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Premiere Triumph: 'Nerve' by Sayan Basu Choudhury Captivates Audience"

The premiere of Sayan Basu Choudhury's "Nerve" at South City Inox was nothing short of spectacular. The film's stars, Rupsha, Akshay Arun, and Ananya, arrived in style, greeted by a sea of fans and flashing cameras. The event was a perfect blend of glitz and anticipation, as attendees eagerly awaited the unveiling of this new Bengali thriller. "Nerve" has been lauded for its riveting storyline . 

The event was graced by the film's stellar cast, including Rupsha, Akshay Arun, and Ananya, who captivated the audience with their charm. The red carpet was a bustling scene of excitement and glamour, as fans and media gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The film, a gripping tale of suspense and drama, promises to be a game-changer in Bengali cinema.

Now let's talk about the movie. Mental Illness, which still has a stigma in our society or we still think twice to talk about it,  director Sayan Basu Choudhury. brings out that very aspect through thriller, suspense.

Well-crafted" is the best way to describe this movie. The director masterfully keeps the audience engaged for hours, showcasing strong storytelling and captivating visuals. However, there's room for improvement in the comedy timing, which occasionally feels off. 

Now coming to the performance Ananya Guha shines in the role of Ritika, delivering a compelling performance that adds depth to the film. Rupsa's character has different shades which she has done justice to. She has combined the transformation of the character's shades very beautifully. But newcomer Akshay Arun has to play a bit more. More care should be taken towards dialogue delivery

Music has been properly implemented in this movie. Everyone will like to hear "Herechhi Dil" as a romantic song
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