Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Amazon needs to be more responsible

Hiiiiiiii Guuuuyz. Hope you all are doing well. I am back again after a long break. All this time I was busy collecting more new elements for sharing with you.
Today what I am going to share is my experience with new baby walker. Recently I ordered a walker from Bun Baby from Amazon. Hoping my 10 months old daughter will love that. After 6 days I got the delivery. I was super excited for unboxing it. It was a really a lovely pink walker with 8 wheels and a sit. Soon the walker catches my baby’s eye.


The walker looks really cute with 3 different colors. The body is made of plastic. It has multi functional musical toys which babies are definitely going to love. The sitting arrangement comes in a soft cushion but I don’t think it will be comfortable.

This is the walker I ordered from Amazon

My Experience

If you ask me about my experience then I am not so happy with the product, particularly with the sitting arrangements. While fixing the cushion I found screws are very loosely attached with it. It is really risky for babies. Kids can slip down the cushion anytime. The cushion is so sleek that my baby really found it uncomfortable.

Secondly, they demand of building the body of the walker with high quality plastic. But the quality is really cheap. 

The cushion is so sleek that my baby really found it uncomfortable
Thirdly, I found the sound of the musical toys very low. Within 4 days the music system stops working

What I Like About It

  • The walker can be fold easily so that you can store it anywhere when your baby is not using it.
  • It has 3 position height adjustment systems. 


If you ask me I must say that don't go for it. Amazon need to be more responsible before selling such a low quality product, particularly for kid's products.

( This review is totally based on my experience. This is totally my opinion. )

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