Wednesday, January 18, 2017

6 Ways To Become A Smart Worker At Office


It is always true that "effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference." Now the question is how many of us work smartly, instead of working hard? The thing is that most of us use our time working hard in office. And at the end of the day we mourn of not getting enough as we expected. Actually our sense of hard work is if it eventually makes us really fatigued. However, like a hard sum to solve in school, a hard task should be approached, not only counting our efforts but how smartly we do it.

So next time think smartly before you execute your work. Experts say Work Smarter, Not Harder. Here are some tips of experts which I have jotted down for you.

Pen down Your Work                                                   

Make a list of your work according to the priority. Then break the work in little slots and try to complete it within the time slot.

Divide and Rule

If you have loads of work then don’t try to complete it alone. Adopt divide and rule policy guys. Distribute your work among others and then keep monitoring it. In this way you can meet your deadline. Teamwork and Synergy often makes working hard a most pleasurable experience.

Answer E-mail First

Answer those mails as soon as possible when it arrives from your boss or colleagues. Sometimes we get so submerge in our work that we often neglect those e-mail. We think to answer after completing our work. But at the end of the day we either miss or forget to answer those e-mails which may lead you to an embarrassing situation.

Think Differently

If a task is not done then we work hard on it. We repeatedly try it in the same way. If you wanted to be a smart worker then think differently. Never repeat the same process. Try to complete the task in different way. A smart worker always learns from his/ her previous mistakes. Innovation is a key component of a smart worker. 

Have Patience

Office is a place where you have to come across people with different personality and different attitude. You may not like them all. But you have to be patient with them. Don’t express your exasperation immediately.

Break Is Important

According to expertise it is very important to take a break in between work. The idea of taking break will help to focus more on your work. But don’t take it every 5 minutes just for surfing social networking sites. Don’t waste your office time on online shopping or personal affairs more often. It can create a mental distraction and a sends wrong signals to those who takes job seriously at workplace.

Hope you are itching to add more ways what you already apply successfully at your workplace. Please do come up with more smart ways to improve your performance at your workplace. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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