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An Enterpreneur and Fashion designer from Assam helping weavers and artisans to become economically self-reliant

Women are like the sky. Limitless and endless. Their sacrifice, contributions are infinite. They are indestructible and never let the star inside them to dim even in the toughest war. This month. Bongjournal / qtvlive is celebrating International women's day by   unveiling inspiring stories of those remarkable women Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer Sheikh Moidun Nilufar shares her journey of success with pincaster Ruhi Mali

There is a saying "Women empowerment isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world see's that strength". And exactly this is how Nilufar sees her life and also encourage others do the same. She working as a fashion, textile, cluster and Empanel designer,  Entrepreneur and Business owner of weave India. Awarded as best women entrepreneur. Helping at least 25 weavers and 50 artisans to become financially independent.


My Mom has always been an inspiration for me. She kept supporting me, She never hold me back. Instead we're working together. My family is very much outward  they never told  me to stop anywhere. My husband is also very supportive. He keeps on encouraging me also we work together. He came along with me wherever I went for my work. 

Nowadays society is accepting working women more than earlier and in today's world almost every women are working. Being a girl from Muslim community, I was the first girl of my family to go out and start business. But now my younger sisters also following the same footstep. Many years ago, when I started my career as a fashion designer I had never imagined that I would have a leadership role in this profession. It was really challenging for me. Financially I was not that much advanced. I had to work very hard to get job. In Village area it's quite difficult to get fund. I worked hard  but was getting minimum amount. 

Usually my work revolves round fashion designing and textile designing. There are two parts in fashion, one is going to the stage and work with models, ramping up and be into the fashion world. But I haven't chosen that. I chose to work and unclip my wings in village. But what I find difficult is that to get good artisans in villages. So I had worked with many departments to search good artisans. In search of good artisans and labors I have struggled out a lot. 

Nowadays women are more progressive .  Some women might have religious problem. In spite of that they are  working, and also they're taking steps to earn money. Previously women were dependent on their husbands  but now very less women are dependent on their husbands if the husband is doing good job then also wife is still working. Not only like jobs & their own business, they're living their passion actually. I feel glad as Weave India has been awarded by the hon. finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman. I never thought that it will be awarded under the entrepreneurship program . Smriti Irani madam has also been very supportive for us, recently she had  to Assam in last week and has inspired many women entrepreneurs, so I feel very proud for that. 

I am happy that artisans who work with me in my business are able to earn their livelihood even in this pandemic situation.  During lockdown, business was fully shut down and it was very difficult to make both ends meet. In spite of such situation I was able to pay my artisans and weavers so that they could feed their family. I feel like this is a great achievement for me. 

Our society needs to go ahead a long, as still there are few narrow minded conservative people who still think that women should stay at home. They should change their primitive mindset. I always ask people to come forward. As a women, fashion designing is not as difficult as people think. If women want then they could easily start their business. We women are always fond of clothes. If you are able to make some designer outfits by staying at  home , then you can earn money easily and you don't need to wait for someone to hold up your business. So I think more girls should come forward for designing training or course and take this to another level as a business for entrepreneurship. 

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