVC free, odor-free wallpaper, PE material, or canvas to be fabricated inside rooms by professionals. Even if the the wallpaper needs to replace after few years it can be easily done without damaging the wall. The walls may also be washable and smudge free often with the provision for children to use their colored pencils to their heart's content.

Map wall from Color Magic

Hobby Wall from (football) Color Magic

Memory wall from Color Magic
Few Tips To Follow 

Stay away from over loading a kid's room.Their must be enough space so that they can run and play easily.

To use bright colors but not too gaudy.Soft tones and simple motifs will give the room a soothing feel.

Contrast it with colorful furniture

Keep the room clean and airy and of course expect your kids to do all the dirty job.

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