Thursday, March 17, 2022

Pamper your feet with Deyga Mini Foot Spa Combo

Have you ever thought that which part of our body do we neglect most? When it comes to pampering ourselves we spend a huge amount of money on our face, hands, and hair. But what about those parts on which our body holds the whole balance. What about those beautiful feet with which we walk towards our dream?  Yes, the most ignored part of our body, happens to be our feet. Heel fissures, dry and rough skin, and exfoliation of skin are very common problems which people generally neglect. As a consequence we feel pain and sometimes heel cracks may get infected. But it could be avoided if we follow a few simple tricks from the very beginning of the problems. Scrubbing and moisturising are the two steps which could simply save our feet making it look perfect. 

Scrubber and moisturizer are easily available in the market. But can we use them? Are they safe? Are they chemical free? These are some common questions which may arise in our mind. So most of us are now moving towards organic products. Keeping these questions in mind Deyga organic designed it's products with all natural ingredients. 

Deyga has huge range of organic products among which they send me mini foot spa combo ie. Deyga Foot Scrub and Deyga foot butter. The two most essential products to keep your feet healthy and Beautiful. 

Deyga foot scrub and foot spa arrives in a simple round shaped container. The foot spa was well cover with silver foil to protect from light and contamination. 

Experience with Deyga Foot Scrub

The best foot Scrub I have used till now. Why? I have dry skin. Most scrubbers that I used generally make my skin get more dry. But to my surprise, Deyga foot Scrub makes my skin soft, supple, fresh and moisturized from the very first use. My skin can easily skip the moisturizer. I used a scoop of Deyga foot scrub which gently removes the dead skin, the clear skin. It feels buttery smooth with a fresh aroma of mint. My feet feel refreshed throughout the day. I used a scoop of Deyga foot scrub which gently removes the dead skin, unveiling the clear skin. It feels buttery smooth with a fresh aroma of mint. My feet feel refreshed throughout the day. 


The Scrubber is mint green in colour with course granules.

Experience with Deyga Foot Butter

Deyga foot butter did wonder on my feet. This foot butter works excellent on my dry cracked feet. It melts easily and gets absorbed thoroughly on my skin. It has a good combination of Beeswax and virgin coconut oil. Together it repairs and soothes and softens rough skin. I generally used it during the night and woke up with rejuvenated and refreshed skin. It also has extra virgin olive oil. As we know extra virgin olive oil works as an anti-inflammatory and revives skin health. It also has the goodness of Vitamin E and essential oil. Another thing is that any age group can apply this Deyga Foot Butter on their skin. I applied the same on my five years old daughter as well as on my sixty years old mother's skin and the outcome is really admirable. 


Feel like silk when touched and pale yellowish in colour. What I love most is it's aromatic fragrance which lingers for a long time

How I Applied Mini Deyga Foot Spa Combo

To get the best result I generally used it at night. First wash feet with lukewarm water. Take two scoops of foot scrub and massage gently for 3 minutes. You will get a relaxed sensation. Washout with tepid water. Then apply the necessary amount of foot butter. Massage and calm your feet. Woke up with a smooth and supple skin. 

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