Saturday, 7 January 2017

A big NO to my new Sno-tex Almond and Milk cold cream

In this winter I wanted to try some new cold cream other than my regular one. And I got Sno-tex Almond & Milk Cold cream. It is new for me so I go for the small (20 ml) pack. Before trying any new product I generally buy the sample pack first. And if I get satisfactory result then only I go for the large pack. So this time also I decided to buy the small one.


Sno-tex Almond & Milk Cold cream comes in a cute plastic orange jar. It opens easily and very handy.


Almond, Milk, Vitamin E with Sunscreen


I had a disappointing experience with Sno-tex Almond & Milk Cold cream. It smells sweet when I open the jar. It demands to protect dry skin in cold and to retain moisture making it soft. But I hardly find any difference in my skin. It does not easily blend with my skin. After applying the cream my face looks darker.


  • I hate the greasy texture of the cream.
  • After applying the cream I feel a thick layer on my face.
  • Skin looks dull.


I will never use it again.

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