Sunday, November 6, 2022

Promising table tennis player Ankolika's calmness is her strength, says coach


Ankolika Chakrabarty is presently the country's one of the most promising table tennis players. The 11-year-old girl has recently won the gold medal in the singles of the under 11 category World Youth Contender championship, held in Cairo and hogged the searchlight. The girl who is number one in India in sub-junior category is presently ranked 11th in the world after the gold medal in Cairo. Ankolika is a student in the 5th standard in St. Luke's School in Naihati. Her coach Prasenjit Sarkar while speaking to Bong Journal over phone from Naihati sounded optimistic on her student's future saying, "Ankolika is very calm and nonchalant by nature and I feel that is one of the major strengths. Even after having clinched the gold medal in Cairo, she did not get ecstatic. She only had a smile while standing on the podium rather. I feel she can store her psychological strength." Ankolika also did not hesitate to reveal that following advice from her coach, she has to leave a lot of favorite food items, especially the spicy items and she does not have any regret for that. 

Ankolika's Aspiration

The most favorite table tennis player of Ankolika is Manika Batra. She uttered, "I want to become a player like Manika Batra. I want to be the national champion in the senior category." She has not yet obtained opportunity to even shake hands with her favorite Manika Batra. The girl who trains almost six hours every day disclosed, "I also have a dream that one day I am shaking hands with Manika, taking some advice from her." 

Usage of Rubber is the Key Factor

Prasenjit clarified, "The table tennis all over the world has reached such a stage where usage of rubbers has been a crucial factor. He explained, "The difference between the top paddlers is not much. The player who is making difference is using his or her rubber perfectly. Ankolika plays with long-pimpled rubber and it is tricky in its character. If Ankolika can sharpen the technique of playing with this rubber she can shine in international level also." 

The Nepotism and Coach's Frustration

Only a few months ago, Ankolika could not participate in an international competition in Portugal despite being the country's number one-ranked paddler. She was replaced by the player for the competition whose ranking was 46th. Prasenjit lamented, "The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) failed to let us know why this Ankolika was deprived despite being the country's number one-ranked paddler." That is why the coach has decided to send her student individually. Prasenjit clarified, "It will be too tough to bear expenses from own to send her to all the competitions abroad. Still, I will try my best. Ankolika will go to Doha to take part in another competition in January." 

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