Friday, May 4, 2018

How to hold the innocence of your skin with Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream

 Sreeja Ghosh Sur

 Himalaya Youth Eternity

Since my school days I was a huge admirer of the product from Himalaya. When It comes to my skin I always have a preference for Himalayan products. I still remember when I was a teen my mom and other elders hardly allow me to put any cream or makeup on my face saying that harsh chemical may demolish the softness and infancy of my skin. But this is the only product which has consent to hang about my dressing table during festive or any other special occasion.
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Himalaya has a wide collection of beauty products. I have use many of them that results really good. Day cream from the range of Youth Eternity is another nice product from Himalaya which I am using right now.

What it claims

This product is infused with Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Technology that hydrates skin and enhances suppleness and elasticity.
HimalayaYouth Eternity Day Cream provides complete UV protection with SPF 15 and checks aging, wrinkles and fine lines, that happens due to regular exposure to sunlight. Demand to diminish pores and pigmentation giving skin a smooth and even tone.   

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What I like about it

When I first apply the cream on my face I was afraid that it may form a thick layer on my face like other day cream. But it is so light and non slimy that it get easily blend on my skin and neck.

Even if I go out in the Sun I do apply it on my face instead of foundation. It penetrates deep and keeps my skin hydrated. Excellent product for dry skin. 

It is helping me to get a flawless skin. But very slowly. If you expect an overnight change in your skin then I must say that you have to be patient. Because good things happens with time.

It required in a very small amount. It is really an

Suitable for all ages. 

What I don’t like

It allege for healthier and gorgeous skin lessening all the skin problems in just 4 weeks. I started using it from first week of March. But notice the result after eight week.
Spf 15 is not enough during summer, specially in India.

Need to apply frequently to get the result


Packaging is really nice. It comes in a smart box where the product details are written well. The container looks elegant. The cream gets easily pumped out. It is light cream in color. I can carry it easily in my bag.

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