Saturday, March 31, 2018

Why to opt for Green Printing Technology

Printing has become an unconditional requirement for all office workers throughout the world. For that it needs many resources and material in order to complete their regular work. Ink, electricity and on top of all papers, all are absolutely necessary. But the thing is that how to save the environment from such printing hazard?

To reduce such risk many organization like Color Magic are substituting out of date printing technology with green printing technology. It is an excellent approach to reduce carbon footprint by the use of recycled media which counters the cutting of trees and minimizes the use of electricity. In fact green printing has been considered as a better and risk-free option that will permit the printing industry to become friendlier to the nature.

Why should we opt for the company that is using green printing?

We all know that trees are the source from where papers are manufactured. So the companies like Color Magic who are embracing such technology use recycled paper and eco-friendly media . However, people are now concerned about the use of toxic odor of poly and pvc material in their office interior or living rooms. Also the substitute media like PE or canvas provides long lasting print quality with environmental bonus. 

Lessening the uses of non renewable resource like petroleum is another reason for using green printing technology. So using any kind of natural alternative may be costlier upfront but in the long run prove beneficial not just in quality but also in hygiene. The eco-solvent & latex technology and the latest innovations of the Print industry are destined towards the ecological goal. The builders and real estate companies are also targeting consumer comfort and hygiene as well as use of customized wall papers and canvas rather than toxic paints.

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