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A Natural Oasis of Bengal, a true Off-Beat Beauty

Marble Lake of Purulia

Sudeep Pakrashi

Purulia is one of the 23 districts of West Bengal in Eastern India. It is a district consisting of several rivers and several dams also. The district is mainly enriched by minerals and red hills along with dense forest including Sal and different types of trees that have always created an attraction for the visitors. Different types of birds including a huge number of migratory birds are an additional attraction for visitors to Purulia. Interestingly, the maximum part of this district is covered by lasting soil that was formed by weathering of bedrock. There are a few popular places in Purulia for the tourists such as Ayodhya hills, Khairabera Dam, and Joychandi Pahar. But along these common places, the district has a wonder. That is a comparatively lesser-known place named Marble Lake.

The Beauty 

If someone has experience visiting the dragon hills of Africa the visitor will have the same feeling after visiting the marble lake. This place seems to be a natural replica of the same in many ways. This lake is encircled by different kinds of stones including marble in most parts. The lake that has blue-colored water rests in a picturesque frame where a marble canyon has surrounded it. You will have to go through otherworldly forests upon the hillock burrs before reaching the lake. It consists of a serene water body rejuvenated by constant rainfall. Marble lake is a place that is very unlikely for West Bengal's topography. The heavenly jungles above marble hills have given different dimensions once the visitors reach the place they can relish every moment. As the place is still not well-known compared to Purulia's other so-called popular places the density of the crowd is still fewer. It will guarantee the visitors a sense of calmness and tranquility. 

The Origin

Local people call marble lake, Blue Dam, or Patal Dam also because of the deep, blue water. The visitors can even have a feeling of the Mediterranean Sea in Bengal while watching the water. As informed by local authorities, in an initiative to construct the state's fourth largest hydroelectric power project surrounding hills were being blasted and the lake was discovered suddenly. Purulia district administration did not hesitate to stop blasting in this area and set focus on promoting this amazing lake as a tourist spot. The district administration is also planning to install a cafeteria for the visitors as well as a watch tower so that the visitors can have a panoramic view of the area adjacent to the marble lake. 

How to reach

You have to reach Purulia station and settle in the adjacent area of Ayodhya Hills. Then you can go to Marble Lake hiring a cab from there. This place will come on your way to Bamni Waterfalls from Muruguma village.

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