Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Select The Right Facial And Know It's Different Function

Why do we need to have facial? If I ask this question I am sure, to get pile of answers on its benefits. But how many of us know about different types of facial done in the salon and about its function. When we visit salon we get skin experts to guide us. But most of us are ignorant about its benefits or whether my skin really needs that particular type of facials. Suppose pearl facial works good on my friend’s skin. But it doesn’t mean the same facial will do its best to my skin. Different facials have different functions. If you want facial to reduce wrinkle then of course aromatherapy facial is not the one for you. Recently I met a skin expert from woman world beauty salon who gave me a little bit idea regarding this, which I am going to share with you.

Type of Facials

1) Normal Facial

Normal facial includes cleansing, then toning and lastly massaging which is done with different strokes as well as pressure.


It slows down ageing by improving blood circulation and helps in relaxation.

2) Aromatherapy Facial

In this type of facial, massage is done with essential oil which contains herbal extract.


Its reduce stress by relaxing the nerves.

3) Diamond Facial

If you really want to hold on your eternal beauty forever then diamond facial is the one for you


It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

4) Pearl Facial

Usually massage is done by pearl cream and then mask is applied.


After the facial you will get an even skin tone and if you have a dry skin then it will help to retain moisture in your skin.

5) Gold Facial

This facial has a great reviving and revitalizing effect. The gold cream gets absorbed quickly in the skin and play an important role in removing toxin and stimulating blood circulation.


Improves skin elasticity making the skin soft and supple and also repeal oxidation damage.

6) Galvanic Facial

To get a radiant look you have to experience galvanic facial. This facial is done with either fruit or vegetable juice in addition to other formulation. We all know fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Naturally you will get an amazing nourishing effect.


This facial hydrates skin giving you a glowing and youthful look.

7) Oxygen facial

For instant rejuvenation oxygen facial is the best one. Oxygen cream provides an antibacterial action which reduces bacteria and diminishes skin problems. It pampers skin with natural vitamins and essential oil.


This facial provides nourishment to the skin.

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