Wednesday, August 9, 2017

6 Essentials on baby's day out

I am posting this article for all the lovely new moms. Being a mom I understand how life gets a sweet makeover after the entry of your little cutie pie. How most part of your day got engaged by tiny fingers and tumbling feet. We moms always remain busy taking care of petty things that are related to our little sweethearts. In this post I am going to share top 6 essentials for my 10 months baby which I never forget to carry while going out.

Essential 1# Food & Drinking Water
No matter, where you go or for how long you are in outdoors, always carry food and boiled drinking water. My doctor always advises me to take care of the drinking water. It is because water is the fastest carrier or germs. So it’s always prescribed to carry water in child’s dedicated container with food that’s easy for your baby to intake when you are traveling.

Essential 2# Medicine
Yes, I never forget to carry essential medicine for my little one. It is really very important to carry First Aid Kit with you so that you can deal with minor accidents and common illness like fever, cough, and rashes as soon as possible.

Essential 3# Diaper
How can I forget this? It is necessary to keep babies clean and dry. Don’t forget to carry diaper bag separately where you can dump used diapers.

Essential 4# Wipes
Wipes are another essential thing which I never forget to carry. It helps me a lot to keep my baby clean and clear. After all it is not always possible to use water.

Essential 5# Sanitizer
Must…must…must. Before feeding your baby don’t forget to clean your hand with sanitizer. Also it’s always good for others who would love to hug your baby get sanitized.

Essential 6# Towel
I always keep a set of hand towel with me. Believe me they are so helpful particularly for cleaning if my baby drips or sneezes.

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