Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Stress at workplace has now become a common phrase. Stress is good as long as it is in limits. Excessive stress not only influences professional life but it also affects our personal life.

Recently I met one of my friends, who so stressed out at his workplace that he made his personal life a hell. He got married for just two years only and now his married life has come to an end. Sounds odd? But it is true. When I met his wife who is also a friend of mine told me that he used to remain so stressed that he started to torture her emotionally. Due to the hectic schedule of corporate life he used to drench out all his frustration on his wife.

I repeat, stress is good as long as it is in the comfort zone. More than that it can lead to depression, fatigue, loosing concentration, irritation and many more such syndromes follow. While working as a journalist in a daily newspaper I had to maintain a tough schedule. So I adopted few tricks to remain hassle free. Here are some tips for you, as it works for me.

Move Your Body

No matter how busy you are. Take out at least 30 minutes for exercise. Start your day with little bit workout (may be just free hand exercise, walking). It helps to increase your energy. Also walking (cardio vascular exercises) helps in concentration and you can also relax physically and mentally.

Be Positive, Increase Self-Belief

It is very important to keep a positive attitude in office. Slash down all the negative thoughts like, “can I complete the project”, “can I meet the target” etc. Never doubt yourself. Just keep in mind that you can do it. Positive thought will help you to increase your confidence.  

Work for Yourself

Never work to impress your boss. The pressure of impressing boss will leave you nowhere. Work for yourself so that you can learn something. It will later help you in your life. Just love your work. Try to bring some innovation in your work so that you never get bored.

Take a Break

Yes, it is important to take a short break in between your work. Close your eyes and stretch your arms and legs in between your work. In between you can also text sweet message to beloved one. This short break actually helps you to focus in your work.

Positive Relation

Maintain positive relation with other staff. Lunch time at office is a good opportunity to build friendship with others. Share your meal as well as your thoughts with your colleagues. Try to help them in their crisis period. Supportive and caring friends are very important to curb down stress at workplace. If you support them at their emergency then they will definitely stand by you.

Good Planning

If you are pissing off with a large project then break it and complete it step by step. Good planning is vital before you progress with your work. Arrange your work according to priority.

Eat Well, Sleep Well

Avoid too much oily food or junk food. Don’t forget to keep fruits salad in your diet. Even if you have a shifting duty, set your timing in such a way so that you can have at least seven hours for sound sleep.

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