Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to Beat the Scorching Heat with Denim Wear : Summer Look Book

Summer is a season which is experienced by Kolkata for a longer period of time where temperature may mount above 40 degree. This scorching heat accompanied with humidity which is sometime unbearable. So while picking an outfit in summer choosing the fabric is the key thing.

Jeans has always been my top priority in summer, but not all Jeans. Denim jeans is amazing for everyday wear. Whether you go for casual hangout with friends in the evening or for any casual office day, denim wear is so comfy and relaxing that you can’t do without it.
In summer I always opt for loose and roomy fit jeans. So I go for my all time favorite white Bare Denim low waist slim fit Capri. The fabric actually allows some breeze to flow and move through it making the heat a little tolerable. White or any light shed is a must for summer. So I complimented it with white Tees.

To avoid the sultry sweaty look I prefer to dab a little amount of sunscreen translucent powder. Black eyeliner, mascara (even though it is waterproof) or any sort of dark shed lipstick is a no for me especially during daytime.   

                       Sreeja Ghosh Sur
                                                                                                                                      Photo : Prat                 

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